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Hydration and Fuel for Long Workouts/Races

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I am nearing the end of my Whole30 and trying to figure out my plan of attach as my training sessions start to increase. Trying to figure out how to replace electrolytes and fuel long training post whole30. I do not want to have to use fake food but an Ironman is a long way and eating real food is not not an option, my digestion will just not work. I also lose a lot of salt so I have to make sure I take in a TON of sodium on big training days and race day.

I posted on the Athlete forum but most people posted off Whole30 ideas. I would really like to hear what Whole9 thinks about Electrolyte replacement and fueling an Ironman in a Whole9 philosophy. All I can find is this post and it starts with "On hydration: Unless you're doing long, nonstop competitions like triathlons or marathons (where you certainly need to rehydrate during the event), there's simply no justification for substituting a supplement for real food and water." So I am the person that falls in the "unless" so curious on this ?


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Hey Mistie, unfortunately we really can't support non-Whole30 questions on this forum. We have to keep the scope pretty focused, because the volume of even just W30 related questions is so high, opening the floodgates to the other 8 facets of Whole9 would be crazy. This section here really is just for logs. (We don't have a good place for you to put this topic/question, because we can't support it)

As I mentioned in previous posts, I'm pretty good friends with an ultra-runner. It's different than an ironman, sure...but it's still 24+ hours of nonstop running. (Did i mention that I think my friend is insane? I do). He has stayed mostly Paleo, but he's done the following:

sweet potatoes, applesauce and honey mix into a gel.

raisins for carb replenishment (this is his preferred race carb source)

75% of his in-race nutrition coming from carbs.

The rest in any easily portable protein/fat combo. Nuts, jerky, protein powder are all things that he's done.

He's used watermelon and grapes to keep hydrated on long runs in the summer.

as for hydration? watered down fruit juice, water with salt, just plain water? all are better options than gatorade and the like, imo (and cheaper too).

As I said, because we can't really support these kind of topics, I'm going to close the thread...but I hope his experience has helped!

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