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Day 8 My Intro

Kenneth Sarnoski II

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Today is my day 8, I am a bit late introducing myself tho, however everything is going great thus far! My sister got us started with the Whole30, today is her day 29, I am very proud of her for taking this on as she has had some evil food relationships which were very tough for her to break!

Today is my fatigue day, very tired and want to crash out on my desk! Craving Ice Cream really bad right now.. :(

Cannot wait to continue my journey with this and see what awaits me.


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Today is day 9 for me and yesterday was a hard day for me as well. It was the first day without excellent energy. My stomach was killing me and I was so bloated. I was close to quiting but wanted to give it a day or two to let things pass because I knew I would hate myself for not seeing this through. I was happy to wake up and feel energized and great!! I chalked it up to more of my fat burning off and the toxins releasing into my body....at least it sounds somewhat logical lol. The more water I drank yesterday the better I felt. I slept the best I've slept in a long time last night so that is a huge plus. I'm glad I didn't give up. I was so afraid that if I quit then I would lose my energy filled happy days. The results I'm getting are helping me fight my cravings....which by the way are getting fewer by the day. Keep up the fight!!

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