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White Oaks pastures in GA is having a sale

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I bought 10# ground beef, 4 chickens(4-5lbs each), 2.5# chicken wings, 2# cube steak and 2.5# beef fat for $118.97(including shipping) which comes out to $3.05 for 39lbs of meat.

White Oaks ground beef is sold in WF's for $7.99 per lb. The ground beef comes in 5# packs(online), but I figure I can cook it all up and divide it into 1# packs in toss into the freezer.

10# of ground beef with shipping comes outs to $5 per lb, which is still cheaper than WF's and most other places I have seen around here. Costco has grass-fed ground beef which comes out to $4.50 per lb but unlike White Oaks I don't know where there beef comes from and White Oaks has a very good rep.

WO also sells their gf in 1# packs online for $5.99 per lb so #10 with shipping would come out to $7 per lb which is still cheaper than WF.

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