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My boyfriend and I are on our second Whole30, and while we feel great, he has a lot of trouble falling asleep.

It's not new though; he explained that he's always had trouble falling asleep, and always toss and turns for about an hour. He (and I too, because he's keeping me awake when tossing and turning...) hoped that the Whole30 would help him sleep better, but it's not really the case.

He doesn't post on the forums (hence why I'm the one asking), but my food log can give you an idea of how we eat. He also isn't very active... I do hot yoga 3x/week, but he barely walks at all. So we were thinking that maybe all this extra unused energy from clean-eating prevents him from falling alseep...?

Any thoughts on what he could do to sleep better?

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Has he tried Natural Calm? It's a great source for magnesium, and can help with sleep as well. As far as getting some exercise, it can't hurt! I tend to sleep better after a good workout. Is the bedroom completely dark- no alarm clock light, little red light on a TV? It makes a huge difference.

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I've been taking Natural Calm for several years and have been pleased with the mildly sedating effect it has when I take just before bed time. It can't overcome the effect of my drinking a cup of coffee late in the day, but it works great with helping me relax from normal tensions.

There are good discussions of sleep hygiene around the internet that may be helpful... things like turning off electronics at least an hour before bed time, winding down during that last hour to relax, completing your last meal about two hours before bed time, keeping the temperature somewhat cool, dark room, etc. There is also the hormonal angle. The reason we ask people to eat within one hour of waking in the morning is that helps to reset cortisol so that it will be high during the day and drift towards the low end of the scale by bed time. When hormones are out of whack, cortisol is high at night and makes sleep difficult.

The Whole9 should probably recruit a sleep expert to do a guest post on sleep to lay out the range of good sleep habits that we all need to cultivate.

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