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1st Whole30 Complete! On to days 31-45...

Jessica M.

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Today is day 31! I have made it through my first Whole30. I honestly wasn't sure I could do it. I had not even heard of Paleo before, except maybe in passing, and have been eating poorly on and off the past…oh… 30 years of my life (I am 39). This is a whole other world for me.

What went well

  • Even though I sort of jumped in without much preparation, there were only a few days I had to brave buying lunch. Ate out only once in the 30 days and was very careful
  • Drank my coffee black and unsweetened, and it did not kill me. I made funny faces but I lived to tell the tale
  • Drank coffee with coconut butter, then with coconut milk… coconut milk is marginally better than black coffee
  • Started ordering my veggies through a co-op and I like the better value and the mystery of not quite knowing what I'm getting
  • Have been eating lots of fats—avocado, nuts, olive oil, coconut butter, clarified butter—and I lost nearly 9 lbs. (from 209 to 200.2)
  • The weight lost seems to be from my "saddle bags" of all places. Would have liked it off my middle, but at least this is a fat storage place it came from, vs. losing 1 lb from my toes like on Weight Watchers.
  • Read labels like crazy and avoided soy and sneaky sugars (both seem to be in everything!)
  • It was not as hard as I imagined giving up so many things, because I like the other "compliant" things so much and eat a variety of foods even non-dieting


What could have gone better

  • Sleep: I didn't concentrate on getting enough. Some nights I got 7 hours, some nights only 5 or so
  • Exercise: I thought giving up several food groups was enough of a challenge, so I did not exercise at ALL (typical)
  • Stress: I actually got MORE anxious and depressed throughout the Whole30. First I was tense about big changes and was clenching my jaw and jamming my tongue into my teeth, on top of my usual bad breathing and smack-talking-brain; mid-way through, I ordered my stupid medications too late in the week and wound up being off my depression and anti-anxiety medication for about 5 days which made me extra nuts (also wound up being the week I had my period—not my brightest move).
  • Food: Could have eaten less
  • Food: Bought regular grocery store meats, eggs, produce. Baby steps, I guess.
  • Food Habits: Did not sit and savor my meals. Spent every lunch at my desk as always (reading, online), ate many breakfasts in my car, did mostly eat dinner away from the tv but still was reading or otherwise multi-tasking.
  • Rule Breaking: Weighed myself at least 3 times to make sure things were happening, since I was not feeling very magical.

What you'll do the next time

  • Will bitch less about lack of beverage choices
  • Will cook a greater variety of foods, especially lunches, so I am not eating the same thing five days straight
  • Work on sleeping more/better
  • Start to make time for at least a little exercise, for goodness sake
  • breathe!

I decided about a week ago to take this to at least 45 days. Even today, I wanted to reward myself for being "so good!", but that's the wrong thinking. I still really really want my coffee to be sweet and creamy. I think if I tried to have one piece of dark chocolate I would go crazy for more, etc.I'm still battling my "dragons" mentally. I think this is just starting to make me feel a little different, and I want to give my body more time to learn and heal. I haven't had huge food interactions that I know about in the past, so part of my brain is like,"you don't feel any different, why give up all these yummy foods?" WELL because you are 80 lbs overweight, tired all the time, sweaty-headed, and on medication for depression and anxiety and you are still a ball of stress all the time. Because you ache like a 90 year old and you are turning 40 this year. Because you have zero drive for anything. Because you get lots of headaches from "allergies" that didn't exist 10 years ago. Because you are unhappy with your body in 100 ways. Because you want to be a better example for your children and get them and your husband healthier, too. Because your mom didn't take care of herself and she died at 52. Because your dad is diabetic and you were gestational diabetic your first pregnancy. Because, because, because! Just dooooooo it.

Trying to feel proud of myself. Just feeling like there is a looooong road ahead.

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Jessica - what a brilliant post. you write beautifully and you made me laugh at least 3 times :)

I totally empathise with so much in this - my first time too - no prep and no it starts with food book - just doing it on a wing and a prayer

I have also weighed myself - my bad - and I eat lunch crouched over a computer most days . In fact am enjoying brekkie right now. I also suffer anxiety - but too pigheaded to get medication. Continue writing please. I could have carried on reading your stuff for ages.


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Thank you both. Long journey ahead!

Yesterday, day 32:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, banana, coffee with coconut milk; running out the door to 8:30 am training for the team I coach.

Lunch: had sardines for the first time. Bought a skinless/boneless tin of 'em packed in olive oil and put that on top of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, scallion, avocado. I think I like anything if it's on the fork with avocado. It was a bit dense/dry. Tuna from a can like. Not awful, nothing to write home about. Also had a few strawberries as I washed the week's fruit and veggie haul from the grocery store and my co-op lady. More coffee with coconut milk.

Dinner: after running with the kids all day we treated our son (and the rest of us) to dinner at Applebee's (his choice). They redid their menu so the only thing that seemed safe was spinach and shrimp salad with bacon on it, but asked for vinegar and oil. Hubby and daughter shared great smelling boneless wings as an appetizer. Liked the smell but was not drooling or battling with myself over it. Likewise when the kids got their sundaes at the end.

Today: eating some sweet potato and egg omelet, may save half for tomorrow if I can swing it.

Lunch??? Some salad mixture I suppose.

Dinner... going to put some beef ribs in the slow cooker soon. Maybe spinach and spaghetti squash.

Lots to do today. We shall see.

Oh! Weighed myself one last time yesterday before waiting till day 45: 199.8! So officially 9lbs lost, and UNDER 200! Barely, but under 200! Yay!

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Ran from chore to chore to chore today. Ate a Lara Bar running from grocery shopping to coaching. Finally got back home for lunch at 4. Didn't have a proper lunch, cracked open a coconut and had the water and some of it as I peeled it. Picked on the Chocolate Chili I was making. Picked on chicken I was cutting and cooking. Shredded up the tubs I was cooking and picked in that. So that was lunch and dinner. I may have some grapes.

Baked a spaghetti squash. Will have some of that with chili for lunch tomorrow.

Need to boil some eggs it something but am tired of standing in the kitchen. Cleaned showered and watched the half time show. Family was munching on Tostitos. I don't want chips. I don't want chips. I don't want chips.

Gonna tuck in my kiddos and walk the dogs. I don't know how to not be running, running running, especially on the weekend. So tired and frazzled.

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Day 34. Less cranky today. Plus, I think I am starting to like coconut milk coffee. I even brought some to work today to have my coffee there from the new fancy schmancy Keurig machine. Much better than plain black. Lots of fat though. Again, don't think I can do that long term. Can I?

Breakfast: Tummy was a bit off. Running late as always for my early day at work. Munched some coconut in the car but waited till I had that coffee made and was at my desk to eat 2 hardboiled eggs and a red pepper.

Lunch: Chocolate chili over spaghetti squash and 2 oranges.

Pre-coaching my Odyssey of the Mind team in the afternoon bonus session: Lara Bar (cashew cookie flavor). This I should have just skipped. I was not really hungry but was bringing juice and Z-Bars for the kids/hubby and "wanted something". Oy. Old habits die hard. Still, it wasn't a bag of chips or even a bag of nuts. So... moderate fail.

Dinner: leftover beef ribs with more spaghetti squash (olive oil sautee) and 1/2 sweet potato with some coconut butter and a smidge of real butter. Have not made clarified butter yet this week. Don't think I used SO much butter that the tiny bit of dairy would affect me, but still the most off day I have had, so I should have skipped it and I didn't. Blah. Oh well. Had 2 small strawberries and a handful of blueberries as well.

FULL now. Usually I could eat twice that for dinner and still have a bowl of cereal or something. So... guess I am doing ok here.

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So glad to have found your entries here, Jessica. Congratulations on all you have accomplished so far! I just wrapped up my first Whole 30, but I know now that I could've/should've gone on a lot longer. (Translation: Around day 32, I tripped and landed in a pile of pizza, cheeseburgers and fries. Oh, and my co-workers just came into my office and said, "We heard you were having a tough day, so...." and then one of them pulled a 1-pound bag of M&Ms out from under her jacket. Seriously.)

What I'm finding is that the food just doesn't taste as good as I remember it — seriously. It's funny, the way that the W30 alters and sharpens your tastes. I hope you'll keep doing what you're doing. Every investment you're making in your own health and wellness is worth it. I'm already plotting my next W30.

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Thanks! As it says in ISWF, don't wait! Start now! ;-) Wow. Yeah, we're having birthday cake tonight for my hubby's grandmother, chances are we will be offered cake even though I have discussed this process at length with my MIL and she's been very supportive and proud. ;-) Mmm. M&Ms. Lalalalalalalala... I don't need any M&Ms.

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Oy vey, my aching head and neck. I was fine till after lunch. Boss took a bunch of us to Chili's but I got a guacamole burger no cheese no bun and steamed broccoli. I think it was more going outside. My head and sinuses filled up and then the pain traveled to my neck and shoulders as usual. Have not had any Of my usual Zyrtec-D all year till today, had to ask the hubby to go get some before to cut through the headache. Now it's a bit better, except my neck. Will have to see the chiropractor tomorrow I think.

Breakfast was 2 hard boiled eggs, 7 Brazil nuts and carrots, then coffee with coconut milk at work.

After work had 6 more Brazil nuts. Can't keep them in the car. :-(

Dinner: chicken cooked in coconut oil, spinach, green beans, sweet potato with butter.

Evening. Was foraging for something lunchtime and sweet. Managed to subdue that with 1/4 avocado. Trying not to eat after dinner, but so hurting plus PMS feeling.

Day 36 in the books.

Boss got chips and Queso for all the tables. Major weakness of mine, tortilla chips. Was ok sitting near them. Did not bargain for just "a few" and then overdo it à la my past experiences. Yay, me.

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Day 37

Breakfast: Can not eat another hard boiled egg and no time to cook. Breakfast was 1/2 a cold sweet potato and a Lara Bar in the car. Bought a box of the Apple Pie ones. They are not awesome, but came in handy between errands on Sunday and today. Ate in the car. Coffee and coconut milk, plus a second mug close to lunchtime.

Lunch: Couple of cups of spinach wilted under my chocolate chili. Avocado on lettuce.

Just now: 5 Brazil Nuts.

Dinner… Not sure. Almost out of chili b/c I put half of it mixed with beans for DH and DD and they have not even had ANY! Wasted my chili! I don't think I defrosted anything either. Will have to grab something to cook on the way home or defrost some fish in the microwave. Or buy a Greek salad (no cheese, no potato salad--they put it on potato salad in Florida, I don't get it--and no dressing) with lots of gyro meat. Mmmm. Might have to go the lazy route.

I have some pretty mangoes at home. Might have some mango.

Head and neck are better today thanks to 2 rounds of Zyrtec-D, neck rub from DH, and three Aleve at bedtime. Sigh. But… better.

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Day 38. Feel like crap, bloated gut and rock feeling back in stomach. Don't know if it's food or lack of sleep. Probably both.

Dinner last night wound up being salmon patties I was cooking; put 1/4 c tapioca flour as a binder with two cans salmon, eggs, scallions and spices, fried in coconut oil. Had more for breakfast.

Finished the coconut meat while I cooked and had a 1/2 mango after. Other half this morning. Coffee with coconut milk.

Was up till 2, dogs and son up at 5 back to bed till 6:30. So, roughly 4 hours sleep. Surprisingly awake, but so many places to run today I am not even seeing when I am going to have dinner. Or what. No time to cook today and Girl Scout dance 7-9 pm after coaching 4-6.

Lunch will be the last of my chocolate chili on some lettuce. Down to corn and peppers at home, glad I pick up my co-op veggies later today.

Hope the rock in stomach feeling goes away soon. Maybe my tummy doesn't like tapioca flour? Maybe too much fruit. Both?

Before W30 all my jeans were so tight I had to unbutton them to drive. These are size 18 spandex jeans. Before today, I had gotten to where I was comfortable in the car w/o unbuttoning. Not today. Also PMS but I don't think it's that.

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Continued to feel awful all day yesterday. Threw out the rest of my salmon patties and the tapioca flour. Blech.

Ran from work to get my veggies, home to walk the dogs, out to school for OM coaching, home to change, out to Brownies (girl scouts) "Me and My Guy" dance. Only a handful of people there! My daughter doesn't care if she is the only one on the dance floor. My awesome hubby who hates to dance twirled her and shook his body to all the goofy songs. They made me dance to some Justin Bieber song that was really un-dance-y. So we were Vogue-ing and doing lame white-girl robots. LOL. Kids make you not care about making a fool of yourself. Except... I was hovering while my daughter did a craft and dancing with an adorable toddler sister to one of the girls in our troop, and hubby snapped pictures of me from across the room. Oy. I have a new "before"picture, as if I didn't have enough. But, the past few years I have mostly hidden behind my kids in photos (or shot them from the neck up for Facebook profile pics)... this is almost full length. AND I am wearing a horrible skirt, the only skirt I have in my current big girl size. Little by little have given away all my old skirts and dresses. All Fat-Jess wears is jeans. Until they wear out in the thighs. Then I buy more jeans. I actually like skirts, just not since I was a 12 or 14. Even for the decade or so I was a 14 I had to wear bike shorts or tights underneath to keep my legs from rubbing raw.

So... here's me. And this is 9 lbs less than Jan 2.


Not. Flattering. Almost as bad as the shorts-and-sports-bra pics I had my hubby take when we were trying out Power 90 in July. But I pulled up my tank top and down my shorts to see my entire awful flabby belly flapping over.

Nothing like a reminder of how huge you are to ruin your mood.

Anyway, dinner was at 9pm! I'd had some raw cashews after coaching, a handful of baby carrots at the dance. We ate at a "Village Inn" (closest thing to a Diner around here) and I got a cobb salad, no cheese please, some vinegar on it for dressing. It hit the spot. Avoided the snack table at the dance except those baby carrots-- candy, brownies, heart shaped cake pops! I brought fruit salad and another mom did a veggie and cheese tray with hearts cut out of everything. Cute.

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Saturday, February 9: Day 39. Wow. I wasn't sure I could go a week without all this stuff, tomorrow is 40. Go, me.

I think I will need to do it at least 90% at least for a year, and add in exercise, to see my body change shape. I'm sure it will be at least 20 lbs before anyone tells me I look better. Sigh.

Breakfast is: small apple while I fed the kids. Sliced peppers sautéed in a bit of clarified butter then scrambled with a scallion and 2 eggs. Coffee with coconut milk. I like coconut milk as long as it's thick. The cans are inconsistent. One will be creamy, the next from the same brand will be thin.

Lunch and dinner are a big question mark right now. Better defrost some chicken. Hubby is anti-chicken lately, so I don't know.

Veggie basket included tomatoes, small broccoli, snow peas, green beans, apples and bananas, red leaf lettuce. Also ordered butternut squash, 2 avocados, 2 pints of strawberries. All this was $17.50. I am still amused by my veggie co-op. Strawberries are not as awesome this week, but it's strawberry season here in FL so should get better. Next month is the Strawberry Festival. Then it's blueberry season. I want to go pick my own this year, we never found a weekend to do it last year. Actually, this year might not be better. Sigh. Soccer is ending for my son, but basketball is starting for both kids, plus cub scouts, brownies, piano, dance, Odyssey... so busy. It's all good though.

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Lunch: not till 3:30 pm so i was eating handful of cashews while I defrosted and cooked. Piece of fish (swai) and broccoli slaw cooked in about 1Tbsp of coconut oil.

My son's second soccer game (ran to it after DD's dance class was hot and super sunny. Kids went home with the hubby and I ran to buy dog food. REALLY wanted to grab a giant, sweet, creamy iced coffee or a giant Coke Zero, even though I had been drinking water as usual (so, not thirsty, just craving). Messaged my college girlfriends who are keeping me straight. One is cutting out white foods Jan/Feb and doing a Whole 30 in March, so she is really supportive. All are. She's reading ISWF though so she gets it most. So... could also have been craving b.c. besides it being nearly 80º here today and no clouds (Nice but, this morning it was 38, it messes with your head), I had not had lunch yet and it was 2pm.

Tummy still feels like a rock is in it. Don't know if this is the tapioca or what. I am choosing to blame it on the tapioca. Allergies are bad too. Just took a Zyrtec-D and some Pepto Bizmol. Need to do the bills and ready the paperwork to do the taxes. Just want to sleep. I hope I am not getting the cold my kids and everyone at work has had. I have been washing my hands like crazy trying not to get sick.

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Day 40 was yesterday. 41 today. I should be proud but I feel like crap. I almost fell asleep driving to work about three times. Need to start making sleep a priority. Saturday night I got about 9 hours, but that's rare. Actually tried to nap yesterday morning, because the base of my neck is killing me, went to lie on an ice pack... dozed off a few times but kept thinking of all the stuff I had to do. Wandered aimlessly around the natural foods store, then aimlessly around the grocery store. Cooked for a couple of hours and made a huge mess, not sure what the heck I made.

Tried to make butternut squash soup for my work lunches. Half the thing was rotten the other half was soft but I used it. Supplemented it with a diced sweet potato and a small acorn squash I had roasted to have at dinner. So, it's everything orange, and not much else. Onion. Coconut milk. Spices. Was supposed to make some protein to throw in it, never did. Made baked ziti for my hubby and daughter (not even trying this week, we are so busy I just have to make them something they'll eat). Sauteed some chicken for me and my son (who won't eat pasta). Prepped snow peas and green beans but didn't cook them. Baked a spaghetti squash but didn't do anything with it yet. Made some plantain and egg pancakes. They are TOO good. I have to get the family to eat them. They are a bit SWYPO for me. I had eaten chicken, zucchini, avocado already and was eating those out of the pan. Yum. Also made awesome guacamole. Perfect avocados this week unlike last week.

Had 3 small plantain pancakes with 2 HB eggs and a small apple with a tiny bit of almond butter left from yesterday for my breakfast. Forgot my coconut milk at home, so I am drinking black coffee at work and am remembering just how bitter this kind is that I bought for the new Keurig machine at work. Yuck.

Brought that soup for lunch. Need some protein. All that's in my desk is some vacuum packed salmon. I don't think that goes. Maybe I can run to the store and get some chicken or something.

I am defrosting ground beef. Will make up some concoction and put some in the peppers in the fridge and maybe make a "meat crust quiche" with some.

Hurting all over though. Can this still be from that little bit of tapioca flour? What the hell? 40 days of giving up so much and I feel worse. Brain fog, pain, everything still bad. PMS feeling. Wahhh.

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Day 44!

The Universe is conspiring to help me adjust to a paleo lifestyle. First I found It Starts With Food and Whole30/Whole9 just by luck. Now there is a new cafe/shop near my job that sells all kinds of safe stuff-- one lunch special is grass fed beef sliders! Hold the buns, and I could have that. My Groupon offer today was for Crossfit, Kickboxing, and other active things. Everyone in the paleo world seems to do Crossfit. There is a new Crossfit place ten minutes from my house. Expensive and I am not ready for THAT yet, but I still find it funny. Looking for a yoga class that is remotely in my route home from work. :-)

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs, 5 strawberries, 2 mugs of coffee with 2 giant spoons of coconut milk each.

Lunch: fresh salad from the new cafe and ground beef mixture from home. Handful of macadamias. They taste musty, might have to pitch the rest of the small package.

Dinner: have cooked so much this week that nobody ate. Either stuffed pepper or pot roast with some spaghetti squash and snow peas.

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Day 45. Will be "ending" early for a 7:45 post-Valentine's date, kid-free, with my husband. Off-roading more than reintroducing, so back on track tomorrow. May go for a margarita, or share an appetizer. Planning to stay away from gluten/grains, but we shall see. We're going to a chain place called Bonefish Grill, they have a steak and lobster tail special. That's the current plan… veggie side. Yum.

So… from 45 days… I shortchanged myself a bit on my "magic" since I was doing well on the food choices but not focusing on sleep or stress management or exercise. I realize I need all of these in check to get the most out of a Whole30. Also, not good at focusing on eating. ALWAYS reading or standing or on the computer when I eat. Or driving to work.

Things I am proud of:

• Lost 12 pounds. Eating plenty. Was not hungry. Was stunned to feel full. The kind of full that was usually brought on by a huge binge. Need to slow down and savor meals so I can reduce portion sizes both to feel more comfortable in the tummy and get better results. I know I'm not supposed to say this, but I am doing this mostly for weight loss purposes.

• Am more alert in the mornings, most days. Can hit doze less than six times. ;-)

• A bit less sweaty-headed. I didn't know if my sweaty-head thing was due to the medications I am on, my being 70-90 lbs overweight (depending on definition), or diet. Possibly all of the above. Usually minor activity or stress will make my head all sweaty, mostly on the left side for some reason. Has been less so recently.

• Have been looking for night time food/tv snacks a lot less. The first couple of weeks I was mad at the world that I couldn't have buttered popcorn on movie night or munch on Goldfish crackers or whatever when watching tv at 10 pm. But lately I am not even looking for *something*, I can just watch a show or snuggle with my hubby or dogs or kids (usually in bed at my tv time) without shoving food in my mouth.

• Learning so much about food.

Things I could do differently:

• Eat Less

• Exercise, at least a little, darn it!

• Sleep, sleep, sleep

• Computer/phone off 1 hour before bedtime

• Chill… I still stress over everything. I have anxiety/depression. Have to get on top of it.

• Eat w/o doing other things. Just eat.

Surprising things:

• Coconut milk in my coffee is good now! I never thought I could drink unsweetened coffee. Black is still gross, but coconut milk makes it good.

• Thought without Coke Zero and Crystal Light there would be nothing to drink. There's not. But I like water. It's all Ooookkkkkkk.

• Brain hurts from information overload. Can not unlearn stuff once it's been learned. Want to read more and more about this paleo lifestyle I have stumbled upon, want to get my family eating better too.

• I got my husband to agree to do a Whole30 with me Mid-March to Mid April. Whoo hoo! Don't know how he will stop his eggo waffle or giant bowl of cereal breakfasts, but he says he'll go along with it if I tell him what to eat. It'll mean even more preparation and planning, but he has some issues I guarantee would go away if we cleaned up his diet. He might only need 30 days, too. I think I need 30+30+30+30+Lots of work in-between.

So, tonight I will have my slack. Back on the wagon tomorrow. We have a cub scout banquet all day, so that should be interesting. The food last year was bad, anyway. ;-) Maybe next week I will try some yogurt. My son was all happy today is day 45. I told him,"Calm down, it's not like I am going right back to eating McDonalds and stuff, I am trying to eat better forever, here!" It's not like I have changed the kids' food (yet), geez!!!!

I wish I had done my measurements on January 2, but here they are for today, so next month I can look back:

Weight: 196.8

Waist: 39"

Chest under breasts: 37"

Chest across breasts (with bra): 46"

Hips across butt and saddlebags: 50"

Right thigh: 26"

Left thigh: 27"

Last July and August I took measurements and photos b/c my hubby and I were doing Power90. First time ever I could say I was "working out" and not just doing "some exercise". And I was eating South Beach Style. I wish I could dig up those measurements. Can't log in on the Beachbody site.

45 days down. Many, many more to go.

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Oh, the big surprise was when I cooked with some Tapioca flour and was sick, sick, sick for about 4 days. Oww! Won't be using Tapioca again.

Another huge surprise: don't miss dairy, grains and sugar THAT much. Miss more the convenience of popping a frozen pizza in the oven, but where was that getting me? Didn't think I could live without cheese. Here I am living without cheese.

Breakfast today: 2 eggs microwaved quickly in a bowl oiled with a bit of clarified butter, topped with a blupp of guacamole (about 3 Tbsp?). 2 mugs of coconut milk coffee. Almost as expensive as Starbucks at $3 a can. Time to join a club to shop in bulk. ;-) Makes me full and a lot less cranky than black coffee. Coffee is a soothing morning ritual as much as it is a much wanted dose of caffeine.

Lunch will be: Finishing up leftovers: ground beef stuffed pepper, little bit of leftover pot roast, green beans. Maybe 1/2 a mango that is getting really soft.

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Congrats on finishing your w45 successfully! My first w30 finishes march 5 and I'm thinking of extending it 15 days. I like hearing that you don't miss sugar or cheese THAT much.

I'm with you, coffee to me is comforting in the morning :) however, if I go more than 2 days without it, I get the WORST allday migraine, which I know means I'm allergic to it, but I'm from Seattle, and well, I just loooove my coffee. Maybe one day I'll get up the nerve to get off coffee, but during a w30 is def. not the time ;)

My hubby agreed to support me on my w30 journey too and he said something similar to yours. He said "honestly, it's all about convenience, if I don't have something in the fridge to grab for lunch, then I'm going to go get a sandwich." So I make sure I have approved deli meats for him, or I make egg salad, or chicken salad and he takes a bunch of that with veggies and fruit for lunch. And I planned out dinners for the entire 30 days so he would be happy and excited for each dinner and not hating this. He did say tho that he wouldn't give up his coffee creamer which has sugar in it. That's the one thing he hasn't been compliant in, so that's why I say he's "supporting" me and I try not to go all 5-0 on him ;) regardless, he's dropping weight like nobody's business...men!

Anyhow! Good luck in February!

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Oh, the caffeine withdrawal headaches are the WORST! I can only deal with so much at one time. No sugars, grains, dairy, etc? No Coke Zero? And so on... can't not have coffee too. Headaches take down my willpower, big time. If I have a splitting headache, I want to soothe/reward myself big time. OMG, men make me livid. I'm sure if my hubby just gave up cereal in the mornings he would lose 20# in a month. He doesn't have to do it all. Geez. We shall see.

Friday's Valentine's dinner... avoided bread, grains, the awesome appetizer my hubby got. Splurged on a margarita, and didn't request oil and vinegar for my otherwise legal salad (some kind of nice citrus vinegarette, not overly sweet). The "seasonal veggie" with my steak and lobster duo (clarified butter, mmm) was chick peas! Hello? Not a veggie! Had to avoid that but ordered asparagus as my other side. So, thought I did fine, but all night was ready to fall face first into Valentine's candy. Even the crap the kids got at school. Lowered resistance from one drink and marginal sugar in the dressing? Wow. Ate a ton of blueberries and was still "looking for something" had some not-so-legal cashews hubby has in the closet (peanut oil roasted). Ugh. So, yesterday was up TWO POUNDS. Oy.

Saturday I made a cake at the crack of 8 for the Pinewood Derby (cub scouts) and was surrounded by candy all day there. DD and I had to duck out to go to dance and pick up GIRL SCOUT COOKIES to deliver, we grabbed lunch at a fast food Mexican place that has cheap chicken fajitas. Was like,"please, no beans, no rice, no sour cream, no tortillas"... ha... they bring you chips for free (LOVE tortilla chips. Was dying for some. DD had a few.) They of course put sour cream on there... decided to have it and test the dairy. It was maybe 2 Tbsp. It was fine (and heavenly). So, after dinner I had some full fat greek yogurt (unsweetened/plain) with some strawberries. Satisfying. No tummy troubles so far, so I could add dairy back If I want, I guess. but... Cheese is a big no no for me (food with no brakes)... so, not yet.

Today I have a bad sore throat, and my back/neck still hurts from a few days ago. Just finally had breakfast... eggs with peppers cooked in clarified butter. Coffee with coconut milk. On to a re-intro post, I suppose. Whole30 #2 to come next month.

Will NOT have girl scout cookies, will NOT have girl scout cookies, will NOT have girl scout cookies. ;-) For sure I can't have just 1. Will have to freeze some or something.

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Ooooh, Girl Scout cookies. Talk about food with no brakes! Isn't a box a serving ;)

Good job on the dinner out! I think my first non-compliant dinner out will definitely include a glass (or 2) or wine and something chocolatey, like mousse cake. Then I know I'll wake up and feel like junk for 2 days and never want to do it again...or at least for a couple weeks ;)

Oh the headaches! The thing that I find hardest is not being able to take something for them (on w30 i mean) I can't just suffer thru a migraine knowing I can have a cup of coffee to get rid of it; which is why I can't do it during a w30....sigh...I can only do so much.

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I did "have to have" two Thin Mints. C'mon, they're Thin Mints. ;-) I'm past my 45 days. I can avoid them now, I think. If I told myself no cookies at all, they would be all I thought about. Ha. Which is why I am in this predicament. Then again, I ate two and not ten, so improvement there! Yay, Whole30!

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I LOVE thin mint cookies, especially when you put them in the freezer first. Deeee-licious. I remember a night a few years ago where I sat and mindlessly ate an entire sleeve of them to myself. I felt disgusting afterwards, and swore to 'get healthy'. It didn't happen then, but it's happening now.

I think it's great that you extended your days to the whole45 and are still posting about your challenges and results. I look forward to reading about when your husband takes this on with you!

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