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2nd whole30... 2nd better than 1st =)

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Just wanted to say thanks to the people out there on the forums and esp. to the moderators. I am one of those "invisible" people who checks in every couple of days for inspiration and ideas. There are more of us out there that you are helping than you know.

I did my first whole30 solo last Nov. Just coming off of utilizing MFP for several months (calerie counter) I did count my caleries the first time around to stay in the same range, and because unlimited access to good food still made me nervous.

My husband and I just completed a January whole30 today and I have to say something about counting caleries while eating good food verses just eating good food (and listening to your body).

Utilizing the Whole30 program correctly, by the end of the program (today)...

1) My body clicked into a great hormonal balance... eating 3 meals a day, not hungry between, not craving sweets, not tempted to eat late night snacks... (Weight Watchers never killed the late night snacking urge!)

2) I actually lost MORE weight this time around. I still lost 10 lbs in Nov., but this time I lost 13-15 lbs and I think I ate more caleries than what I would have (but I don't know for sure- because I did not have to think about it!)

3) My hubbie lost 13 lbs and is at his beginning college weight... we are 15+ years out of college age. He feels great and we are going to get his previously high colesterol levels checked out soon.

4) Hormonal response- (Men feel free to skip #4) =) I have had a problem with a uterine fibroid since my last child, about 5 years ago. About once a year my menstral cycle had been going crazy, unending, exhasting, heavy: 2 months later I would go into the doctor and they would inject some type of hormone to cause the fibroid to skrink and it would be "dormant" for another year. Last Oct. I started one of those cycles again... then I started the Whole30 and eating correctly seems to have regulated my hormone levels. They had been saying words like hysterectomy for the past couple of years and all it took is eating LOTS of good food to fix the issue!

5) My kids are not whole30 compliant yet, (age 5,8, and 10) but they are still benefiting from eating really healthy foods and the lack of "junk" food in our house has prompted them to treat fruit and veggies the same way they used to treat "goldfish". Lots of new foods: My two oldest LOVE sweet potatos plain, hot, fresh out of the oven.

Going to start reintroduction with hubbie tomorrow, but he wants to still eat mostly the same way. I am going to stick with mostly whole30 for another month or two or.... I feel great, aside from a couple healthy additions, why change anything?

Thanks for listening! May your whole30 journey be filled with your success...

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