Whole30 friendly party food?

Concetta Phillipps

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Hi all,

I am doing whole30 myself, but I am heading to a Super Bowl party this weekend. The other two couples attending are both interested in doing whole30 but are concerned about their kids not taking to the eating concepts. I'm definitely going to be pointing out some of the things in this forum to them!

They are each bringing fun foods for the adults (things like veggie sticks, dehydrated fruit, etc), but I want to make something that's fun for all.

Does anyone have a "go-to" party food that kids and adults like? Prior to the whole30 start, I had originally planned on making popcorn balls, but that's obviously out now.

Thanks for any advice you have.

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For our Super Bowl, I'm going to have guacamole (with organic corn chips for me since it is my non-gluten grains reintro day, but you could have it with veggies), deviled eggs, bacon-wrapped dates, and Paleo wings! Oh, and some stuffed mushrooms. I can't wait!

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