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Chocoholic Salad


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Ok so I miss chocolate and in the spirit of treating chocolate as a spice or condiment I bought some chocolate balsamic vinegar and chocolate and hickey infused olive oil from local chocolatier Dude, Sweet Chocolate here in Dallas. http://dudesweetchocolate.com/Cocoa-Vin-cocoa-infused-aged-balsamic-vinegar-Cocoa-Vin.htm

And I made myself a lovely salad

Herb and greens mix from organic girl

Mix of heirloom lettuces

Roast chicken breast diced



Made with 1/3 balsamic and 2/3 oil with just salt and pepper.

Simple and delicious!

I used to say I hated eating a cold salad in the winter... But you know what? So not true anymore!

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I was really excited to find something in the shop that was compliant! Can't wait to think of other ideas for it... I'm thinking reduce the balsamic and serve with strawberries. Still brainstorming other ideas. The olive oil in particular has such a great scent with the hickory.

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