Day3, ashamed that I am starting to hate veggies... what happened?


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I know my subject is a little dramatic but I have never been this turned off by eating veggies. I am at the end of Day 3 and cravings have been bad but the only thing that tastes good is the meat and fat. I can't possibly eat all meat and fat, can I? (don't worry I know the answer is no).

Pre-W30, I was a consistent salad and veggie eater with lots of meat so the overall framework was not that extreme of a change for me (just the dramatic change in wine, dairy, chocolate and grains. HA! :rolleyes:)

My diet and activity on the W30 has been


Breakfast: apple, tahini, chicken breast, black coffee

Lunch: 2 eggs, salmon, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, roasted brussel sprouts

Dinner: salmon, roasted asparagus, lemon water,

Snacks: tea, walnuts & dehydrated strawberries, handful of blueberries, sips of coconut milk

(1 hour workout)


Bkfst:3 eggs and cherry tomotoes, coffee with coconut milk

Lunch: Pork chops with cilantro, ginger, garlic, salt, olive oil, almond puree and 2 cups of spinach

Snack: spoonful of tahini and 2 cups of herbal tea

Dinner: salmon, roasted parsnips, carrots and fennel

(No workout)


Snack: half an apple, handful of nuts, spoonful of almond butter

Bkfst: coffee with coconut milk, tuna steak with sesame seeds

Lunch: 3 eggs, asparagus, fennel, zuchini

Snack: 1/2 larabar & herbal tea

Dinner: 1c of snap peas, guacomole, hard boiled egg & herbal tea,


I knew going in that the hard parts would be the temptations of the sugar and wine demon. Which has held true! What am I missing something in my diet? Is this just my temptation for sugar and refined starch in another form? Is this normal?

I am really tired but I expected that. I am getting ~8hrs sleep too.

Thanks for any insight!!

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Cook your veggies in fat! :D

I love veggies in duck fat!

You might have just left it off your list, but I don't see much fat in there.

Add some avocados, some nice olive oil pesto, add more flavour if your meals are boring you.

Any reason you're having so many snacks? They're also not mini-meals, may be making you hungry.

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Ooooh duck fat! Wow does that sound sinful! I could use some bacon fat until I could get my hands on some duck fat. Never cooked a duck before. And thanks for the pesto idea! That might be what I need!!

The snacks are because I find it really hard to eat as much as I supposed to by the guideline without feeling uncomfortably full but then I am knock-down-strangers-hungry before the next meal. I eat the snack since I have felt if I didn't put something allowed in my mouth I might fall off the wagon. But I realize I probably need to eat more at the meal even if full and just suffer through till the next, right?

Thanks again!!

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I would say what you are feeling is normal, at least it compared to what I experienced. I was developing aversions to all kinds of foods when I first started! You will get over it!

Adding in more fat will definitely keep you full until your next meal.

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I go through periods where I don't even want to look at a veg.... Soups and stews really help in that dept. I'll do a Moroccan tangine ( minus the cous cous) of stewed beef and lamb in an aromatic broth , served over a savory vegetable stew ( carrots,parsnips,onions,squash, zucchini, all large dice with olive oil, cinnamon,almonds,chiles,cumin,coriander, vanilla bean ..... Roasted and caramelized ). Changes it up and wakes up the pallet ....

Also if you are sick of asparagus,broccoli,cauliflower,brussel sprouts...... Ghee holandaise sauce will have you coming back for seconds!!!!

You will adjust, just eat them as they are very important to get your total carb and fiber and macro nutrients......

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