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Whole 30 Success! Why stop now?!


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I did it! Stayed compliant for the whole month of January. Oddly it wasn't that difficult... I was able to overcome the few cravings I did have. I am a sugar addict so expected it to be harder. However as a recovering alcoholic perhaps my practice quitting alcohol (3 1/2 years now) was helpful.

The stats:

***Lost seven pounds (down to 163 from 170, at 5' 10")

***Lost two inches from my waist, hips and thighs

***Lost one inch from my upper arms and my bust

And the facts:

***After the first two weeks I became more aware of when to stop eating. I was more in touch with my "full" meter, so to speak. I was easily able to push my plate away, even when there was still food on it.

***I felt adequately fueled to do Crossfit 3 x a week, and hike / gentle yoga the other 4 days.

***Energy levels stayed even throughout most days (though I've been dragging a little this past week

***My mind is clear and I am in a better mood overall

I see no reason why to quit now! I may continue on with a 60 or even a 90. I am reading labels, enjoying vegetables like never before, feeling hungry for my meals yet immensely satisfied when I finish eating. Tonight I made the Paleo muffins from Everyday Paleo as a treat. I ate two, one plain and the second with a little butter (I wouldn't have needed it if the recipe had called for some salt - maybe 1/2 a teaspoon or so)... I had no trouble stopping there and feeling wonderfully satisfied with my "treat"! I have earmarked Valentine's Day as my next treat day, perhaps some very good chocolate.

It can be done! It is wonderful! DO IT

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