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30 days in the books and today is 31.

Ok, I said that was not going to be fixated on the scale. But I still am. :( I'm a little disappointed in my results after hearing so many stories of alot of pounds being shed. I only lost 6 lbs. I wish that I would have measured and done body fat when I started because I do think I have lost inches. I put on a pair of pants that I have never been comfortable in and they were more comfortable. I did take "before" pictures and will take "after" pictures tonight.

Ok, numbers aside, I did gain a lot of positives.

1. Lost some inches & can see more defined abs

2. Sleeping better

3. No more afternoon slump

4. Overall more energy

5. Better moods

6. Bowel movements are greatly improved and I'm not gassy (TMI)

7. I am more aware of when and why I eat

8. No cravings

So was it a success? I would have to say yes. I still want to work on some more weight/fat loss and workout fueling so I am going to continue as closely to Whole 30 as possible. Oh and I also need to break up with that pesky scale!!

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Oh my gosh-I think 6 lbs is really fantastic! I don't know how much you would like to lose, but imagine if you did that every month. And your successes are really something to be proud of! Many of us still weren't there at the end of our W30. Imagine 24 sticks of butter spread around your body. That's what you DON'T have. Be proud! When are you starting #2? :)

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Kelly, your success sounds great to me! I am only 11 days in on my first W30 and I love hearing success stories. Such great motivation.

I bet you will be surprised when you compare your before and after pics.

Oh and you can see more defined abs? Seriously, screw the scale girl. You have more defined abs!!! That is SUCCESS!

Best of luck in your continued journey!

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Imagine 24 sticks of butter spread around your body. That's what you DON'T have. :)

Day 31 for me, too--and I actually laughed out loud over this--because the first thing that popped into my head was "better make that ghee!" Brainwashing phase: complete.

Have gone the W30+ route, primarily because we've got illness in the household, and I don't want to take the chance of being sick when I reintroduce something and then not know if it was illness or the food. Not to mention, I don't miss anything yet, at least not terribly!

Well done to all!

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You are all right! When I think about it 6 lbs is a good amount in 30 days, not sure what I was expecting. Thank you for putting it in perspective. I am not sure that I can do #2 soon because racing season is coming up and I have to work on that part of the nutrition, while staying as compliant as possible. I am just going to continue for longer.

Good luck to all who are still on their journey and congrats to all who have completed their Whole30. I am still going to be a regular on this site because I love following all the successes!!

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