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Day 23, Still tired and crashing in the afternoon


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Hi everybody! Today is day 23 and I am still very tired. Right now I just want a nap and my day is nowhere near being done. I usually crash around 11am on my early days (5:30am wake up call) and remain tired throughout the day or on a day where I wake up around 7:30am I crash around 3pm. Here is my food log for the past 2 days:


8:30am 3 egg omelet with kale and olive oil

a mix of cherries, strawberries and leftover banana my daughter didnt finish with coconut milk (the creamy/fat part of the can)


2 palm sizes of left over roast beef

sweet potato wedges cooked in coconut oil (1 sweet potato)

2 handfuls of grape tomatoes with homemade mayo and seasoning

mango slices


Roasted chicken (1 thigh, half breast)

cucumber, spinach, and parsley salad. Dressing was mayo, vinegar, garlic and onion powder

total water intake for the day was 100oz


5:30am pre wod snack- 1 egg and a spoonful of coconut oil

6am crossfit

7:10am post wod snack- left over chicken and sweet potato baby food (checked the label to make sure it was compliant)


3 hard boiled eggs and 1/2 avocado

I was late to class so I had to split my breakfast. This seemed to help with the morning crash as I did not experience that today.

10am 2 slices of roast beef and 1 sweet potato

2pm 1 can of tuna, trader joe's brocoli and carrot slaw, grape tomatoes, olive oil and mustard


So far I've had 50oz of water and tonight's dinner is already made so that will be wings (homemade) with brocoli and i will add coconut oil or olive oil to the broccoli for fat after is steamed or roasted.

I am 5"1' and was within the weight suggested for my height when I started in January. I think I am eating enough and to be honest I dont think I could add more food as I usually remain satisfied for a couple of hours otherwise I would snack on something. I am usually in bed no later than 9pm. I was waking up before the alarm went off for about a week but my body is no longer doing that. PLEASE HELP!!! I only have 1 week left and I just don't see how I will improve :(

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Hi, don't know if this is helpful, but I went through a real energy slump, tired phase from about Day 14-25. I felt like I was actually losing ground healthwise (as Days 10-13 I felt better). However, Day 25 was a turning point, and Days 26-27 I've had good energy all day and no slump. So, maybe the same pattern will happen for you. Hang in there!!

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Thank you for the encouragement!!! I hope so too!! I cant stand to feel this lethargic.

I dont take magnesium supplement but Im by no means a low sodium person and I season everything with salt. Maybe I should look into it, my mom takes it and swears by it.

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My experience has been similar, I'm on day 29 today. I didn't really feel like I had tons of energy until Day 24/25...and I was REALLY crashing day 22 & 23 (also the end of the week for me) Day 26 I seemed to be getting some type of cold. although that has turned into a 3 days long acute asthma attack that I am trying to break right now. However, despite feeling obviously out of sorts because my chest is tight and I can't stop coughing, I can tell my energy is up up up. I'm sleeping extremely well. It just takes longer for some of us. My delay in high energy is one of the reasons I've decided to keep going past tomorrow, mostly because I want this feeling to continue (minus the breathing issues of course!)

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I hope Im a late bloomer!!! I've been obsessing about the times I ate out and maybe my protein was cooked with non compliant ingredients and it messed me all up. I just want to have energy!! not even in abundance just enough to get me through the day

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