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Learned My Lesson


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I spent the weekend in Chicago on a mini vacation with my husband. I had made the conscious decision not to "stay on plan" - pretty much go back to how I had eaten before I found Whole 9 in November. Friday night was drinks, creamy grits as a side to my steak, and carrot cake dessert. Breakfast Saturday morning was a latte and and huge blueberry muffin, lunch was deep dish pizza (We were in Chicago!). And Saturday afternoon??? Alternately curled up in bed in the fetal position with stomach pain or in the bathroom. If I needed a slap in the head to remind my why I made the changes I did, I know I got it. That afternoon, plus the aches and pains I'll have for the next 7 days will hopefully be the last time I need to get the message and reminder in such a up close, personal, and painful, way.

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