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Welcome to Latte land : )


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Ok day 31 or day 1 depending on how you look at it

Feeling a whole lot more positive about the whole experience so far today than I was yesterday. I am now banishing the scales and looking at other measures to track my progress

Eg 1 Jan romanian deadlift set of 15-20 weight 20kgs, today 45kg

Now the good stuff, the food..nom nom nom

B kohlrabi and spinach hash with coconut oil avocado and 2 eggs. Black swan breakfast yogurt and blueberries

WO jumping chins, 2x8 deadlift, 4x15-20 lunges rear foot elevated, push ups feet elevated, romanian deadlifts , dumbell rows

Post work out snack : Small strong full fat LATTE!! And a boiled egg..lol

L: steak, fennel and radish salad with olive oil and vinegar

D: beef stew, sweet potato and cauliflower mash with butter

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Day 2

B kohlrabi and cauliflower scrambled eggs with sweet potato ghee an coconut oil

WO Pilates (radical departure but I needed some stretching)

PoWO : small full fat latte

L salad and tuna with avo and olive oil

D http://www.agirlworthsaving.net/2012/02/dry-rubbed-oven-baked-pork-spare-ribs.html these were gooood. The peache BBQ sauce was freaking amazing!! I made it minus the molasses and it was heaps sweet, 2006 Yileena Park Cab Sav...mmm good, lets see how we feel tomorrow

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