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Double check to make sure I'm on track


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I'm on day 23! WOW! For me, this is huge. I'm not a work out crazy - health girl. I'm overwieght and have huge issues with food and I can honestly say I'm pretty sure my issues are getting better. I can walk by the bakery in the grocery store! Sugar and diet coke were my friends and it's been hard to let go. Yet I have, and I'm proud of myself. Somedays I think i've lost weight - somedays I think I haven't. My husband has weighed himself - and he's down 12! So, fingers crossed I've lost some, but I'm not getting on the scale till Feb. 2. And, with my scale issues I'm not sure I'll even do it then. It's felt good to not let the scale determine my daily self worth. Anyway, I just wanted to have some eyes review my menus, see what changes I should make, etc. I'm going to keep going - so I want to confirm its the right path. Thanks!

Breakfast -2 sausage patties and about a cup of diced roasted sweet potato

Lunch (leftovers) so today: choc. chili w/ a 1/2 avacado mixed in, handful of cashews

Dinner - today will be burger patties w/ all the fixings, roasted carrots, and jalepeno egg salad, some fruit

So my questions - is it ok to eat the same thing meal #1 everyday? I can precook it, it's easy to reheat, and my almost 2 year old son loves it. (daycare feeds pure junk so I like knowing he gets some decent stuff every day). On the weekends, I usually add a few eggs as well.

SInce weight loss is my primary goal - should I cut the cashews?

I eat a lot of beef (we raise our own) and I eat a lot of pork (we raise our own) is that too much red meat?

I eat a ton of sweet potato, ok or no?

I cook with olive oil and coconut oil, making my own dressings, mayo, etc.

Any suggestions for improvment?


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Fluffy, we like variety in everything, but it's not a bad thing to repeat meals. I've eaten the same breakfast for...almost 6-9months. Routines are good!

Your food looks okay, but I'd like to see more leafy, green veggies. You're really light on that stuff!

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Thanks! I'll add some greens on the menu plan for next week.

I think kale or spinach would go really well with your breakfast sausage. Have you ever tried these greens? It's easy to wash and wilt a ton of either and just have in the fridge on hand. I love to eat chili or other soups over a base of kale to up my veggies without a lot of effort.

You can also easily cook the kale in the pan after the sausage for some extra flavor.

Trying to eat less of sweet potato, while upping your green veggies, would likely help long-term with weight loss if that's a goal.

Congrats on kicking the diet pop (or pop of any kind). I've been there, and it wasn't easy!

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