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Nail Pitting?

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I am on Day 27 of my 2nd Whole30. I just noticed that several of my fingernails have tiny, pin-sized pits in them. I've read some places that this can be caused my some kind of nutritional deficiency, but I just can't imagine that's the case. Does anybody have any ideas for causes/remedies?

Just for reference, a typical day of food for me looks like:

Meal1--2 eggs, The Clothes Make The Girl Golden Cauliflower soup, 2 brazil nuts, herbal tea

Meal 2--Today, will be a bowl of Halupki Casserole (grass-fed ground beef, cauli rice, shredded cabbage, tomato sauce, spices) and maybe a small bowl of berries

Meal 3--grilled salmon filet, sauteed kale, roasted asparagus, and 1/2 sweet potato w/macadamia nuts and dried cranberries (thank you, Tom!)

I drink a bottle of kombucha daily, occasional LaCroix water, and lots of regular water. I also take digestive enzymes but no other supplements.

Thank you in advance!

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I had a few little pits that I've just now noticed, so I guess it can't be that uncommon. I was freaking out yesterday because I also had a bit of a rash (the two can be linked with psoriasis) but the rash went away so I guess not! No rash by tonight when I showered post-WO.

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