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W30 with little kids.....


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I'd like to start by saying my kids eat very healthy, we eat lots of fruits/veggies/lean meats, no juice/boxed meals, etc. but I'd like to try and include them in this W30 challenge mainly because they like to eat what I eat. Really all that's left to wean them off of is grains and dairy...

The things I'm worried about:

1. No dairy.... At all. Idk, I'm so used to them having 2 cups of milk a day (be it cows milk in cereal or coconut milk in a glass). How can I be sure they're getting appropriate amounts of calcium each day?

2. Fats.... How much should I give them? What's a good amount?? They usually get whole milk cheese and I cook with whole milk, and peanut butter also.

3. The cruddy feeling everyone says they go through... How do I minimize that for them? Will going off the grains/dairy affect them bad? I definitely don't want them to feel like garbage.

Any tips? They're 2 & 4, so pretty young.

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Hi, and way to go, getting your kids to eat real, good food! Two of my four are the same ages as yours, and while I haven't done a strict Whole30 with them, they do eat a Paleo diet (with some Paleo treats, occasional honey or maple syrup, etc.) so here's my take:

1. There are many other, better sources of calcium than dairy products. Cow's milk is for calves. Leafy greens and bony fish are great sources for us. Besides that, calcium isn't the only and maybe not even the most important thing your kids need for strong bones and teeth. That's just what the dairy association has been telling us for so long, it's what we're born believing at this point.

2. I kinda let my kids have whatever fat I cook in plus a little more, if they seem like they're getting hungry between meals. My boys were just starving at 3PM, and they ate some macadamia nuts. My big kids eat half an avocado like it's nothing, and they eat lots of good coconut products.

3. It doesn't seem, to me, like my kids have suffered any negative consequences from this. Maybe it's easier on their little bodies, only having eaten nasties for two and four years, rather than my 30+? Or maybe it helps that they have the opportunity to sleep and rest as much as they want, and they're better at listening to their bodies about when to play hard and when to chill out? I don't know the reason, but the transition to good fod is usually easy for my kiddos.

Best of luck to you!

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1) My son (22 months) still gets milk for a little while longer, but he gets plenty of leafy greens, broccoli and the like! He has been raised pretty much paleo since he started eating solids, and I have made all of his food except for a little jar of prunes when he was little.

2) Fats--he lives for avocado and knows what they look like at the store! LOL! I also cook in coconut oil and ghee and I make my own mayo--which is one of his favorite things ever! He loves to help supervise when I make mayo--he imitates the sound of the blender and has to have several tastes right when it is done, and then periodically he will want tastes and I mix it into his foods.

He does eat what we do, and I don't force him to finish (clean) his plate. I have him taste new foods and offer them over 4 days and usually by then he is willing to eat them. LOL we had taco salads last week and he munched up his little bowl of salad with no problems. Good luck and I think it is wonderful you are starting out your LO's with good eating habits!

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