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Day 38. Dairy test 2.

I woke up with the feeling that I actually slept, which was nice for a change. Interesting, taking into account a bowl of papaya and a gallon of tea I had right before bed.

I cooked breakfast: 2 fried eggs + liver pate + leeks/pepper/carrot/snap peas + cmc. Veggies look so glossy, I freaked out a bit when I saw the picture.


Then I started to pack for a day. It looks pretty ridiculous I suppose. I pack lunch: spinach/persimmon/almonds/orange dressing (original calls for kale, still yumm) + roasted lemon butter broccoli + pepper + turkey meatballs. Then I packed my outfit for ballet class in case I won't be able to come back home after work, then I packed extra meal for the same reason. Then I packed couple shopping bags because I wanted to start grocery shopping early this week.

Fascinating, how taking shower/make up/hair/picking outfit takes 4x less time than packing food. What really sucks is that I have two nasty habits: 1 – I tend to crave something I don't have in my fridge, so if I have everything but beef stew I'll be dying to eat a beef stew. 2 – my stupid curiosity for everything new. I am little kitchen slave while I work on my food management.


As I suspected, I had to stay late at work. I dropped by a supermarket and picked up broccoli slaw to turn my emergency pack into dinner: slaw + turkey meatballs + ¼ avocado + tiny plum. Ok, 2 tiny plums. As well I decided to give dairy another try and had some Greek yoghurt with acceptable ingredients. Secretly I hope that the reaction won't be too plausible, I tend to overeat this stuff.

Today was almost bloating free – hooray! I found a new suspicious flaking rash on my cheek (eewww). I've been very itchy after lunch and dinner.

Ballet class later tonight, tea and a book. I promised myself not to buy more books until I finish the ones I have. I think I am good for half year at least.

Oh! I wanted to share the link my friend sent me. Clearly, he was teasing me. I had tears rolling down my face while I read it. WARNING! Please don't read if you have hard relations with irony and sarcasm. Please don't read if you take everything too serious. Please don't read if you are prone to turn on the “food police†mode. The rest of you – enjoy - The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater.

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Day 39. Boobs Eggs disaster and farewell diary dairy.

I woke up 5 (!!!) times during the night. I woke up all swollen and itchy. Morning was one big frenzy, followed by an absolute kitchen disaster. Anyways, I still giggle a bit about this morning. Moving with the grace of a ballerina, Nadia!

So, I was cooking breakfast and badly cut my finger. Started running around dripping blood all over the place looking for a band aid and of course this thing just disappeared from the meds cabinet. I decided that I'll be fine and went back to kitchen, hitting the edge of the table on my way back. Slammed my head against the freezer and dropped the opened can of green curry on the floor. Started to clean and got this s**t on my cut. Jumping and swearing, I (successfully) tried to save veggies from burning. Since frying eggs was not an option due to the post above (khm khm), I decided to give my egg poacher another try. I can't figure out how this crap works. Having a disabled thumb did not help to get the eggs out of this thing. Cheerful purple color of the poacher is oh so deceiving. I slowly picked the remains of egg whites from the poacher with my fingers and ate them standing near the stove. Breakfast: tomatoes/mayo/dill + sweet potato/parsnip/mushrooms + shredded chicken + cmc.


I felt like I need to clean up the shelves of the fridge and ended up mixing one giant salad for lunch: leftover ginger shrimps/can of salmon/lonely slice of avocado/lettuce/pepper/mango/onion/leftover slaw/leftover sunshine sauce/balsamic/lime juice.


We have a crazy snow day today. Toronto is paralyzed, my news feed is bursting with pictures and comments. It's winter people. It snows in winter. Get over it. I walked to my office (though it was a bit of a work shoveling through 10 inches of snow) just fine. Ended up having pretty panda eyes, mascara + snow = smart. Anyways, this buddy did not give a damn about the snow too. Thus he deserves to be in this post.


I agreed to go to the music festival with my friend, but I just feel like making some comfort food (swypothoughts), do my nails and chill at home.

Dairy resume: I have breakouts, rashes and itchiness. No major digestive issues, a little bit funky stomach. I blame being swollen on it too or it's getting closer to this time of month. What important is that I gave it a thought and I simply don't see how dairy fits into my new meal template. I mean those little things that would benefit from having a bit of dairy in it are not worth having, let's say, a whole jar of Greek Yoghurt in my fridge. It is simply not cost efficient since I live by myself. I really want to have some cheese (goat ricotta mmm), but I am in no rush I think. I don't even know what to do with half bottle of kefir and half jar of yoghurt in my fridge. Throwing food away seems like an awful thing to do to me. I tried cheese today - provolone, chaddar and some goat cheese. Not more than 1 oz in total - headache and sick stomach. I can't believe it, but cheese is not worth having in the fridge either. Sight. It was my last hope.

I can't decide what's for dinner tonight? Suggestions anyone? Btw, I love this lady. A lot of treats, but some interesting recipes, like creamy curry sauce or rosemary, almond & butternut squash gnocchi. I am so making them. Btw, before you all start pointing fingers and say the S-word - gnocchi refers to the shape of the food that happened to be Italian in my world.

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Oh! I wanted to share the link my friend sent me. Clearly, he was teasing me. I had tears rolling down my face while I read it. WARNING! Please don't read if you have hard relations with irony and sarcasm. Please don't read if you take everything too serious. Please don't read if you are prone to turn on the “food police†mode. The rest of you – enjoy - The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater.

Oh. my. god. I am going to be laughing out loud at random inappropriate times all day over that. (Like right now, when I'm supposed to be grading papers!!!)

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Oh dear! Do not like that - slapstick of pain!!

I do like:

  • that you meant farewell dairy, not diary, cos' I thought you were leaving for a moment there!
  • those cute spotty nails
  • and urban poser site

Have a great evening !

Blaming my thumb, messed up my typing :ph34r: Not going anywhere!

Are you still rocking those sparkly stuff? I loved it. My all-time favorites are this, this and this mani. Get sooo many compliments everytime I do them.

You too! Always excited by your log updates!

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Question to myself - why the hell you put your hand into the damned-nuts-jar 5 minutes after? I knew that if I stay home I'll eat more. I knew this feeling of being full and still stuffing myself up with random food. I wonder what am I missing in my meals?

This was a few days ago, but I'm always asking myself this question too. I think no matter how much I eat, that won't necessarily solve the problem because we're conditioned to need this "dessert" right after a meal. I like this article:

So, don't beat yourself up about it. Just be mindful and keep trying. Love your log by the way. :)

Edit: Also, do you have a recipe for that chicken liver pate? I've been meaning to try to make it but it's hard to find a compliant recipe and I really want to like it. Thanks!

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So, don't beat yourself up about it. Just be mindful and keep trying. Love your log by the way. :)

Edit: Also, do you have a recipe for that chicken liver pate? I've been meaning to try to make it but it's hard to find a compliant recipe and I really want to like it. Thanks!

Look who's here, hello! Article is brilliant, agreed. Regarding nuts - work in progress - eating a liiiiittle less each time. I do not hesitate that we will cope with this one.

Liver pate - Pairs up with carrots, mushrooms and bok choy stems. Heaven in 15 minutes. Let me know how it turns out!

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Day 39. Dinner update.

My friend bailed on the concert and I stayed home. Didn't do my nails as I imagine how ridiculoгs it would look - fancy nails and bandaged thumb. I had nice dinner and got comfy with the book and a blanket. Dinner: chicken mustard sausage + baked yam/Greek yogurt + arugula/bell pepper/olives/sun dried tomatoes/pesto salad.


What olives are your favorite? I think I love nicoise type the most - tiny French ones. I also love Maroccan sundried olives - they look like giant raisins hehe.

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Day 40. Shemomedjiamo day.

99% sleep. I think I got the score for 9:30 hours. I woke up sore and cranky. Analyzing my sleep is useless thing to do. I made breakfast - tomatoes/pest + carrots + bacon/Brussels sprouts hash + two poached eggs + cmc. As you see, my poaching skills skyrocketed from yesterday. I am getting there, picture perfect eggs soon to be posted :D


I ate a fruit but can't remember which. I think banana...or strawberries? Just fixing the fact.

Then I got right back to bed. This almost never happens. Then I quickly threw my work out outfit in the bag and started to put my shoes on. Bag fell on the floor, water bottle broke, water got into the shoes and the bag. Beautiful. Repacked and ran like mad to the gym only to find a sub instructor. What?! Regular bootcamp? If you are wondering - working out in wet shoes is NOT FUN. Workout was ok anyways.

Went home, started cooking veggies for the upcoming weeks. Completely forgot about post meal and just chewed three slices of yam. Yamyamaymmmm

I found a little chunk of beef in the freezer, decided to make meatza. Lunch: meatza with mushrooms/zuccini/bell pepper + spinach/olives/hard to tell from the picture whatever. There is a fantastic word in Georgian language- "shemomedjamo". Literally it means - "I have accidentaly eaten it all". Uhuh - I have eaten the whole beef thing. Then I had a bowl of fruits. I stopped worrying about fruits for a while. I am focused on nuts/butters/flakes etc. So far so good.


Then it got ugly and blurry. M. came home and we got into a fight. Skipping the details, but I forgot to eat that day. No dinner, thank you fat adaptation. As I was cooking a peacemaking stir fry for M. at 1 AM, I didn't even think of food - compliant or not. I was calm and not hungry.

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Day 41.

M. was tossing and turning all night long = no sleep for me. My mood was fine, but eyes were super puffy, but that's the price of being emotional yesterday.

I made breakfast: collard/tomato/olives + cmc + leeks/bacon/zuccini + 2 eggs.


As I was lazily browsing recipes for the weekly cookathon, the picture of little pancakes got my attention. My curiosity kicked in. I wanted to make them. Now, I must tell that I never had big thing for pancakes, whipped cream or syrup. I must also tell that I am a terrible baker (thank God). So, from time to time I bake something just to tell myself - yep, you still suck. I know its a treat and I am not making excuses here. I know however why I made them and that I won't be making them anytime in the near future. Ironically enough - they turned out amazingly good. I had them with banana (getting ripped and mushy, must eat) and strawberries. Didn't eat coconut cream.


Then I was in a roasting and chopping frenzy till lunch. I had pork sausage + coconut almond beans (from WF) + rosemary/leek/squash soup (couple roasted parsnip coins) + chestnut tapenade (my new fav dip sauce, 2 minutes prep time with cleaning, recipe below)/bell peppers. I ate at 2 pm, I was still full at 9 pm.


Since the weather was great I decided to escape my kitchen slavery and went outside to cath the sun. I love alone time and have no troubles being alone. Do you?

I went to the area called Kensington Market - vibrant neighborhood with vintage clothes stores, organic stores, unique meat/fish/cheese shopping stops and great coffee shops. It is inhabitated by hippies, artists and all sorts of weirdos. Stricking at first glance, this area became very dear to me.


Moreover, there are at least 3 spots that sell compliant bacon. Speaking of bacon, check this out. Toothpaste? Really?


Now the recipe of tapenad: 1 avocado + 1 lb chestnuts (I used packed roasted chestnuts, they are dirt cheap and yummy) + evoo + lime juice + mustard to taste. I had only half pound, but used the whole avocado anyways. Play with the proportions. Throw in the blender. Lick the spoon and be happy. I think it will make a mean dressing too.

I wasn't really hungry, but I thought I'd eat something small for dinner. I had a piece of chicken and roasted greens.

This is it for the weekend! Hope you all had a good (compliant) one! Anyways, spring is almost here! Cheers.


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Day 41.

Breakfast: 2 eggs omelet stuffed with pepper/shiitake/pepperoni/spinach + onion jam + giant coffee with tiny spoon of cm. I have noticed that my level of satiety depends on the way eggs are cooked. Isn't that weird?


Packed lunch: almond crusted fish sliders + caulirice + paprika carrot coins + lettuce/tomatoes salad + kiwi.


Pilates after work.

Notes from the kitchen:

-Fish sliders are awesome. I skipped frying, but next time I will. I would put more basil and spices e.g. I think that it will be cool to throw some chopped shrimps in the mix. I think that they will pair up with roasted peppers. It is a base recipe that leaves room for experiment. Moreover - they are super cheap to make. These will be made frequently from now on for sure.

- Carrot coins are addictive. I use good smoked paprika and it is a perfect duet.

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Day 41. Unexpected chocolate reintro and dinner.

Co-worker came from vacations in Mexico and brought pure vanilla extract and dark chocolate. Vanilla is called old fashioned and contains...corn syrup. REALLY?! I was upset a bit, but it smells better than any extract I tested here. Anyways I rarely use more than several drops, so no big deal. I ate several squares of chocolate, like 1 oz, no big deal too. What was a big deal is my reaction to it. I felt terrible, not speaking of immediate bloat. Bye chocolate!

I felt much better after dinner: rosemary leeks squash soup + collard/beets/garlic/several walnuts/yogurt (I have to use this thing up and study tolerated amounts of lactose) + mashed root veggies + veal meatballs (spice blend from merquez meatballs). If you think - holy, that's a ton of food - you are right. I like to eat. Sooo what :)


As part of my sleep improving project I try to have at least 30 min before bed to unwind and relax. There is nothing more soothing for me than reading a book with a cup of tea. There are times that I don't want tea and can't drink coffee, obviously. Before going paleo, I would warm up a glass of buttermilk (no cookies!!!). Since dairy is out I was quite puzzled. My dinner fat content was quite low (veal in the meatballs pretty much) I decided to get creative with coconut milk. I mixed ½ cup coconut milk with ½ cup water, vanilla extract and cinnamon. Ate a banana with it.

Was it swypo? Imitation of my old habit? I am getting a little irritated by this swypophobia. I am sorry, I do not want broccoli before bed. Not stressed with my choice even a tiny bit. Went to bed happy – my tummy liked the warm creamy drink idea.

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I have noticed that my level of satiety depends on the way eggs are cooked. Isn't that weird?

Saaame here. Scrambled eggs never seem filling enough to me, unless they're filled with onions and stuff.

Your packed lunch is ADORABLE! I love bento-style lunches. :3

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Day 42.

Woke up rested even after 7 hours of sleep. Interesting pattern – my best mornings are followed by the nights I have carb dense something. Banana yesterday or bowl of fruit the other night. Can this be related or it's just a coincidence?

I found a half head of red cabbage in the fridge as a leftover from my Dad making a batch of sauerkraut for me (priceless family skills, eh? He makes pickled veggies too!). I immediately decided what's for breakfast: sautéed red cabbage in veal lard (saved from meatballs)/pepperoni + 2 eggs + large carrot + chestnut dip + giant coffee with reduced cm. I enjoyed the meal, but I got bloated right away, that's the “cabbage priceâ€. Stomach is sort of funky and upset too.


Packed lots of food today as I am not getting home until 9pm. Lunch: yellow curry chicken + caulirice + roasted parsnips/squash/broccoli + strawberries.


Packed my wo meals – lettuce wraps with chicken/sundried tomato/bell pepper and avocado (post without avo). I have been crashing during my last two Tuesdays wo, I hope today will be better. I am not sure what to do with dinner. I think I'll skip it, I hate to go to bed with full stomach.

Share a joke moment - awesome post "Naturally Delicious" from Melissa that got me laughing today.

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