Day 18 and I just want to sleep - could use some validation


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Man it was mostly easy until this week. I've been super committed to seeing this through and my workouts have been awesome.

Until this week, and now I can't even walk up the stairs. I know it's personal experience for everyone so I shouldn't be disappointed that according to the timeline, I should be in Tiger Blood...

I read to eat more starchy vegetables when this happens - sweet potatoes have been my savior.

Just curious, have you gone through this? Do I just need to power through it? And do you think it's OK to skip workouts for a few days? Drives me nuts to not, but I really really don't want to. (Coming from someone who loves to exercise.)

Thanks for any input!

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I sometimes have a bad day or two. I have been eating like this for long enough now that I don't ask if I am eating wrong. I just figure I am going through a minor illness or something and expect to feel better soon.

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This is definitely one of those days where I'd like to go face first into a plate of baked goods. :)

I'll persevere. Bone broth, tea, and a dog walk.

And I am going to lay off the exercise. I really don't even think I could make myself if I wanted to.

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