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day 17 crisis

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Hey there,

I´m on day 17 of my first whole 30. Despite I felt al lot of the advantages of a paleolithic way of eating (whoch i am practicing since November) I am a bit dissapointed about how I feel now.

I have sugar/chocolat cravings for several days now, but I don´t give in of course.

I feel like I am definitely gaining weight, instead of loosing, my clothes are feeling tighter.

I try to keep starches and fruit to one portion of fruit and one Sweet potato on workout days, and if I can handle it only one portion on restdays.. I cant´handle less carbs without feeling cranky.

Apart from that I feel hungry often.

I had insuline resitence before, so i try to keep the carbs low. to recover from that.

I´m doing crossfit only twice a week, because the box is pretty far from my home. Apart from that I do strenghtraining in a usual gym and I am running or doing taebo once a week. Apart from that my life is more sedentary.

I´m 5´4´´ and weigh about 73kg ( I don´t know what that is in lbs). My long term goal is to lose about 5-7kg ( i know this is not a 30-day-quick-fix-programm)

Here is what I usually eat.

B: 2-3 eggs with one big carrot --> omelette, one piece of fruit, maybe some coconutcreme/milk, 1/3 -1/2 avocado, coffee with coconut or almond milk

L: burger or other meat, palm size, fill the plate with veggies as prescribed. I try to eat two or more different veggies with every meal, some cooked, or baked or a a salad

D. as lunch

pre or post workout I have an egg and a piece of vegg.

Maybe someone can leave a statement. I´m just wondering why I´m feeling hungry and am gaining weight (obviously i don´t weigh or measure)


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Sue, where are you feeling your clothes getting tighter?

Are you adding fat to your meals? I see the fat in breakfast, but it's unclear if it's in your other meals.

If you're still hungry with one palm of protein, you should probably try 1.5 or 2 palms. Don't be hungry! Eat!

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of course. I´m having coconut or olive oil with every meal, since i use it for frying, cooking.. I´d say it is about the thumb-sized amount.

My clothes feel tighter all over, actually. I´m that athletic v-shaped person. I´m always struggling with thick arms, massive shoulders an a belly, but my pants are feeling tight now, too.

thx for your answer

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Any chance this is pre-menstrual bloating? Wait a few days and see, even on the pill, my period came a full day early on Whole30, some women reported getting theirs as much as a week early (I'm assuming from the "sue" in your username that you're a woman)

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You could try adding a few extra veggies in with your breakfast. I find just protein to not be as filling as protein with a whole lot of veggies. This morning was 2 eggs with left over brisket, diced sweet potato, brussels sprouts, mushrooms and kale sauted in ghee with a side of sauerkraut (plus black coffee). That typically holds me well until I need to eat lunch. I usually throw any veggies that don't get finished off at dinner into my breakfast.

Regardless I hope you feel better soon. i'm on day 22 and I think I felt similar around that 15-18 day mark, just didn't feel as awesome as I wanted to. I truly believe it will pass though and you'll be feeling great again soon!

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Thank you. your pposts and some other posts i read yesterday reminded me of the reason why i´m actually doing the whole 30..and how important not being stressed is for weight loss.

I believe that mental blocks can really keep you from losing weight and so can stress on the plain chemical level. I believe that after year of malnourishment, or starving myself and binging the week after koínd of keeps my body from letting go. especially after only two+ weeks of well eating. Maybe my body waits if this is also just a phase and the next chocolate-crisps-and-all-the other-stuff- binge is just around the corner. So i decided to take time, live with 2-4lbs more and trust my body to balance this out in some weeks time.

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