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Study Marathon!

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OK, so maybe I shouldn't be posting this in the athletes forum, but it seemed most relevant to how I feel these days :P

There seems to be an infinite number of posts regarding what to feed your body after intense cross-fit sessions and marathon running, etc. but I can't find any topics for us university students as to what to feed your brain before/after/during intense 8 hour+ study sessions.

As anyone who is/was in college knows, the key to any successful study session is snacks, and lots of them. Not only are the breaks that come with getting up and finding something in the fridge to eat so necessary and welcome, but I've always been under the impression that your brain needs the constant supply of nutrients to keep going. What is the Whole30's take on this? I know snacking on the whole is out but what's the best way to keep fueled?

I just had a big 'ol bowl of Well Fed's Chili, but should I be aiming for mainly meats, carbs and sweet potatoes, greens and fruits or lots of fat for midterm weeks?

I've been in uni for four years, and this is the first year I've had to deal with the extreme pizza and ice cream cravings that come with exam period with something other than late night runs to the grocery store so if you could just give me a pass to eat as much dried mango as it takes to get through this that would be great ;)


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I moved this topic out of the athlete's forum because it does not belong there. :)

I hear you that you are used to organizing your study time around snacks. I used to drink a lot of diet Mountain Dew when I was reading 250 pages at a time. However, neither our brains or our bodies are designed to require, need, or benefit from frequent snacks. TV advertising and our culture are telling lies when they say otherwise. No special adjustments to normal Whole30 eating is required or recommended for long study sessions. I would recommend mugs of herbal tea if you need something to organize your study time besides units of study.

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