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Michelle's first W30


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Tomorrow is day 1. After two years of eating paleo at about 85-95% compliant, I'm doing my first Whole30 - and I'm stoked. During that time, I've watched Melissa Joulwan (my hero) and others do W30s and have always wanted to give it a go. I wasn't ready until recently because I thought I was doing ok. But I realized that my 'cheats' were becoming more frequent, I was eating way too many nuts, and that I was entirely too blasé about alcohol consumption.

I want to throw something out while I'm here, however. Over these last two years I've gained about 15-20 pounds. Some of it is muscle, as I've been doing CrossFit for those two years as well, but most of it is fat. (Im not a very good crossfitter but i do my best). So, I'm wondering why. I would say my diet has been pretty darn clean. Especially compared to the grain and soy centered diet of my pre paleo days. I know I'm not supposed to compare myself to others but we all know that's tough. My husband, who's been paleo & cf'ing as long as I have, lost 40 pounds of fat and gained a great deal of muscle. He looks amazing while I've gotten chubbier. It's frustrating, for sure, so I'm hopeful that my W30 (or more) will reset my engine.

My other major goal during my W30 is to do everything I can to reduce my stress level. I have a demanding job, a high school junior (college! Yikes!), and my husband recently started his own business. I'm anxious to hear more from Melissa & Dallas about stress & health. In the meantime, I'm going to re-discover meditation during this month.

The best news is that a few friends are joining me for Whole30. I'm looking forward to the adventure with them.

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Day 1


3 eggs cooked in olive oil

1/4 of a huge sweet potato drizzled with the olive oil from the eggs

Leftover roasted green beans

Pre WO

a bit of meatloaf

Post WO

More meatloaf & a bit of sweet potato



Cherry tomatoes, roasted cauliflower and sweet potato to fill plate

Green olives



Sauteed Mushrooms & onions, steamed yellow beans & zucchini

1/2 avocado

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Thanks, Tyn!

Day 2 was good. (Keep in mind that this is just my 'official' W30 - i started 3 weeks ago but had two business trips on which i couldn't be compliant. I should've mentioned that in my first post.) Had a hard workout yesterday. Although I ate pre and post workout, I was still very hungry throughout the day. Failed the steamed fish & broccoli test so i had an after lunch snack that looked like a mini meal. I am definitely eating the right proportions at mealtimes. I imagine my sleep has a lot to do with my hunger -which is frequent. My husband is a snorer so I end up moving to the guest room every night. Then we wake by 5:30 am to begin our days. In bed by 9 pm. I have some chronic pain (which I'm hoping W30 might relieve) so that keeps me up a lot too. Anyway, when I wake at 5:30 I know I should eat within an hour - it usually ends up around 7 am mostly because if I eat earlier, I'm ravenous by noon. Then dinner is at 6 or 6:30. ISWF recommends four or five hours between meals. I guess I have long days? I wonder if my pre and post WO meals should be bigger? I'm following the meal planning guidelines. I should snap photos & post...

On to day 3! I love Sundays - it's our food prep day. We chop all the veg for the week and prep things like mayo. My fellow W30er made salmon-sweet potato cakes that were amazing. Will probably make those today too. And hopefully take a walk in the woods to see critter tracks in the snow. :)

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Day 3 log

Chopped all veg for the week

Made the following:

-Sliced roasted zucchini with olive oil, basil, oregano and red pepper flakes

-Cabbage soup with homemade pasture raised smoked pig stock, onions, celery, garlic and crumbled breakfast sausage

-Homemade mayo

-Kale chips

-Nori chips

-Didn't have canned salmon so used canned mackerel for fish & sweet potato cakes. Baked in muffin tins instead of pan fry. Portable food for CrossFit.

-A dip / dressing of avocado, mayo, lime, garlic and cilantro.

-Roasted two sweet potatoes and an acorn squash

-Roasted broccoli (my comfort food)

-Steaks with cocoa powder, cayenne, and garlic powder

Half hour nap before lunch.

Was very hungry again until after lunch.

Craving wine.

Went for a lovely hour long walk in the woods with hubby.

Feeling good after dinner. Time for tea after I post this.

Attached are photos of my 3 meals for today. Fat for breakfast was melted ghee on the sweet potato. Fat at lunch was that avocado / mayo dressing. At dinner was 1/2 avocado. Not sure why the photos are upside down??




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Day 4 feeling good. Got to work and found a HUGE plate of "dark chocolate, cream cheese, raspberry bars with cookie almond crust" in the staff kitchen. Ugh. Thankfully they didn't tempt me too badly. Didn't have any cravings until about 3:30 pm. Dug back into a project and got through.

Trying a new root vegetable tonight - yautia. Found it near the yucca. Has anyone tried it? Also cooking a roast with one of Melissa joulwan's rubs, green beans with dill, and an eggplant & salsa thing I do. I use green mountain gringo salsa. My husband likes frontera. Both are clean.

I've been trying to eat radishes. What do you all do with them? Just much away?

Cooking and prepping dinner is a hard time of day. I used to have a glass of wine or a beer at that time. So, my sugar dragon this week is that horrible habit. Doing good though.

Felt pretty good today. Had a pretty good workout. I havent been eating as much post workout as I should. I do eat a small bit of protein and carb. I'm still a child of the 80s and nervous about 'exta calories.' I will just have to start.

Something has been going on with my left hip & knee. Been doing mobility work - will keep doing.

Energy levels are consistent. Had a moment of 'high' on the ride home - that was new. And nice.

My fellow W30er has been battling high blood pressure. Today, after just 4 days, her bp has dropped! She's astonished. I'm not. ;-)

Found an herbal tea I'd like to try but I don't know if its compliant. Celestial seasonings Bengal Spice. I'm questioning 'natural flavors' on the ingredient list. Any thoughts? Maybe I'll look on the recipe forum for a homemade chai blend.

Well, that's my stream of consciousness post for today. ^_^

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Good morning day 6!

Food dreams are kicking in with full force. I wouldn't be surprised by dreams about wine or say, shortbread cookies. But ice cream?!? Haven't had any in a couple of years and have no cravings for any! Weird. So in last nights dream I was traveling with my daughter and I had a push-pop ice cream. Remember those? I had like three bites and threw it away. I turned to my daughter and said well I guess I start whole 30 over again tomorrow! SO GLAD it was a dream. It didn't even taste good and it made my stomach hurt. Too funny.

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Very stressful day. The bowl of Andes mints in the office kitchen called me once but I refused to answer.

Just had dinner - really simple stuff - sautéed onions & ground beef with tomato paste, red pepper flakes and oregano; roasted broccoli, roasted okra, a bit of acorn squash and 1/2 an avocado.

Energy levels feeling really stable.

Had a good workout.

I have to run to get some take-home work done. Won't sacrifice sleep in favor of it though.

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Yesterday was rough. Wanted to cheat something fierce. Really fought for it. Ended up snacking, but only on compliant food - sweet potato, leftover veg and a bit of meat.

Slept well last night for the first time this week. I'm working hard on reigning in stress.

Meals are really going quite well. I suspect my hunger is habit and stress driven.

Got the day 8 newsletter this morning and it was spot on for me - talking about feeling frustrated because you think you're not making progress. My W30 buddy, who is around 10 years old than me, is seeing huge improvement - improved body composition, lower bood pressure, peaceful sleep. It's hard not to compare but I WILL persevere.

Time for breakfast!

Big storm coming today.

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