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Whole30 Day 31 + WholeLife Day 1!


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*I love how I'm so judgey and annoyed at how long people's success posts are...and I go and do the exact same thing, I've bolded parts that are more interesting to read for people who don't want to skim through this mess*

Hi Folks!

The story: Did my first Whole30 in November to lose weight (lost 10 lbs, etc etc, can see previous success story here), loved learning discipline for the first time in my life. Started this second Whole30 January 2nd.

The goals:

1) Lose weight

2) Exercise throughout (which I didn't really do during my first)

3) Focus on the other essential pieces of a Whole9 life OTHER than eating so sleep, exercise, stress management, temperance (mainly watching tv and relaxing before bed time) and fun.

4) Take some supplements..mainly Vitamin D because it's winter and I need some help

The Good:

1) Lost 9 lbs (so from my total "starting" weight before my first Whole30 that's 12lbs in 3 months!)

2) Prioritized sleep

3) Took Zinc, Curcumin, Vitamin D and Magnesium at night

4) Started Crossfit - 3 days a week, love it!

5) Rocking the discipline vibe - I feel so empowered, I KNOW I can do anything I set my mind to, even if it's hard or if it takes longer than it should it doesn't matter. This is how big controlling my eating is for me. Love love LOVE it.

6) Surprising one: I actually talk about my Whole30 with real live people! In person! My friends, coworker and fellow crossfitters. How LIBERATING although at times annoying to always have to explain things.

7) Gaining self-respect! Anyone notice how when you start treating your insides well you put more thought into your outsides? Like "maybe I SHOULD get my nails done! maybe I SHOULD buy better-fitting clothes! Maybe I SHOULD do my hair in the morning!" This is a fabulous phenomenon I found myself gravitating toward during my first Whole30, but I really kicked ass this one in terms of loving myself inside and outside - got some new clothes, am doing my hair, got a mani and doing some make up.

The Bad:

1) My temperance is inconsistent, partially because I don't live at home and succumb to the group mentality of crashing in front of the tv for hours after a hard day.

2) I was sleeping TOO much which actually left me feeling groggy! The reason I know this is because for the past week and a half I've been going to be later and waking up naturally earlier, and easier. I was clocking well over 9hrs a night initially, I now know 8-9 is just right. Which is good to know.

3) I wanted this Whole30 to be absolutely perfect so I did not eat out ONCE (except salad bars+compliant grocery items...and my mom made some compliant chili but I'm not convinced all the spices were compliant). I also did not follow my first Whole30's footsteps and go out whilst drinking club sodas with lime. This lead to a fairly anti-social month, however I'm glad to have found a few people in my network who I trust enough to divulge my paleo ways (and those who I don't trust enough!).

4) I didn't learn any new recipes! My first time around I was SO proud of myself for all of the new cooking - this time I was just consistently desperate to feed myself well. I got creative with the tools I already have but I really want to explore even more!

Next time:

*I'm thinking of doing another Whole30 in May - before bathing suit and outside drinking season*

1) Don't sleep too much, sleep enough to feel awesome!

2) Learn some new and tasty recipes, bring them to the office, share with friends

3) Take some more body measurements (though I've literally never done that in my life...it's not enough to look at before and after pics because there are too many variations and posture changes, etc)

4)Take calcium, don't care if it's mixed with magnesium I'll stop it at night so I don't overdose. I knowwww that there are ways we're getting calcium naturally but I really don't think I do, and I don't want my bones to deteriorate before my time. Also, I'm not fully convinced that I shouldn't take additional iron supplements...especially during "that time of the month"

5) SOCIAL WHOLE30!!! I plan on eating out for this. And I will not freak out. I just completed my to-the-9's hyper compliant Whole30 so I know I can do this, now I want to KNOW that I can do this as a sane and sociable human being.

Congrats to anyone who finished their January Whole30, anyone who's in the middle of theirs and anyone who's thinking about starting - good decisions abound!

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