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Well ladies, I've just been hit with the sledgehammer of cravings.

I'm on day 23 of my first W30 (actually I'm aiming for w100) and so far I have pretty much sailed through. It hasn't been perfect (too many nuts, fruit and probably not enough vegies) but I've mostly avoided cravings and certainly haven't off roaded.

I'm also on day 23 of my cycle and all of a sudden I am absolutely consumed by food thoughts. Donuts, bread, banana chips - any thing doughey, crunchy or sweet.

I know it's the hormones, but I need to figure out a way to fix this otherwise I will never make it through 3 more months! Hoping the hormones will ease off with each month, but I need help NOW!

Someone please help me!! I'm thinking I probably need a hit of fat and protein? And maybe some more sweet potato chips...

Please tell me what to do before I go and stuff my face with cake!!

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Sweet potatoes! Your body NEEDS more carbs before and sometimes during your period - it's essentially making sure the body has lots of energy just in case it's pregnant after you ovulate, which is why cravings typically subside during or after our period.

Listen to the cues, but respond to them in a compliant way!

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Day22 on my first whole30 and you guessed it day 22 on my second whole(100) and I wasnt counting really I also got sledge-hammered with cravings... and they lasted for a whole week! (on day34 now).... I just went with the flow, ate lots more but only compliant foods at least... nothing I tried - more fat, more carbs, bigger meals, 5 meals helped at all.... it was the psychological extinction burst for me I think. Having said that I do believe the more fruit I had the more I felt hungry and also any coffee triggered more cravings later that day and the next morning. I definitely put on weight both times during this stage but not as much as I had lost before overall... Im just glad Im going for the 100, I was surprised and a bit disappointed with the strength of the extinction burst - thought I was behind that after my first whole30 (which only ended shortly before the 100 and only 2 non compliant days in between). But other than suffering from a sore stomach... no real harm done.

Only one other tip....If its not emotional craving.... and protein, fat or carbs dont work, try salt!

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Thanks for your responses gals.

Its funny. I don't think its the extinction burst for me. It feels exactly like normal hormonal cravings, except usually I'd just allow myself to feed them with choc chip cookies etc. Even while I've been eating paleo, I usually give myself permission to lapse around now. That said, maybe that's why the cravings are so strong - I've always just fed them!

I'm planning to cook something delicious (and compliant) for dinner. I'm thinking sweet potato chips, steak and broccolini followed by mango with coconut milk. Any other suggestions? What's the ultimate cravings busting meal?

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I have not had any cravings since I started this program 10 days ago, and I have only had one food related dream (pizza and wings) that left me feeling horrible when I woke up! But I just started my perios yesterday and boy could I use a piece of freaking chocolate. I am not a big candy eater by any means, but period time has ALWAYS been associated with chocolate for me!! Here's to hoping I make it through just fine!!!

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I just had my cycle literally as I began the W30 but my cravings weren't that bad. They used to be terrible, but for some reason (going off the pill maybe?) this time they were almost non-existent. Oh, I eyed the chocolate the candy fairy left on my desk, but I wasn't heartbroken to put it on a coworker's desk. It was more tempting to eat the wonderful teacher's gift I got tonight at AWANA...but I'll be taking it to the office and making everyone else eat it. I'm trying so hard to stay on...and I'm still only on day 3...

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You certainly deserve a prize!


I get hit with the same craving. I just eat more - trying not to only makes it worse for me! I find that starchy carbs are what kill the cravings. That's what my body wants to help create serotonin (which drops at that point in my cycle, causing cravings and low mood). Eating starchy carbs helps the hunger, cravings and stops me from getting sad/irritable. If I'm craving chocolate, I know I need to take some magnesium. 


Trial and error will help you find your perfect craving-busting meals!

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