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Whole 30 for Type 1 Diabetes


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This is my first day starting the Whole 30 and I am pretty excited. As a Type 1 Diabetic, I am hoping to see better control of my blood sugar WITHOUT sole dependence on insulin. My husband has agreed to do this with me, which I am so grateful for because I think it would have been a lot more difficult without him on board. We also have a couple of friends in our community doing this with us, and we are having a fancypants Whole 30 dinner party on Friday night to discuss our goals and encourage eachother. I'm not just after the physical benefits of this, I'm also committing to NOT eating dinner in front of the TV anymore, turning off electronic devices one hour before bedtime, and learning more about the local foods movement during my Whole 30. I am really excited about having a month to focus on some new goals, and am hoping to make some great long lasting changes. If you are a Type 1 Diabetic and have done the Whole 30/are doing the Whole 30, I'd love to be friends with you and hear how it is helping you!

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