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Starting Second Whole 30 Today, January 29th


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Well, I woke up this morning and decided that today I am starting my second Whole30 challenge. I completed my first Whole30 on Christmas Day and while I ate a pretty paleo and clean diet anyways, I was surprised how easy it was to eliminate my yogurt, oatmeal, honey and wine.

Since that time, I also completed a major atheltic event and did not want to continue the Whole30 during this event. Granted I ate good, still some honey, wine, a piece of cheese here or there have snuck back into my diet.

I got a really nasty cold on Jan 4th that lasted a good two weeks with lots of yucky symptoms. The worst of it is over, but I am still congested and don't feel as great as I used to. So, after a fake start attempt at Whole30 earlier this month, today is the day. I am ready to once again give up my wine and sugars in hopes of feeing as amazing as I did in December and clearing up this cold for good.

Heck, I might turn it into a Whole60 depending on how things go knowing how amazing I felt the last time.

I journeld my first Whole30 on my blog at Hrrp://runfastmama.com and while I will not be going into the daily detail this second time around, I do still plan on sharing snipits of my meals as well as weekly updates.

Is anyone else starting today or just receintly started a Whole30? This forum really helped me stay accountable last time and I look forward to it again.

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