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Day 26 of whole30..... Gonna give a log a try:)


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Ok. I've been somewhat obsessed with reading posts and have learned so much from everyone's experiences. I love the forum! I'm not much of a writer and never thought I'd post my personal log but I've become less motivated lately and thought it would be good accountability along with a record of food, exercise etc.

I started my last attempt (and Will be successful) of a whole 30 Dec 28 which puts me at finishing up day 26! That is a PR for me!!! Last Jan I did 16 days and last Nov I made it to 25. Every pound lost was a pound gained along with ups and downs of the SAD. This time, I've read the book, or 2/3:), have been connected to the forum, and have had much more support from my family. I. Am. On. It.

My goals were to lose a few inches or fit into my clothes comfortably, have control over what i choose to eat, sleep well, have steady energy, and to be in the best shape of my life ...... before i turn 40. Wow. 40. I just wrote that down and it looks scary. Maybe ill be 39, forever??

My journey has gone really well. No real cravings. Tons of wins eating on vacation or out to dinner. Slowly finding new foods my children like and they are eating way better. Still a long way to go but baby steps will turn into great leaps one day!

Prepping and planning have become easier. My energy levels have been up and down though and I feel like I've been snacking more lately. Not hungry to hungry more than usual. Soooo, I thought logging would help me figure that out!

Day 26

M1-2 eggs, sweet potato cake

M2- chicken salad, collard greens, cherry tomatoes and more mayo:) yum.

Snack - 4:00 way home from work - carrots and a few blueberries

Snack - arrived at home HB egg with mayo, blueberries

M3- chicken, mayo, celery, blueberries

Loved those berries today!

Great sleep last night but a little tired all through the day. Just feeling kinda blah.

Hoping to feel energized soon:)!

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Roz - congrats on day 23!

Still tired throughout day and ready to fall asleep, before 9! Getting hungry around 4. Still love this program......just waiting for the tiger blood. Had lots of energy toward the beginning and has slacked off.

Originally I was shooting for a whole100- partly just to get my mind set on a way bigger number than 30 so that I would be more apt to compkete the 30. It worked! I do plan to continue- but will take it 15 days at a time. Will need to learn to ride my own bike at some point😀

I felt physically lighter today, not heavy like the past week. Feels good to be hungry again!

Going to crossfit tomorrow-nervous and excited both!

M1-2 eggs, sweet potato cake with raisins, onion and tomato mix(cooked)

M2-chicken salad with mayo, collard greens, tomatoes, onions, cutie and a few strawberries

S1-celery and almond butter, grapes

M3-chicken, sweet potato, mayo

Meals are same and kinda boring right now. Excited to make dreamy avo dressing and more mayo tomorrow. Need to start drinking my bone broth too!

Going on a weekend getaway for my daughter's activities this weekend. Plan plan plan! Saturday will be my day 30! I. Can't. Believe. It!!!

Happy whole30!

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Day 28 in the bag!

Loved today!! Although I was awake by 5 I had energy throughout the day! Not crazy energy but even. Did a crossfit wo this morning. One rep Max of back squat, press and deadlift. I am a Weinie😜! Loved it tho:). Back home to paint tons of trim, and then run kids around town.

No food prep. No grocery shopping. Slim pickings!

I made sausage patties for the kids this morning , thumbs down:( will stick to hamburger patties.

Not quite like the smoky links we are used too haha.

Breakfast - eggs, collard greens and jake, mayo, cherry tomatoes, sweet potato cake

Lunch - sausage patties, greens mayo and tomatoes

Dinner - sausage patties (somebody has to eat them:)), blueberries, yellow peppers. Almonds, raisins and plantain chips.

Great day and very excited about day 29 and 30! Will be leaving town tomorrow, better get on it!

Happy Whole 30!

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Another day down. Finished up 29. After 2 other attempts, I will finally see the 30 lol.

Busy busy day. Hair done, crossfit.....yes 2 days in a row! Loved today's WOD. A chipper of 30 handstand push-ups (modified) 40 pull-ups with black band (used to do the skinny red but oh well) 50 kettle bell swings 60 sit-ups and 70 ugly hard burpees. It was really tough but when done I knew these were the workouts that I have missed!

Grocery and quick cook up for this weekend. Staying in a hotel for 2 nights, have a mini fridge , awesome!, and needed to be prepared so I wouldn't cave to pizza and dippin dots! And the pizza looked so good as my friends ate it up:)

Waterpark was a total blast with the kids and felt like I did another workout climbing all those stairs over and over!

M1 eggs, onion and zucchini with avo sauce

Pre-wo tuna and olive oil

M2 eggs, sweet potato onion/zucchini and avo sauce

M3 boiled chicken on collard greens, tomatoes and avo sauce, grapes, carrots, almond butter

Great energy all day! Time for bed, night!

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Thank you Ladunn!

It's funny. I've had my mind set on more than 30 but am away with lots of pizza and goodies around me and I'm wondering if I should just do30 to learn to ride my own bike. I guess the pizza looks good :). I've talked myself down and will continue on!

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Day 31!

I officially made it and plan to continue on. Weekend was successful. Avoided all the junk food at the hotel and loaded up on food packed from home and some compliant restaurant foods. Yeah me! Not sure who I am turning into:)

Still sore from crossfit Friday, hoping to get a run in tomorrow and a short WO.

I keep going back and forth of doing Paleo for the next 30 days or stick with whole30. I typically fall off the wagon hard but I feel this time I have a chance of making better overall choices.

Ill just take it one day at a time. So happy I have come this far and have developed so many good habits. I mean, not weighing for 31 days???? Biggest accomplishment right there!

Looking forward to a nice solid 3 meals tomorrow after this crazy weekend!

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Day 32.

Weighed today. Lost about 5 lbs. mostly water weight but have gained so much knowledge and some great habits along the way! Definitely want to keep it up ! 3 mile run tonight, feeling more energy. Not tired throughout the day and sleeping really good! Ate a little less today. I feel like I've been overrating and snacking too much this past week!

B - egg, sweet potato

L - chicken, greens, tomato, avo sauce, roasted cauli

D- salmon patties, mayo, sweet potato

Did not snack today and did not get hungry between meals!

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Day 34:) and going strong!

I was up today at 5:30 making chocolate chili, roasting spaghetti squash and making breakfast for my boys. Accidentally touched the roasting pan to my forearm and man do I have battlewound! Yikes!

I gave ISWF to a co-worker yesterday - super excited if she jumps on board. My office is always dieting, and eating bad and dieting.....I know that cycle! Would be awesome if this had a trickling effect and the others jumped on board as well.

Have eaten compliant and stayed true to no snacking, pretty much. Very upset on way home tonight and during making dinner I snacked on a couple plantain chips and grapes. I knew I didn't want to, but so awesome to have been able to stop at a few. Plus I was kinda hungry;)

Work was good. I have a ton of organizing and office managing on my to do list and I feel that I am thinking fairly clear and have that steady energy. Very nice.

Have gotten 2 runs in this week, 3 and a 4 miler. Going to crossfit tomorrow.....wonder what is in store for me! I love it.

Have been in invited to a Super Bowl party and was asked to bring an appetizer or dessert! I was thinking chicken nuggets-kids will appreciate and store bought dessert (for the others) and maybe some bacon wrapped dates. Any other yummy suggestions??? Trying to make it easy. Oh and definitely my guacamole!

Win - kids had spaghetti squash with pizza sauce on top And some chocolate chili. Score!

Off to bed:)

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Day 36!

Had a great day yesterday. Killer crossfit class -legs were immediately feeling week and sore today. but not too much:) accomplished things in a short work day, painted and felt energized throughout cheer class (daughter) and walked the track with friends.

Had spaghetti squash, chocolate chili, eggs , sweet potatoe cake, zucchini and onion, avo dressing. Needing a good trip to he store and a cookup for next week.

I am so rididucloulay excited about sticking with this. I really can't believe where I am. I have no desire to stop, right now. I feel better than ever. I feel good in my clothes, although I am finally looking forward to body composition changing for the better. Have Always wanted to be fit but always inconsistent and never committed enough. Till now. Yay!

My birthday is March 27 and am doing a half on April 20. So those are my two big dates to think about reintros and easing up just a bit. By then hopefully ill have enough good habits that I won't eat an entire pizza or an entire cake or brownies till I get sick lol!

Here's to a whole30 Awesome day!

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Day 38, I think?

Have been trucking along.

Finally made it to the grocery today! Mayo, avo dressing, chicken and eggs cooked up. Made chicken nuggets, guacamole and veggie tray for the game. Very successful! My friend had these amazing wings cooked up on her 'egg'. Delicious!

Painted All day yesterday , 7:30 am to 12:00 at night. Church, cooking and party today. Need to make a plan to get 8 hours extra a day for the upcoming two weeks! Way too much stuff on my plate now but I will handle it gracefully and successfully! Eating and sleeping well are HUGE!

One goal I'm starting tomorrow is to get my bible time in everyday and with the kids as well. Have really dropped the ball on that.

Here's to another good and healthy week!

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