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Today is Day 31 (1/26/13)


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So...it's Day 31!

I feel accomplished & successful. Finally, after a year and a half of trying to be paleo, I've finally managed 30 days of 100% compliance! I want to celebrate with beer, and chinese, and pizza...but when I really think about it, I don't actually want any of those things. I thought I'd want to go to IHOP for breakfast, but the thought of that makes me feel ill. All I can think about is the dreaded "carb flu" that hit me hard and how the past 30 days has gone, and I really don't want to go back there.

So my results....I lost 11 pounds, but never took measurements ;) I've noticed some of my pants are a tiny bit looser, my mid section seems a bit smaller and I'm not terribly disgusted when I get dressed with how my clothes look. My energy is up, my sleep has majorly improved, my mental focus seems better.

What to do now??? I'm going to keep on going. My asthma is still a problem for me, my eczema is driving me batty, and I would like to drop some more weight (I was 177.8 30 days ago, today I'm 166.8...but about 6 months ago I was between 150-155...and was stricter with my diet). I'd like to get back to around 150. I've had an intense cough for the past 5 days and I haven't been able to work out at all, so I feel like the last week of my Whole 30 wasn't as "magical" as it could be. But mostly, I don't want cramps & stomach aches, gas, headaches, sluggishness, fogginess...and all the other things that come along with eating crap. We're thinking about trying to get pregnant this fall, so I feel more of a commitment than ever to make the Paleo lifestyle as permanent in my life as possible. I also feel some pressure to make this the best racing (running & tri's) as possible and I know I can only do that with a good, clean, healthy diet.

One thing I might do this weekend though, to celebrate....I'll enjoy some SWYPOs!! This morning I had a "paleo english muffin" and made an egg sandwich. It was fun to eat my breakfast that way, but the "muffin" wasn't that great . It was also really filling so I didn't get as much protein in as I normally do...the grass isn't always greener!

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