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My First Whole 30! :)


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I'm going to use this section to log in every day and writing a kind of diary.

Today, day 1, went all right, but I'm having huge headaches since the afternoon, drinking plenty of water hoping this will help (thank you Kirsteen for the suggestion).

I really hope it will soon be better.

Today I ate cabbage&pumpkin purée with some ground veal and 1 egg and some sautéed vegetables

Carrot soup

Ground beef with some salad

Carrot soup with coconut cream

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Thank you so much!

I'm still drinking much water and I'm beginning to feel a little better.

I didn't expect those headaches to come so immediately... But I hope it means they will go away sooner than expected too! :)

Today I ate a small leftover ground pork and 2 hard oiled eggs + puréed cabbage and pumpkin for breakfast

At lunch I ate a big salad with lettuce, carrots, some diced apple, a few mini-tomatoes, 3 hard boiled eggs(organic), 1 small slice of organic bacon (without sugar or any nasty things) + citrus vinaigrette (nomnompaleo recipe)

And I'm preparing green beans and lamb chops, and probably complete this with some raw fennel

By the way I'm a little confused: is organic bacon whole 30 compliant? I found so much contradictory information about this on the Internet

I'm still reading the book (Iswf), and I'm learning about the hormones, their effects, and the effects of food and lifestyle on them, and of course on our body! This is veeeeeery interesting and I understand so many things better regarding how I feel and how my body looks like...

Even if the beginnings are a little tough, I'm happy to have made this decision. I feel that all these informations will help me understand how to change my lifestyle effectively and not just my eating habits

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I don't have headaches any more today but I'm don't have much energy. I'm feeling a bit lightheaded.

I should have done a lot of things today, but really, all I wanted was to hang around in house, watching silly soaps at TV, read, and play with my 3 years old son…

There's just one thing: before I went Paleo, I had psoriasis on certain parts of my body (knees, elbows, and the head), and this went away everywhere but on my head, which was better but not completely healed…

Maybe I would have to change something in the way I wash my hair?

A few weeks ago I began to use a special shampoo that's called "sense balance" from L'oreal… a hairdresser recommended it to me to help cure the skin. I have to say it was indeed better, not itching so much any more, but not cured yet.

I hope that the whole 30 will set me on a better track and that the skin of my head will heal too, but for the moment… it's worsen in fact… maybe that's the way it works? First worsening what was not yet healed, and afterwards only, it will heal for good?

I really hope so.

Here is what I ate on day 3

Breakfast: 3 small meatballs, 2 spicy salmon muffins (nomnompaleo's recipe for "Spicy Tuna Cakes", but I replaced tuna with canned pink Pacific salvage salmon) with carrots and fresh coriander + some leftover raw fennel

In the morning I had one cup of Lapsang soochong (smoked black tea)

Lunch: some meat and chicken (that I just used to make broth) + pureed vegetables (from the broth) with a spoon of ghee and garlic + one apple. I also had one 100% arabica italian coffee (I don't drink coffee every day any more since a few months, but occasionally I enjoy it)

Dinner: slow cooker lamb leg with bacon + carrots + green beans

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Today was more or less a good day.

No headaches, feeling more or less good, no cravings,, but.... A little depressed, especially in the afternoon! Didn't expect that! :(

Well People who have emotional eating problems are probably more sensitive to this kind of reactions when they stop listening to these emotional eating habits. I thought I was already far from these problems... It's been a long time since I didn't have no binge-eating, surely 4 or 5 years... Though I've had some sugar cravings and crashes these last weeks, after my surgery....

Ok any ways if it's here, it means I have to cope with it... Not very fun, but what has to be done has to be done!;)

I'm passing the WE at my father's place.... and to be honest this is not so easy to me, as we never had an easy relationship.... I can imagine this has to play a role in my current feelings

What I ate Day 4:

For breakfast: 2 spicy salmon cakes + 2 small meatballs + carrots and green beans + one cup of black tea

For lunch: 1 pork chop + green beans (I'm craving for green beans;))

In the afternoon I became very hungry so I had a spicy salmon cake + half an apple + one cup of Russian black tea (I shouldn't have black tea that late in the day, but I really wanted some hot drink )

For dinner: some bacon+ leftover green beans + a little leftover carrots + 2 eggs + a cup of vegetable soup

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Now I see what this means to be in the "KILL EVERYTHING" mood!

Not really bad moored, just can't cope with every single tiny frustration or demand or noise or what ever else..... but I managed not to become mad at no one here.... and I'm pretty proud of it! :)

What I ate on Day 5:

Breakfast: one salmon cake + 1 egg + puréed vegetables + one cup of black tea

In the morning I had one more cup of black tea

Lunch: one big rumsteak + mixed salad (lettuce, tomatoe, slices apple, olive oil, lemon juice, salt&pepper, shallots)

Dinner: some meatballs + a small piece of lamb leg + green beans and carrots + one cup of broth + one hard boiled egg + 1 mandarin (I was so hungry!!!)

In the evening I had a cup of rooibos tea

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Thank you so much Donna Anne!

Doing my best.

Today was a good day, pretty busy, so I didn't feel time passing that much... until tonight when I had to wait for almost 30minutes after my husband before we could eat! WOW I was so upset!!

I hope this will be better soon... I really don't like these moments! ;)

What I ate on Day 6:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, puréed vegetables, half small apple, one cup of Russian tea

Lunch: pumpkin soup, broccoli, meatballs, half apple, some black tea

In the afternoon I was very hungry (yes I could have eaten the fish;)), but I had no more proteins or veggies any more and i suspect I had not had enough fat today, so I had a tablespoon almond pasta and a handful dried coconut shaves + a cup of tea.... And indeed after that I felt much better until past 7pm, when we had dinner!

Dinner: piece of beef (grilled) and some greens. But I realised I had not enough vegetables and I had a cup of pumpkin soup. Then I felt full.

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What i ate on Day 7:

Breakfast: small piece of leftover lam leg, small leftover broccoli, 1 egg, small cup of pumpkin soup

Lunch: 1chicken thigh (whole), some lettuce with half tomato and slices cucumber and citrus vinaigrette, some zucchini, 2teaspoons almond paste, one cup of lapsang soochong

Dinner: big mixed salad with spinach, tomato, shredded carrot, bacon, shallot, dried fig, diced apple and the last leftover lamb leg.

Today for the first time since the beginning, I've been really craving for something for dessert after lunch. Today is also the first day I didn't have no fruit so maybe I really didn't have carbs enough? I think I also ate less in quantities in general today. So I can imagine this must be one of the reasons also.

Or maybe I'm just having my first cravings and that's all!;)

So as I really want to stay on track I didn't have nothing more than these spoons of almond paste... want to try it without any tricks or cheat.

And I have headaches again this afternoon.

I'm also wondering if there could have something in my meals yesterday that was not right and that would the reason of a kind of boomerang effect today?

Ok well I'm not hungry, just craving, so I will try to think about something else and do something else... Maybe have a walk outside could help.

Well a walk outside did help! :)

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What I ate on Day 8:

Breakfast: "Savory Crepes" from Mark Sisson's book "Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals". These contain only egg whites, a very few coconut milk, a little coconut flour, and a little ghee. I assumed these are ok with whole 30. So I had these Crepes with some raw spinach, tomato, apple, some crispy bacon, some cooked egg yolks, and a can of cod liver. My doc' said I had not enough vitamin D, but doesn't like processed vitamin D so the solution is to eat once a week some cod liver for instance.

Lunch: chicken roasted, zucchini, spinach

Dinner: emergency protein (ground beef&pork, carrot, zucchini, onion, garlic, parsnip, spinach) with some zucchini with garlic and ginger, 2 small slices roasted pumpkin. One cup of rooibos tea with ginger

I think what I had yesterday was a kind of withdrawal from caffeine because I figured out that I didn't have no coffee or real good infused black tea. I just had my tea little infused and rooibos tea, but there's not much caffeine in the first one and no caffeine at all in the second one!

Does this make sense?

Today I still had headaches coming and going and I was real hungry at each meal but not at all in between, so that's progress I think! :)

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What I ate on Day 9:

Breakfast: some chicken braised, zucchini and carrots, some egg yolk and bacon and a cup of tea

Lunch: today we went to a funeral with a friend of ours and afterwars we went to a restaurant, so it was not so easy to have Whole30 compliant meal, but... I succeeded in it! :) It was a restaurant where they they only serve organic stuff, so I had no fear and ordered a carpaccio with some lettuce. It was not much but it was good and though I was not really full it was ok. Good news the waitress said they can prepare any dish they have without gluten and without lactose and they are willing to replace things if asked. So I think I will go back there! :)

Afternoon snack : of course in the end of the afternoon I became really hungry! So as soon as possible I had a wonderful mug of homemade vegetable soup with a Tspoon of coconut milk and some chipotle powder. Hmmmmmmm yummy!!!

Dinner: a piece of "Porktastic Meatloaf" (this was a nomnompaleo's recipe you can find here: http://nomnompaleo.com/post/4410757185/super-porktastic-bacon-topped-spinach-and-mushroom) with roasted winter squash ( http://nomnompaleo.com/post/11136213353/roasted-kabocha-squash ) and raw fennel, and a cup of rooibos tea

Today was a hard day because we had to get up early (very early), there were much emotions at church of course because a friend of ours has lost her father. To say goodbye to him she sang 2 songs that she wrote for him and plaid piano. This was so emotional!

Then as I said we had lunch outside. And the afternoon was ok but I was really tired.

Now I'm going to have a good night sleep hmmmmmm

Sweet dreams everyone! ;)

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Loving reading, Nath. I am sorry about the loss of your friend's father. And I am very happy you are doing so well with the whole 30. I am on day 4, and my determination is getting stronger every day. I had to rein in the little sugar kid inside me today when my boss ! brought in homemade chocolate cake. But the Whole30 adult in me is very happy to say no to the cake. Check out my log, titled "OH, it is ON . . ." I would love your comments. I think I'm not getting enough vegetables, but I'll continue to make positive changes.

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What I ate on Day 10:

Breakfast: emergency protein (ground beef & pork + vegetables) and half an apple, a cup of tea

Lunch: Porktastic meatloaf , zucchini with ginger, roasted pumpkin, 1 cup of vegetable soup.... I think I was reeeeeeally hungry for vegetables! ;)

Then I had the other half apple and 1 cup of tea made with the same tea leaves I used in the morning, so I thinks the was nearly no caffeine any more in it, but the taste was good.

Dinner: emergency protein & vegetables, 1 cup vegetable soup, some coconut chips

Today I had a busy morning again, and I felt the difference, I was more hungry for lunch then usually! That's good news, it means I can listen to my body messages again! Yay!:)

But I need to improve my sleep pattern, because I'm not tired enough to go to bed in the evening, and I get up pretty late (well I'm lucky I don't have to get up early because I work at home and I can usually manage my hours like I want to)

But still I would like to improve this, just for the sake of my general health, and I hope to have a better energic feeling, because I usually don't feel energetic enough... Always kind of no energy, I must fight with myself to do what has to be done on some days... Really... And I would like to change this!

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Martihana60 I like your image: the sugar kid and the whole30 adult! ;)

Not always easy when you have to refuse things people have made the self at home because they don't always understand but I just read the post about friends that are tempting you and that don't support you... Really interesting, and helping.

Did you read it?

I'll go have a look at your post

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Nath, I work in a place where everybody thinks they're doing you a favor when they bring in food. If my boss (who made the cake) wasn't himself gluten intolerant, I think no one would understand me. But I've really made this Whole30 commitment and I'm just not going to let anyone interfere.

I'm changing to a new computer, and I don't have any pictures on the new one yet, but I'll get a photo up soon. Carry on, Nath! I'm happy to have a partner in the race.

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You seem very committed!

It's easier when we have partners and I'm happy to find and give support here too. It's the first time I enter in a community like this... And I like it! :))

Have a good day!

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What I ate on Day 11:

Breakfast: Porktastic meatloaf, some spinach and tomato, 1 mandarin, 1 cup of Russian tea

Lunch: young guinea-fowl, salsify with coconut milk and spices, 3 small mirabelle plum (don't know the name in English?), 1 cup of Russian tea

Afternoon: coconut "chips" and half an apple + 1 cup of Russian tea re-using the leaves a second time

Dinner: Porktastic meatloaf, some lettuce, some cherry tomatoes, some cucumber, and vegetable soup + 1 cup of Russian tea with coconut milk and half an apple

I think I didn't eat enough fat at lunch (again)... I really need to adjust this because I begin to feel a real difference: when I eat enough of everything at mealtime, I'm not hungry in the end afternoon... It should be easy to fine tune... At least I hope so! ;)

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Today my son has been very bad, he had 39.8°C (don't know how much this is in F).

The nurofen didn't help, we had to give him a bath to make the temperature drop and he was crying and screaming and his teeth were chattering.... Pfffff I'm glad he's finally cooled down and he's feeling better and cooler

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What I ate on Day 12:

Breakfast: chicken braised with salsify and a little coconut milk, half an apple, 1 cup of Russian tea

Lunch: roastbeef, spinach with tomatoes and coconut milk, zucchini with curry and 1 cup of Russian tea, half an apple

Afternoon break: 1 hard boiled egg and 1 cup of rooibos

Dinner: I combined oyster mushrooms with minced carrot, some fresh ginger, a pinch chipotle powder, some minced scallions, all of this saute in coconut oil. then I added 1 half dried fig in very thin dices, straps of an omelet made with 2 eggs, salt & pepper. I mixed all this together and I added fresh coriander and "sprinkled" a very few almond paste (I had no coconut cream any more).

This was awesome, but I think it would be better with roasted Portobello and even yummier with some roasted bacon. Will try it later.

Ho no! My son is having high temps again!

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I've so busy this WE with my father who was not well, my son with high temps, that I didn't have the opportunity to prepare things ahead for the week, so now I have nothing in hand but a few hard boiled eggs. I hope I will have more time to prepare a few vegetables in the afternoon today!

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I think I didn't eat enough fat at lunch (again)... I really need to adjust this because I begin to feel a real difference: when I eat enough of everything at mealtime, I'm not hungry in the end afternoon... It should be easy to fine tune... At least I hope so! ;)

Nath, I'm beginning to think we are all a little different in balancing our needs for protein, fat, and carb. I think I ate too much protein last night, and I think more than a very small bit of sweet potato is too much carb for me. But fat seems to satisfy me nicely.

Also, sorry your son is sick. I hope he gets well quick.

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What I ate on Day 13:

Breakfast: 1 cup of vegetable soup with coconut milk, 2eggs, 1 cup of coffee

Lunch: 2 sausages, carrots, parsnip and zucchini sauteed in ghee with s&p and turmeric + 1 Tspoon of coconut milk. This was simple, and..... awesome!

Dinner: knob-celery soup (that's soup made with knob-celery, apple, and coconut cream and s &p and I added curry), 3 spicy tuna cakes, white cabbage cooked with shallots(I hadno onions any more) and a little bit of apple

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Thank you martihana60.

Today my son was like he never was sick! Kids! They recover. So quickly! Amazing!

But today I'm the one who was really feeling bad, feverish, stiffness, shivers, not being to eat something.... But I think this has nothing to do with Whole30. I think I just caught the flu, this would not be surprising as we spent 1 hour 30 in a waiting room by the doctor, where everyone was sick! And then I finally understood that I was feeling even wors because I didn't eat something for too long. Since I have had my gallbladder removed I cannot seem to be able to not eat for too long, and if I don't, then I can fell really bad (nausea, vomiting, very bad intestinal pain.... )

What a day my deer!

I think I will just go to bed now and hope a good sleep will get me better tomorrow morning!:)

Regarding personal needs, I agree 100% with you!

I can't have too much carbs either or I have vertigo, but I have no problem eating a lot of proteins, and fat (but only certain fats like coconut oil or milk, ghee)

I'm sure we will find our way soon. That's one of the biggest surprises doing this whole30 for me, finding how to adapt my eating plan to my needs and also finding that there are some things I don't digest so well though I thought it was ok!

Cheer up and have a good day!

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