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Day 25 - Observations and Reflections

Paul Hatton

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Hello there. I'm a little late to be posting for the first time, but I've been reading a lot on these forums and decided to share some things I've noticed or have been thinking about while on my first Whole30. (I hope this is in the right forum.) By the way, I'm a 34 year old active male in generally good health.

I started to keep a paper log of what me and my wife were eating. It lasted 12 days. We are still 100% compliant, though. :)

With only five days left, it seems like the end is coming way sooner than 30 days. During the first ten days, time couldn't have moved any more slowly. Once we got into a routine and became more familiar with the program, we became more efficient shoppers, things got easier and time starting moving at a more normal speed.

I learned about the Whole30 program, Whole9life, and Paleo lifestyles about five days before starting. Maybe that's why we have been able to be successful; we didn't have time to fully contemplate everything we were giving up!

That being said, we weren't horrible eaters prior to the program. We did a lot of organic whole food, and were conscious of what we were eating. Knowledge is one thing, practice is another, however. My wife still had her sweet tooth, I had my alcohol, and we both would succomb to the weeknight pressures of cooking and settle for pizza or something else fast food at least twice a week.

I haven't experienced huge, life altering changes while on the program like some here will attest to, but I have experienced enough to make me want to change what I eat forever.

Here's a few random observations that hopefully some of you can relate to:

The Day 2 headache was VICIOUS! I pushed through without any medication.

I haven't had a period of intense irritability followed by high energy levels, rather a healthy mix of the two since about Day 5. :)

Our trash smells considerably worse while on the Whole30 - probably because we are using and discarding more things that are perishable and not designed to have a long shelf life!

Urination is much more frequent, and overall expulsion of waste is much more satisfying.

We only ate out once, and my wife was horribly embarrased when the waitress, at my request, brought out a thick binder detailing every single ingredient in all their foods. Meanwhile, the couple we ate with ordered a fried appetizer, bread, and beer. Thanks a lot!

Homemade Mayo is outstanding.

Grapefruits and Carrots are super sweet.

I have not craved the things I would frequently partake in; beer, chips, cheese, and the occaisional Oreo. I have even sat down and thought about these things to see if I can drum up a craving and I can't do it. I'm not saying I'll never have another drink or another tortilla chip, but it'll be much, much less frequent.

Ok, I have cheated. I weighed myself this morning. I have lost 15 pounds in 25 days. I started out at 6ft, 215lbs. This has been with virtually no physical activity. I hurt my ankle early on and have been in a walking boot this whole time.

Before the Whole30, I would have burping spells after meals that would sometimes last two or more hours and sometimes be accompanied by a little heart burn. Also, I would have periods of significant pressure right behind my Xiphoid Process. Not once have I felt any of those things while on the program. Maybe I have a gluten issue?

I've had a little line of acne right at my front hairline for as long as I can remember. Gone.

My body is now much better at telling me when it is hungry. Before the program, I would eat because it was time, not because I felt hungry. I haven't felt truly hungry at breakfast yet, but I feel it coming.

Food is considerably more expensive, but it's important and we're not eating out and snacking so it balances out somewhat.

Also, no food ever goes bad in the back of the fridge anymore. Partly because we are not snacking and fast fooding, but partly because of the cost!

I will never drink milk or fruit juice again. I will severely limit corn and corn products as well as other grains and legumes. It'll be hard to never eat cheese again.

I'm not going to say I'll never have pizza again, but right now I can tell you I have no desire to slice it up on day 31. And, if I do eat pizza again, it will be one slice, not the usual 4-5.

My wife is still not convinced. Although she admits to not have any sugar cravings whatsoever, she still envisions day 31 (or at our Super Bowl party) when she'll splurge. We'll see what happens.

Well, that's about it. Thanks to everyone here who have helped keep me motivated by sharing their own personal stories and experiences. It's very nice to know we're all in it together!

Here's to a new way of thinking and eating!

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