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Nadia's PW30. "Let's fix it" journey.

Nadia B

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Hooray, I've done Whole30 (my log is here). Now what? These 30 days were a good kick off, but better things are yet to happen! I have my own goals and struggles. I want to improve my health and quality of life.

That being said, I am starting my “life after Whole30†log in hope to fix whatever I have to fix/keep track of my progress/get help from this amazing community. I will summarize my accomplishments/goals/issues in this post and will review them every month. Sounds like a plan? Hell yeah!

Random facts about me:

- I am 5'5 and around 120 lb

- I love taking random pictures of everything, a habit I developed after I moved to another country. This is my way to share my everyday life with my friends back home. Bear with my photo-obsession, people!

- I love food and enjoy cooking + I have a giant collection of teas and spices + I never skip breakfast, it's my favorite meal of the day

- I take ballet classes and this is my kind of a non food drug

- I love walking and walk on average 20 miles a week (yes, I've calculated)

- I love working out. I do Pilates (1/w) + workout (2/w)

- I don't drink alcohol

Accomplished during Whole30:

- quit smoking

- ditch scales (almost)

- stop counting calories

- eat decent amount of food in general

- 4-5 hours between meals with no real hunger

- have only 1 coffee a day

Habits to break:

- nuts addiction

- eating out of the jar/can/fridge

- eating smth extra 5 minutes after having a meal

- sneaking food while cooking

- “fat girl†syndrome

Major goals:

- transit to eating 80% paleo

- fix my sleep (struggling with insomnia and trouble sleeping)

- heal my gut (my digestion is out of wack completely)

- learn to stop eating when full even if there is food left on the plate

- shift to more functional workouts (CrossFit/lifting heavy/etc)

- improve my stress management techniques

- lean out and drop 3% of bf (no judgement, people)

- be happy

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Day 31.

It's freezing here in Toronto. I walked to the office still, I hate taking public transport. Walking helps me relax and makes a nice start of the day.

Breakfast: cmc + beef sausage + spinach + fried ½ plantain + ½ tomato + 4 strawberries/1/2 ice-cream fruit

Lunch: paprika carrot fries + mashed cauliflower + lemongrass chicken (make it make it make it)

Lunch walk. I enjoy my lunch walks as I happen to work in a pretty cool neighborhood. I walked to Distillery District for a coffee + new exhibition + I couldn't help visiting oil/vinegar/spices boutique. It is better than any candy shop. I ended up buying some spices and a small bottle of evoo with orange extracts

Dinner: kale salad with citrus dressing + ½ spaghetti squash/lamb meatballs/tomato sauce + handful of coconut flakes



Sleep: horrible

Reintroduction: I haven't reintroduced anything

Digestion: bloated, but I think I've found the offender – it is coconut. Kresser mentions fructose malabsorption in his article, so I'll test it again

Activity: 1,5 hour ballet class

Overall: weak and dizzy

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Wow! Good for you quitting smoking, That is hard! I quit many years ago, but that was because I became pregnant with my first born...made it Alot easier. Love the pictures! Great Goals and accomplishments!

Hey, thanks for stopping by and your kind words.

Paradox - Whole30 giving up smoking easier. I was so focused on sourcing food (running around Organic stores looking for coconut aminos etc), reading labels and planing food, that I could barely remember that I smoked.

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Day 32.


It was a horrible day of poor food choices, nausea, accidental reintroduction and unexpected rash. I am tired and scared to be honest.

Breakfast: yam/rutabaga/shiitake + fried egg + several strawberries + cmc.

Couple hours after nausea came. I was 100% sure I will throw up. I had a reservation for lunch today and, as the time of lunch was approaching, I was more and more concerned. 7 hours after breakfast I couldn't think of eating without a gag reflex. Hoping for the best I went to the restaurant. Menu wasn't too bad and I did my best. I've packed an emergency meal in case I stay hungry - green chicken + bock choy + roasted squash.


Lunch: mixed greens with balsamic + baked chicken with mortadella and parmesan + dollop of mashed potatoes + grilled zuccini. Chef wasn't generous with cheese to say the least, so I decided to keep those two transparent slices. Side of mashed potatoes was a surprise as no indication on the menu was made. I ate it too.

I ate my emergency meal couple hours after the lunch. By the time I got home I was a wreck. I was in lethargy and nausealand again. I ate a hard boiled egg + medium sweet potato, then munched on strawberries and ate a kiwi. I sort of felt better, but my tummy was bloated and tender. Half hour after I simply collapsed on the couch with my clothes on. When I woke up later that evening I felt a pain and itch in my leg. I saw a big red rash and stared at it for a good 15 minutes. It was burning like hell. The same kind appeared on my arm later. I was scared and exhausted, but tried to get some sleep. What the f is going on :(((((((

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LOVELOVELOOOOVE your photos! And congrats on Whole30 success!

I'm so sorry you had such a rough day. I have no advice, I'm sure others who've been through this will chime in soon. Hang in there.

Hi Amy, glad you stopped by and glad you like photos. I am a completely visual person, so food pictures work best for me.

I secretely hope that noone has experienced these symptoms all at once. I am the chosen one :)

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I have had an itch on my thigh for over a week. I have no idea what the heck is going on. This weekend has been filled with horrendous food choices for me. I'm starting a new 30 tomorrow or Monday..lol!

Skin stuff freakes me out. I tried google, but had to stop - self diagnosis over the internet. Pathetic.

Second W30? Good or you, Kaleena. Your kitchen is a salmon patties factory :)

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Day 33.

I felt better today, because it would be lame not to feel better on Saturday.

I woke up very hungry and made a chop'n'fry. Basic rule is to open the fridge, grab whatever veggies you see, the rest of the steps you get from the name.

Breakfast: 2 cmc + leeks/green beans/pepper/mushrooms + shredded chicken (pre wo)+ 2 eggs. Then I had a fat craving. Does such thing even exist? I ate a slice of avocado, but the craving won't go away. Then I gave up and munched on coconut butter with the tiniest spoon I had.

WOD. Saturday is my fav wo day. Some people like making pancakes and sleeping in on Saturdays. I like to sweat.

Set1. 20 min, amrap. 3 half thrusters, didn't catch the name, instead of pressing overhead, dumbells stay at your shoulder for the second squat/6 inchworms/9 air squats.

Set2. 3min each, amrap. 7 thrusters/7 burpees + 7 overhead press/7burpees + 7 half thrusters/7 burpees.

Had chicken breast after.

Lunch: bowl of seafood pumpkin curry + celery/tomato/cuce/avocado/sunshince sauce salad.

Today was one of those rare Saturdays I don't have to be at 10 different places or do shopping/cooking/cleaning. I was a bit lost with all the time I had, so I claimed it a spa day. Bubble bath (bath bomb smelled like cake, bubble swypo? Lol) + book + tea + bowl of nuts and raisins (oh no, how dare I).


I was going to the Toronto Symphonic Orchestra later tonight. Here came the dilemma - eat before or after? I was not hungry because I killed that nuts bowl, but I'd get hungry after the concert but it will be too late to eat dinner. I pictured myself trying to stuff an emergency chicken tight into my fancy clutch. The idea wasn't appealing at all, so I had some chicken + brussel sprouts + mashed cauliflower.

Later tonight I was so happy I ate before going out. When we got to the concert hall we took a programme. There was a surprise attached to it.


An after-party? You mean after-party I didn't know about? I spent 1,5 hours surrounded by macaroons, cupcakes and other desserts. I knew I didn't want any of them, it was just the collective eating thing. Well, I made it! Brussel sprouts got me through :)

Lesson learned? WHEN IN DOUBT - EAT.

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Day 34 = paleo binge day + eating out.

Everyone has had this kind of day when your brain just fails to send you “full†signal. You eat tons, your belly is stuffed, but you still want something else. I hate these days. Unfortunately, Sunday was one of them.

I ate big fat breakfast: yam/apple/lamb sausage hash + 2 fried eggs + cucumbers. I was out of coffee (panic) so I substituted it with the only caffeine drink I had – mate tea. After eating it I was totally hungry. I decided to give myself an hour.

Hunger was still there (fish test – check). I was a little lost as I haven't experienced anything like this in past month. I finished a 1/2 apple left with a generous serving of almond butter and raisins (I soak them, as they are too sweet for me, but soaking seems to take the overwhelming sweetness away). I decided to distract myself and cleaned my apartment. Good news – my place was shiny and squeaky clean, bad news – I wanted to eat.

Early lunch it is, kitchen here I come. Lunch which consisted of spinach/avocado + zoodles/chicken/tomato sauce left me hungry. What? I ate more chicken and it didn't help. I ate some coconut oil, yes, out of the jar and it didn't help. I went outside for a walk = distraction #2. I've done some errands and went to buy coconut milk to my Asian supermarket on the way home. Somehow I've filled my chart with all kind of fruits, but realized I left my wallet at home - I was saved from the fructose craze! I still had another snack while I curled in the armchair with the book: carrot/kiwi/1 soaked date/raisins.

The worst part? “Obsessed dieter†thoughts started to creep in: “I will have to eat less tomorrow to balance it out†and “Maybe no dinner todayâ€. I thought of nothing better to do than to join a power nap with M. We went skating after and I felt a little better.


Later I was informed that we are eating out. The Iranian place we went to was fantastic and I managed to stay compliant with a little diary experiment. I had marinated beets/watercress/goat cheese (tiny crumbs)/balsamic + smoked eggplant stolen from M. + roasted tomatoes + grilled ground beef skewers + grilled chicken stolen from M. + a little bit of yoghurt dip sauce followed by mint tea (cookies went to M.) and saffron/rose water/pistachio ice-cream. I called it a “diary experiment†so my conscious would stop bugging me.


Now I tell you the story that happened, while we were having dinner. The couple next to us finished the dinner and headed out. This place has a wall with signatures of famous people who visited this restaurant. I saw a girl writing something on it. Shortly after the owner, a nice lady, opened the door and shouted something furiously. Then she started to run around, dropping f bombs and crying. Turned out that they wrote the worst swearword you can imagine in Persian on that wall. Crazyyyyy.

I was curious about the dairy effects later that night, but having all these issues with digestion it's really hard to tell.

What a day.


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Day 35. Milk test.

Ok, curiosity won and I've weighted myself. I've been nagging that I've gained weight. I didn't, I've lost 2 pounds. My measurements haven't really changed though, so I assume it's just water.

Hunger demon decided to stay with me today too. Big breakfast of 2 eggs + spinach/mushrooms + 1/3 avocado (looks gross, apologies) + 2 turkey mini patties. Followed by several slices of squash.

I stopped by my favorite coffee shop on my way to work to pick up a bag of coffee. While the double Americano was brewing and my coffee being grinded, I chatted with the owner about eating paleo and my Whole3o experience. I decided to give milk a try. They had only half and half, so I went for it. It should have been “mmm milkâ€, but it was more of “eeeeeeew, milkâ€. It tasted gross. Absolutely gross. The owner was kind enough to replace the coffee with a black one. When I got to the office I found a little paleo treat in my bag. Ingredients were as follows: organic crystallized nectar of the coconut blossom, coconut cream, organic horizontally traded cacao (I have no clue what this means) and organic vanilla extract. I ate like 1/3 of it. Too sweet. No, thanks. Tummy still hurts a bit.

Green party is for lunch today: steamed bok choy + shrimps + greens/pepper/cucumber/mayo salad + grapefruit.


Pilates after work.

Dinner. Glorious dinner! I wasn't too hungry after the class (this is my fav thing about w30 - intervals between meals), so I decided to cook veggies. It turned out so yummy, I though I am gonna cry. Ha!


I had lemongrass chicken + carrots + roasted broccoli in ghee and lemon + coconut almond green beans (theclothesmakethegirl. If you haven't tried it yet, you missed a lot). This is the meal worth bloating. I can't belive I just wrote it.

This is it for today. Good luck everyone struggling out there.

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Love how detailed your log is!!

Haha it indicates I have too much of a free time. I really don't know how people with families and kids manage to do this. Being bloated etc for 30 days straight, I just tried to have some fun with it :)

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Your food looks yummy, Nadia.

So lovely of the coffee shop to give you the paleo treat! But I hear you that it was too sweet. People do try, though, and their thoughtfulness is touching.

When I'm looking for snacks between meals, I try to make my next meals bigger. Wondering if you've considered having bigger breakfasts (3 eggs instead of 2)?

Was that your lunch box with the bok choy, shrimp and parsley-something? :)


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Thanks Terez, I love food and food loves me :D

Oh yeah, guys in that coffee shop are amazing. I was so touched when they offered to keep my can of coconut milk for me at their fridge after I explained why I don't want soy milk in my coffee anymore.

Good idea, I might try 3 eggs, but I think it's just "one of those days". I will not stress about it too much, just promise to do better next time.

And you are right, it is a lunch box. My yellow friend and a star of daily photos looks small, but can fit tons of food :ph34r:

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Day 36.

Apparently, my body is a slow thinking one, but I am in no rush. Finally I start to notice little improvements and it motivates me to keep going. My digestion slowly improves, nasty keratosis is almost gone (fyi – official medicine says you can't cure it) and I wake up only once during the night (instead of 3-4 times).

As I was cooking breakfast I thought of what would “old Nadia†do. She would record the weight and calories in those 3 cashews I just threw in my bowl, she would carefully separate yolks from the whites for her scrambled eggs and she would beat herself up for not meeting the ideal calorie goal for the meal. I couldn't help but laugh. It took me over a month to fully realize that it's not about weight loss, it's not even about health. It's about freedom. Pathetic, I know.


Breakfast: cauli rice/shiitake/leeks/cashews (3 you remember)/2 eggs + carrots/sunshine sauce + cmc

Lunch: chicken liver pate + beets/brussel sprouts/mustard + spinach/tomato/mayo.

I went for a walk after lunch and was passing by the farmer's market. Look at these, aren't they beautiful?


Of course I bought my regular spy apple, but I've taken the tiny one. Moreover, I was curious to find the cause of my bloating issues. Apple was among suspects (after testing it's on the no-no list).

Then I went to buy some locally produced diary. I was a bit scared as I read all these reintroduction stories here. Diary was probably the only thing that I was planning to take back. I bought kefir and a fig. Cautiously I drank half a glass. Oh my, it tasted so good and familiar. I had a full glass and could barely stop. I was in heaven. My tummy is fine 2 hours after. I'll see what happens.

Gym after work. Hard boiled egg before + shredded chicken/ couple squash slices.

It was the worst wo in a while. I was crashing from the beginning. I couldn't feel my legs or arms. I took lighter wieghts and they felt unbearable. Is there a chance that a diary affected me that quick? Is it even possible to have a major energy crash from having diary? Brutal. I completed 2/3 of the wo and bailed. Dragged myself home, had diner (can of sardines in compliant tomato sauce over leftover caulirice), took a shower and passed out.

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Day 37.

I am back to my hell. All the usual guests at my party - nausea, bloat, new rashes (arghhhhhhr) and terrible weakness.

I hoped that the power starch breakfast will help - yam/rutabaga/carrots/onions/turkey hash + fried egg + 1/2 banana + cmc. It didn't. I couldn't walk to the office, my legs just won't move.

Shopping/cooking day is close, meaning it's leftovers time. Shrimps curry + cuces/bell peppers + grapefruit for lunch.


I had an exhibition pre-opening to go tonight. Funny that the first thought that crossed my mind when I got the invitation - "there is a great Asian supermarket right around the corner". I have a weird craving for mango in my salad. Or papaya. Maybe I just go home after work, meditate and read a book. We'll see.

By the time I got home I was just dying of hunger. I threw meat and veggies on the pan and chopped a salad while the rest was cooking.

Dinner: 2 beef sausages +snap peas +sauerkraut + spinach/beets/avocado/walnut salad. It was one huge dinner - balanced and satisfying. Question to myself - why the hell you put your hand into the damned-nuts-jar 5 minutes after?

I knew that if I stay home I'll eat more. I knew this feeling of being full and still stuffing myself up with random food. I wonder what am I missing in my meals? I think I have to up protein and fat for my lunches, so I won't be that hungry by the dinner time.Also I will try to keep dinners on the lighter side as I am super sleepy right after my evening meals, so I can't always wait 2-3 hours before I go to bed.

I decided to go to see the exhibition "Patti Smith. Camera Solo" to distract myself, have a bit of fresh air and get the papaya I was craving. :ph34r: Museum displayed her collection of 70 photographs, taken with a Polaroid Land 250 camera. I loved how this tiny images were able to tell a story of a lifetime.

I stopped in the Asian neighborhood on my way home and got that damned papaya :D And ate it while reading a book before bed. Ouch.


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