Diet Soda Morning Pick-me-up substitute

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I hate coffee. Always have, can't imagine liking it, no matter how many times I've tried. I get my morning caffeine cold - from diet soda. But that's obviously off-limits, so what can I do in the mornings to get my pick-me-up?

I've gone off caffeine before, and after a few days it's not so bad, but I just like the taste of diet soda. What about tea? Would that be better?



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Hi Linda,

Tea is a great idea! Just check the ingredients for any "sneaky" stuff. With a good night of sleep and a blanced breakfast with protein, veggies, and fat, that would be our best "pick-me-up" I can think of. Many times it is just a matter of breaking old connections we once had and resetting our taste buds. Here is a great article on just that - -

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