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Reporting back from Spain (long & some not w30pics)


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I kept a holiday report of all my eating & drinkin' so here it is

Day 1 tues 29/05 - 10pm - pork ribs and tomato salad

Day 2 30/5 weds

Ex- 3x100m hill sprints -14/11/12

10 push ups, 20 alt lunges x 3, 10 box drill squats

B- baked ham, tomato, boiled egg

L- @ Manolo's- Entermeze, no cheese. Paella with rabbit & chicken, fruit salad, white wine.


D- olives, nuts, boiled egg, dried fruit, crisps, jerky, red wine

S- macadamias @ 11.30

My mother - "Would you look at what the thin one is having for breakfast, maybe I'm eating too little"

Day 3 thurs 31/5

Ex - 10xbox squats, 10x sit-ups x 3

B - boiled egg, home baked ham, tomato

L @ Casa Hari - salad, beef stew soup pork chop, hake, olive oil chips & fried cabbage. Apple.

Lily's desert


Mammy's desert

059.jpg Red wine, orange tea.

D - black olives, almond stuffed green olives, chorizo, macadamias a bit cheaper than at home, €19 per kg in the market), gf beer - Estrella Daura is only 93c a bottle - half what it is here, crisps, red wine.

Day 4 Friday 1/6

Ex - 5 box pull ups, 15 rolling rocks,15 superman X 3 & 10 bench push ups - all watched by builders!

B - veg (onions, peppers, courgette, spinach, bns) & chorizo egg loaf

L @ Monumental - Salad. melon & Serrano. Hake (paleo faileo, came in a light batter), olive oil chips,romesco sauce. Fruit salad. White wine. Coffee.

D- Chorizo, boiled egg, green olives with almonds, black olives, macadamias, dried fruit, gf beer, red wine.

Frustrations are starting to show. Mam cross with me that I wouldn't eat the "good burgers" from the supermarket - 78% meat and numerous ingredients! On a positive note got 2 avos for €1.70 :)

Day 5 Saturday 2/6

Ex -messing around at beach :)

B - none, just coffee.

L - Egg loaf, macadamias, avo, tomato, lettuce. Gf beer. Melon.

S - macadamias, dried fruit

D - My Dad's awesome BBQ- ribs, pinchos, steak, roast veg, red wine.


Day 6 Sunday 3/6

Ex - squat practice

B- coffee, grapes, macadamias.

L - steak, spinach & fried egg. Large salad with avo.

S - apple & grapes

D - roast chicken, sweet potato, roast veg, red wine.

Day 7 monday 4/6

Ex - squats, plank, push ups

B - egg loaf & avo

L @ Casa Harry. Salad, rabbit in sauce, chips. Watermelon. White wine. Carrahillo .

D - manchego cheese, Iberian ham. Olives, macadamias. Red wine, gf beer.

Day 8 Tuesday 5/6

Ex - squat practice

B - egg loaf & avo

L @ quincennos. Salad. Lamb cutlets with chips & red pepper. Pineapple plus (paleo faileo 2 bites of pan de calatrava). Lots of red wine & a carajillo.

Ex - tennis in 28 c heat leads to paleo faileo of mini almond magnum

Style ice-cream.

D- fried chorizo, sweet potato and egg. Gf beer. Red wine & crisps.

Day 9 weds 6/6

Ex - push-ups & lunges

B - egg loaf & avo, 2 coffees.

L @ Vent Ursula - salad, entermese (paleo faileo - included cheese & toasted peanuts). Lamb & chips. Pineapple. White wine. Carajillo.

S - half avocado

D - hard boiled egg, chorizo & tomato. Gf beer, red wine & crisps.

Day 10 thurs 7/6

Ex - squat practice

B - egg loaf & avo

S - apple & watermelon.

L @ Martino's. Salad. Paella & egg bake. Chicken pinchos & chips with roast aubergine. Melon. White wine.

D- egg, tomato, chorizo, gf beer. Red wine.

Day 11 Friday 8/6

Ex - pull-ups, rolling rocks, supermans

B - coffee, bacon, egg

L @ Restaurant Maymar. Seafood paella. Stew of neck of lamb, chips. Fresh cherries.

D - egg chorizo tomato. Gf beer, red wine. Crisps & nuts.

Day 12 Saturday 9/6

Sick with sore tooth & swollen glands :(

12pm oat pancake with cheese. Boiled egg.

2pm salad egg ham

7.30 pm sausage, ribs, salad, roast potato.

Red wine.

Day 13 Sunday 10/6

Still sick - penicillin & paracetamol :(

B - oat pancake with cheese

L - ribs, salad, roast veg, gf beer

D - ham, cheese, roast veg

Day 14 Monday 11/6

Still sick, more drugs :(

B - bacon & egg

L @ Monumental. Chilled soup with bacon & egg. Lamb stew and chips. Fruit salad. White wine.

D - none. Gf beer

Day 15 Tuesday 12/6

Still sick, more drugs. Visit to dentist.

B - Bacon & egg

L @ Quincenzo's. Salad. Seafood soup. Lamb chops & chips. Last day resisting this


Plus last day blow out, Pan de Calatrava.


Red wine.

D- Gf beer. Egg, tomato, chorizo


Looking fwd to getting back to normal. brought some great stuff home - some fantastic "sin addititive" handmade chorizo and a tub of Iberian pig fat!

Scales were way up this morning from pre-holidays but I'm hoping that will go pretty quickly.

Have to go to dentist this afternoon for repeat treatment on abcess :( so still popping penicillin (€2.50 a pack!) and kick ass 650g Spanish paracetemol.

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Welcome back DervalC! Hope your tooth is better soon-nothing worse than a bad toothache!

Enjoyed reading your food record! How was your head after the wine? Did you find it gave you a hangover having had so long before the holiday without it? Planning ahead for my own holiday! :)

Nice to have you back!

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The offending wisdom tooth is oming out next Weds :(

I had a huge feed of wine immediately after my W30 (at the http://www.pomegranate.ie/ launch) . On holidays I had half a bottle with lunch and then maybe 2 glasses and a bottle of beer in the evening when playing cards/boardgames (yeah exciting!!) So never enough for a hangover. Enough for a shocking amount of lbs though!

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