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College student in need of buddy for Whole 30 Try 3

Nathalia Bailey

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Hi There,

I'm starting my 3rd full whole 30 attempt tomorrow.

I started my whole 30 January 2nd. I was doing sooo fabulously for 20 days, the last two of which I was surviving through a sorority/frat ski trip (lots of alcohol). Then on the last night of the ski trip I decided to have a few shots of gin.

Boy did I have fun. Boy did I get serious crazy cravings the next week.

Maybe I could've gone on w/my whole 30 w/10 days tacked on with just the gin slip up. But then my brain got crazy. I got ravenous and a little depressed. Throughout the week I had a little too much fruit, dried fruit, SWYPO, etc.

Last Saturday night I was going so crazy I caved and had a thing of cold stone icecream, assuming I should just get it out of my system and my resolve for a full whole 30 would be stronger starting the next day.

My resolve was stronger. Especially since I was actually feeling the kind of depression I haven't felt since going paleo 6 months ago.

Tomorrow I have a job interview for a camp counselor job. One of the things they want is a show and tell, about anything. My father suggested I bake some paleo desserts, that way I can share a little bit about my way of eating, and, more importantly, I can show my strengths in service and hospitality.

Well tonight I had a crazy night of baking, and when I bake I have no self control and taste everything. That's why I avoid baking now.

So, point is I did some serious SWYPO tonight and feel it's just best to start over with a February whole 30.

I've decided I really need a buddy to stay accountable to during my whole 30. Is there anyone who thinks we might be a good fit? Maybe someone who is also in college right now too?


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I would be happy to be your buddy if you want. I started my first whole30 yesterday. I live in Sweden and am in business school but I went to college in the states and can imagine how hard it must be to stick with something like this whilst immersed in college life.

Business school is also full of social events where everyone drinks, and I too have a knack for paleo-fying desserts, especially anything with chocolate!


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Can I join too? I have tried a bunch of times in the past and never made it past the first week. I have highhopes about today's start, however....my husband is actually going go go gluten free in a couple of weeks which is huge!!! Having him at least on board to that extent will be awesome!

Wish I could say I am in college (ahhh glory days...has it really been 20 years?) or b-school (it's beeen 10 years since I graduated from that), but I am young at heart and can live vicariously through you two!

My main goal in doing the Whole30 is to develop a healthy relationship with food after picking up a nasty binge eating habit when I moved to my current town 2.5 years ago. Dropping some of the weight that binging caused me to pack on would be nice too!

I am looking forward to sharing your journeys! And congratulations on the Whole20...that's a great accomplishment! Lauren

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Hi there ladies!

If you wouldn't mind, I'd love to join your group!!!

I first started my Whole30 the second week in January. After an unexpected weekend trip across the country for a work conference 7 days into my Whole30, I decided I should re-start since the likelihood of me having not consumed sugar while eating at restaurants for 4 days was pretty slim. Since returning, I was doing pretty good, then last night (day 8 of trial 2), I realized I accidentally had purchased and eaten deli meat with sugar in it! :( Disappointed and angry with myself for not being more vigilant (which is ridiculous b/c I typically read each and every label so carefully that grocery shopping becomes an evening event), I gorged myself on sweetened dried fruit. I paid for it all night and early this morning. After a reality check and pep-talk with myself, I decided I should enlist some support and publicly re-state my commitment.

Like Lauren, I'm no longer a college student. Just an active nearly-30 woman looking to improve my relationship with food. My husband is currently deployed, which lends me total control over the pantry and fridge. What better time to start, right?

I look forward to your posts and hope we can help keep each other on track! :)


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I feel like the "kill all things" phase hits me almost immediately. I started going there this afternoon so I know I am in for a rough few days. It just kills me because I am not as patient with my kids as I would like to be when I feel this way. Hopefully I can compensate for it by realizing what it is.

How did the day go everyone? Food wise was fine...we went out for dinner and I got a Cobb salad minus all the non-compliant stuff and brought my own dressing. This is the hardest time of day for me. But I am committing to you all that I am DONE eating for the day! No binging tonight!

Csqared...don't be so hard on yourself! Sounds like you made the best of a tough situation when you had to travel instead of going off the rails. And frekkleface, I hope you feel better after a good night's sleep! And you should definitely eat if you are hungry...protein, fat and veggies/fruit.

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Hi everyone! Great to see there are so many of us now!

I've had a good first weekend so far with plenty of reasons to be tempted - yesterday I went to a big party and today I attended three alcohol-fueled birthday parties (!) To the first celebration, a dinner party, I brought my own food. To the second one I came prepared with sparkling water, carrot sticks, cucumber and homemade aioli, but I found that I was still full from dinner and watching others eat cake wasn't as hard as I was expecting. Next I went to two bars where I drank more sparkling water. In other words a very successful night and I am looking forward to a productive Sunday tomorrow.

I think my biggest concern is actually what Csquared mentioned: accidentally eating or drinking something that I shouldn't. Today at the second bar, the birthday girl complained that her cosmo didn't taste right and as a former bartender my first instinct was to want to try it to see what was off. Luckily I remembered I wasn't drinking in time :)

I have lost quite a bit of weight over the past year on a low carb diet, but I have mainly done it without telling people around me. With Whole30 I realize I constantly need to tell people around me what I'm doing, which on the one hand helps keep me accountable but I also dislike that it places so much focus on what we eat and drink and why, which is not something I like to push on people who are enjoying a glass of wine. I try to make it explicitly clear that I don't expect others around me to make the same choices but I hope it comes through.

I realize we're in different time zones but how is your (plural) Saturday going?

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today was not so good. I need to start over tomorrow.

it was a joke to think that keeping my trigger foods in the house would be ok. Today I dumped it ALL in the trash. all the nuts, nut butters, dried fruit, paleo desserts, everything. I gave a lot of the paleo desserts away at my apartments baking competition today. But not before eating some of them myself. And then I had a few bites of non paleo desserts! So I can't even say that I was perfectly paleo today. It was just an awful eating day. But I know myself. If it comes in my home I'll eat it because I'm a comfort eating. I like to snuggle w/a bowl of something sweet and watch tv. If I don't bring it in my home, I have no trouble resisting. I don't find it tempting to pick out something bad at a restaurant nor do I find it hard to turn down a food that someone offers me. It's only when it's sitting there in my space that it gets hard.

So here is my banned from my home/trigger foods list:

nuts, in any shape or form.

dried fruit


coconut or coconut milk

and obviously all the other non paleo foods, but I don't really crave things like grains or dairy, so it's not a focus for me

gosh, I'm so upset with myself for f'ing up on the 3rd day in to my 3rd attempt. The first time around I wasn't thinking about it as much and now I'm pretty sure I was overthinking it. And I was setting myself up for failure having those trigger foods in my home and going to a bake sale. I knew it as soon as I decided to make those treats. I hope I get the job I interviewed for, the one that I made the treats for. Then it would be all worth this mental turmoil.

This isn't really that hard to do. It's easy as long as I set myself up for success. So that's what I did today by cleaning out the kitchen.

On the bright side, got a super max squat today. 215.5 pounds baby!

Omg, i"m so upset right now though. I was going to go out tonight but now I'm just feeling fat and sad! I hope I feel a little deflated soon.

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Aw Nathalia, I'm sorry to hear you're upset but it sounds like you have a very good understanding of your triggers and that makes me convinced that you will be successful. You managed 20 days before!! You can do this!

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 215.5 LBS MAX SQUAT - That's amazing and you should be proud!

I'm the same with triggers at home versus when I'm out. I can keep nuts and things at home but I decided not to buy any fruits because I think they'd be a trigger for me. Do you live alone or do you have flatmates? I think on the one hand it is much easier to control what gets in the house and what you consume when you live alone (like me) but on the other hand, the right people around you may be great at keeping you accountable. In theory, I am all for telling people around me my goals and telling them to hold me accountable to them (in practice I hate the follow up questions and that many people seem to think it's me judging them).

You're so spot on about setting yourself up for success. This is only day 3 of Whole30 for me, but I lost 50 lbs during 2012 and a large part of my success was taking a couple of hours every Sunday to prepare enough meals to get me through at least half of the week. Having a couple of prepared lunches/dinners in the fridge and the freezer meant no excuses for lunch and saved me when I got home from the gym at 8.30 pm and couldn't bare to start cooking. I try to make two proteins (one meat and one fish dish) and two or three vegetable dishes (this week: sauteed broccoli, oven roasted sunchokes and sweet potato mash).

I think the overthinking it part is the sad reality of Whole30 - unless I think about it all the time I will accidentally slip up. I guess that shows how much crap I consume but at the same time I think part of what I need is to stop thinking so much about food (I definitely don't have a completely healthy relationship to food).

I'm sorry you're feeling fat and sad and hope that today is better! You are strong (clearly physically but also mentally based on what you've written above) and you can do this!

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Thank you so much! You're words of encouragement are really appreciated and I love hearing about your similar experiences.

I did end up going out tonight to a little concert/party and had a lot of fun. Not feeling so bad anymore and have been planning, planning, planning for my whole time so I'm excited and optimistic.

I have one roommate but she knows all about my paleo diet and never tempts me with anything. Also, I actually don't like the taste of most of her food anyway! so it's not a problem. Actually, I'd be embarrased if she caught me eating anything off plan because I'm always telling her about the magic of paleo.

wow, 50 pounds, that's an amazing loss! sounds like you're well on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Way to go for surviving such an alcohol fueled weekend. Did you find that you were especially happy to realize you were having fun while sober? That's happened to me several times since January and I just love it.

Last note, I think the real magic of Whole 30 is when you stop having to think about it all the time and it just becomes instinctual to eat paleo foods and avoid the other stuff. I got there at one point, and plan on getting there again. I bet you will too!


Lol, can't believe you brought your own dressing. I always just ask for olive oil and if they don't have it, too bad, I eat it dry. I oughta start doing that. Haha, I bet it was a small container, but for some reason I just picture you pulling a big ol'bottle out of your purse. Anyway, way to go with being so proactive.

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@ Nathalia- try not to be too hard on yourself. You recognized the triggers, you disposed of them, and now you're moving on. :) It's not easy to keep starting over, I know, but the good thing is that you're being totally honest with yourself and you're ready and willing to make then changes you need. Go you!! Also, 215.5 LBS... WOW!!! Congrats, girl! That's incredible! You're obviously doing something right!!

Ladies, you all are awesome! I can't believe Anna and Nathalia it was so easy to go out with friends and just have water. That's awesome (I'm totally jealous of your experience though)!!! I had to attend a 2nd b-day party for a friend yesterday and it was truly torture. Even though I explained to my pals what I was doing, they all kind of blew it off with statements like, "Oh that's crazy," and "I'm sure one bite of sugar won't kill your whole diet." I was sad and disheartened at the lack of support. I already had to bail out of a social dinner for next week since it'll be at the Melting Pot and I didn't want a repeat ordeal (or worse). It doesn't seem there's much to be done about that, other than to meet up afterward. I'm really struggling with this since these ladies and I are all in the same "deployed spouse" situation together, we tend to do a lot together. I'm open for any suggestions!

Keep up the good work! We're all going to get through this together!! :)

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Nathalia you can do it! I think planning is super important, and getting rid of your trigger foods can help too. Don't worry about not being perfect. Luckily I haven't had any situations that tempted me yet on my whole30, but last month I was trying to stay at the very least gluten free. On my boyfriends birthday though, I couldn't resist eat some of the amazing bread at our favorite italian restaurant. But I didn't beat myself up because life requires flexibility! Tomorrow is another day and you ARE strong enough to do it!

Sorry Csquared about your friends that aren't supportive!! That sounds awful. I am doing this whole30 with my mom, and I am so glad for her support. Hopefully the online community will give you the support you need!!

Today I am feeling a lot better, although my legs are achey. One thing I am so missing is my hot tea with milk and honey. It was my comfort cup, I could have 3-4 a day. I am just drinking one tea in the morning now, and it is not a comfort at all! The hunger is getting much better. Sweet potatoes have been my friend! Its funny, I have been logging my foods, and yesterday I was 590% over the recommended amount of vitamin A! I guess the sweet potato and chard were too much...

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We are all awesome!

Csquared: I am so sorry that was your experience at a social event :( I honestly think one of the reasons people are supportive now is because of my weightloss so far. They can all see it so they can't really argue with that what I'm doing is making me a healthier person (of course they might have been just as supportive otherwise but I don't think I would have been as comfortable talking about it).

Frekklefayce: I'm so jealous of you for doing this with your mother! I tried to convince a couple of friends to do it with me but the best I got was "Maybe in July?". Who has the time to wait to start a healthier life? I've been keeping an overall glutenfree diet since February but I am definitely the kind of person who will still have a bite of something if it's homemade and someone says it's really good so that's one of the big adjustments for me now! I've been drinking coffee with coconut cream and I love it, perhaps even more than milk. I definitely think you should try it in your tea, the natural sweetness is delicious! Also, did you have any deficiencies? I am way to undisciplined to keep a log and now I'm thinking maybe I should take some supplements (is anyone taking supplements?)

Nathalia: I definitely hope it will come to a point where I don't have to think about it so much. And yes, I definitely had fun sober, though I wish the parties would be a little more dancing and a little less standing around drinking.

Today I wasn't hungry at all during the day. I ate a meal around 11, went to the gym, went for a walk and grocery shopping. At 6 pm I ate dinner and since then I've been starving :( I had some brazil nuts, raspberries and blueberries but I'm still feeling like I could eat way more. Ugh.

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AnnaM: maybe have another hunk of protein instead of the snacks. If you're going to be eating more anyway, might as well do it with something that is for sure filling. That's just what has occured to me lately. I notice that when I eat nuts and/or fruit after dinner my fullness actually goes away and I can keep eating. Crazy right? I think it has to do with the tiny insulin spike that comes from that little bit of sugar.

Csquared: I'm super surprised that you're friends said things like, oh one bite won't hurt. I'm shocked because when I've told some of my friends, college aged girls who somehow drink till the cows come home and dont' gain an ounce, they say things like oh that's so great, you must have so much discipline to do something so good for you're health, good luck, etc. I expected these sorority type girls to be the type to say things like, oh you're crazy, and look at me funny, but they didn't. And then you have your friends, who I am sure are generally very supportive of you, especially with your deployed husbands situation, being quite discouraging. It just goes to show you, people can surprise you in both positive and negative ways! I don't know if you can be snarky with these friends of yours, but one of the best comebacks I've heard about for people who criticise this way of eating is, Don't you have a donut to go eat? Or something like that, lol. Stay strong, don't get discouraged, and feel a little superiority about your way of eating if it helps (not bragging, I mean, just in your own head).

frekklefayce: wow, I agree, doing it with your mom is awesome. I wish my mom and I could bond over something as life changing as a whole 30. unfortunately, my mom and I have always had some serious fights over my journey for good nutrition. i.e. why aren't you eating rice? what's wrong with you?! Fortunately, I've explained to her and the rest of my family why I eat the way I do in a very detailed, article filled email and my mom is now at least mostly supportive and glad I'm feeling better. I feel like that little bit of maternal pressure would be a big help too. Is it? also, why are your legs achey? I hope they feel better soon!

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Note about the Melting Pot: they have food other than the cheese or chocolate fondue! You can get a fondue with broth in it and cook meat and veggies in there! I ate there over my honeymoon (the whopping 3 days we got thanks to the Army!), and we did a whole meal of fondue, but that was before I tried paleo haha.

Good luck, ladies - and as another lady with a deployed husband...it's hard, but the end will come soon (although try to get as far into your mindset as possible before they come back...I have 3 more weeks before he's home and I'm a little nervous because he is going to want bread, cereal, pasta, etc. when he gets home. I just hope my julienne peeler gets here before he does so I can make myself zoodles!

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AHHHHHHH!!!! I'm so embarrassed/upset to say that I have caved...again! I was up last night with my sick daughter, hungry, and ended up eating way too many crackers. I am so feeling it today...my stomach is a mess. When will I ever learn? I feel like I have no willpower...I don't know what is wrong with me! Nathalia: great for you for getting rid of all the non-compliant stuff. I am hoping to eventually get my house at least gluten-free over the next few months (once my husband is fully on board with at least that) but there will always be junk around for him and the kids (I know, I know...in theory I could do something about that but I just don't have the strength....it would make for almost constant battles with my husband and kids).

I am restarting today so I'd love to stay on this thread if you'll have me...I promise to try to do better!!! I read everyone's updates but don't often have time to post. So while I am here, let me say how great you all are doing!

AnnaM: I am so impressed with your weight loss journey...what an accomplishment

csquared: I am sorry you're friends aren't being very supportive. Success is really the best response...I would bet they have some dragons they would like to slay and are a little jealous that you are being so proactive. And good for you for doing this while your husband is deployed...what a great way to turn a difficult time into something positive (MrsStick: same for you!)

Frekklefayce: So glad you are feeling better! How wonderful to share this with your mom...I hope to have such a close relationship to my girls (twins, almost 8!) when they're grown and I certainly don't have that with my mom

Nathalia: How great that your friends cheer you on! Sounds like you learned so much from your restart and will have a great 30 days!

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momto3: Of course you should join us!! Thanks for the words of encouragement and please feel those I'm sending to you! I totally understand caving when you're up at night with your daughter (last night I went to bed earlier than planned because I just wanted to snack). I think at least for me the key to not snacking on bad stuff (other than not keeping it at hom) is having prepared compliant food at hand all the time. Maybe you can make egg muffins with vegetables of your choice and possibly prosciutto and keep a bag in the freezer? I used to make them when I wanted to eat eggs for breakfast but knew I wouldn't have the energy to cook eggs in the morning - they defrost super quickly in the microwave!

Nathalia: I ended up having some more protein. Thanks for the tip!

By the way if any of you use Instagram and want to see the food I'm eating my account name is the_journey_down

I'm on day 4 now and at work people actually said I look happier than usual which I thought was funny since it says in the 30 day guide that day 4 is when you might be angry :) So far all I've felt is hungrier than usual.

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I do feel super lucky to have my mom on board with the Whole30, I'm actually sure that I wouldn't be able to do it without her! As for day 4, I can say that I was pretty darn grumpy this morning, but it is mostly better now.

Nathalia: I would say that my mom and I pressure each other about equally. It was my idea to do this, and she loves her dairy, so the maternal pressure evens out. I live with her, so its at little bit easier in that we can take turns cooking, and cook together and such. I end up doing all the dishes though, ha! I have no idea why my legs were hurting, maybe it was unrelated to the whole30 though?

Anna: Thanks for the suggestion about the coconut milk, I will definitely have to try it! I'm sure anything will be better than the bitter water taste! And logging the whole30 is super hard I think, because you are making so much food your self, and its time consuming to put every single ingredient into the counter. The day that I managed to log every meal, I was low in calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, and carbs. I'm not worried about the potassium or sodium though, because I had bananas yesterday and today, and I didn't log any of the salt I put on my food. (That would add sodium right?) Anyways, I'm having spinach salad tonight, doesn't spinach have iron?

Thanks momto! My mom and I have always been close, she is awesome. Good luck with getting your family on board with paleo!

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MrsStick- Thanks for Melting Pot info! I must have missed the vegetable broth option and focused right in on the vegetable oil. Yay! Now I only need to not be tempted while everyone else dips all kinds of goodies into chocolate! Also, I'm so excited to hear your hubby will be home soon!!! I know exactly what you mean about the influx of goodies. While it'll be a while until mine returns, he keeps begging me to make him all his favorite treats and send them. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to deflect the requests. It's one thing to send pre-packaged goodies b/c it's easy not to open them. It's a whole different ball game to have batter on your hands!

Momto3- Please stay tuned and post when you can! I like Anna's ideas about egg muffins. I keep Whole30-approved jerky and sardines stashed. When I want a snack at night, I break out the sardines. If they disgust me, I know it's just a craving. If not, obviously I need the protein. You just need to figure out what works for you and keep it on hand!

Ladies- keep up the good work! You're all doing great! I personally was a bit "foggy-minded" today and am looking forward to the end of that stage!

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My favorite go to food is sort of like egg muffins, but more like egg bars. They're coconut breakfast bars. Super easy to make and very filling, especially since the coconut flakes are so chewy and there's so much protein with the eggs.

The basic recipe is this:

1 dozen eggs

2 cups unsweetened coconut flakes

a huge dose of cinnamon and/or pumpkin pie spice mix

Mix it all together, place on top of waxing paper in a 9x13in baking pan (it's ok w/out waxing paper, just grease up the pan), and bake at 350F for about 30 min. Check it every 15 min though. It's done when you touch it and it's dry.

Super easy go to.

I sometimes add different things, like pecans or pumpkin. Also it's simple to double or triple the recipe.

This last batch I used 18 eggs, 5 cups of coconut, and 2 cups of pumpkin (I figure the pumpkin acted like the eggs I was missing). Came out perfect.

It's good because it's not so sweet that you crave it like dessert, and you get full very quickly w/these.

Wow, I seem to be full of recipes today. Anyway, the day was just fine. When I first got hungry today (around noon) I had one of these breakfast bars. Had a lunch of two tilapia fillets, guacamole, and romaine salad a couple hours later.

Worked out from 6-8. I could get my workout done so much faster if all my friends at the gym didn't want to talk so much all the time. It's ok though, this doesn't always happen. They're not always so chatty and I have to rest between sets anyway.

Went to chapter meeting and finally got home for dinner. Dinner was great. Tri tip steak + romaine salad + spaghetti squash sauteed with butter. Was still hungry afterwards so had half a small breakfast bar and then took a piece of my own advice and just had another hunk of protein, a small pork chop with some unsweetened apple sauce on top. Now I'm satisfied.

It's weird but I never get full with steak. I can have the same amount of chicken as steak and the chicken will fill me up but the steak leaves me hungry. I wonder why that is. It certainly doesn't seem right. I don't like steak all that much actually so I think I won't buy it much more. In fact, I don't like beef that much at all. The only beef I really like is beef brisket and beef short ribs. I much prefer pork and chicken. I think I mostly buy beef because I can and I feel I should, but I don't think I'll do that much anymore.

Do you guys have any suggestions for new meats to try out? My main meats are chicken (breast or whole), pork ribs, beef chuck roast, pork shoulder, beef stew meat, pork chops, beef short ribs, tri tip or sirloin steak. I'd like to try different things though.

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Wow those egg bars sound great! Now I just have to find compliant coconut flakes. I'm calling today my new Day1 since my tummy was so off yesterday that I didn't eat 3 proper meals. My husband just took the blood test for celiac...in a way it would be easier if he tested positive (his mom and our neice is) since then he will definitely be on board for GF long term. But I'd worry more about my kids then...so mixed emotions. Speaking of kids, my son is home sick so I had better get him lunch!

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Nathalia: Thanks for the recipe! Those sound so delicious. One of my great sadnesses is that canned pumpkin is not really something that exists here (I have seen it once for 15 USD per can!!). I need to make some of my own because that sounds like a great addition.

As for other meats, I figure quality-wise the best thing I can get is game here in the north but that might not be readily available where you are. I love lamb: lamb roast, minced lamb (Mediterranean meatballs!), in a stew (preferably Moroccan inspired). I also love minced turkey and chicken if you can find good quality (try stuffing bell peppers). Otherwise I eat a lot of fish depending on what fresh, sustainable caught fish is on offer (tuna, salmon and cod mainly).

Momto3: Hope you made something yummy for you and your son! And good luck on Day2!

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Funny but game meat is pretty much what I can't get here! My primary food source is Trader Joes and they have grass fed ground beef (reasonably priced) and some cuts of grass fed steak (not so reasonably priced!). They also have organic free range chickens that I get. I never ate pork growing up and really don't know much about it (especially what to look for to see if it was raised well) so I never buy that.

My little guy is back at school this morning so I have a bit of a break. I have been so wiped out so perhaps I'm fighting the same virus the kids' have had. Only good side is that my husband's OK with me going to sleep super early (assuming the kids do) since I'm not feeling as good as usual. And early sleep for me means no binging!!! YAY!

Hope everyone is having a good day!

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Lamb is RIDICULOUSLY expensive here! I sooo wish I could get it, but I think its around $15/pound most places. I've been wanting lobster lately, lol. Oughta get a date to take me to a seafood restaurant. Haha, fat chance on that. I'm in California btw. I go to school here, but my home and family is in Florida.

momto3: I should definitely check out trader joes more often. I also want to check out my local farmers too. But in general I haven't gotten to worrying about the source of my meats just because I am an incredibly poor and busy college student. It's hard to spend money on better quality meats and hard to find time to rent a zipcar and go find grassfed stuff. Hopefully I can start transitioning to grassfed soon though.

Way to go for starting over. You've felt the crappy effects of cheating now so you have a better motivation not to. Wish you the best!

Also, I hope you kick whatever illness might be attacking you right now. If you do happen to get sick, however, (it's common to get sick at the beginning, I did actually, but I was also coming back to school from home so had a bunch of new germs around) buy sweet potatoes or some other good paleo sick food asap so you don't slip on crackers again.

I am incredibly busy this week and next. I'm taking 19 units this quarter and I have a midterm tomorrow, a midterm and three problem sets due Monday, and a midterm next Wednesday. And that's not it for midterms either. I'm just drowning in work. In fact, if my figurative pool of school work to do were literal, I would be dead right now. Might be a little MIA lately, or at least I should be! I probably won't actually, though, lol. I was a little stressed about it today, but then I got to work and I realized as long as I go down my list consistently and don't mess around it's all doable.

Hope everyone is doing well!

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