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Whole30, 30 days before I turn33

Jennifer Lella

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I like a theme. Ha!

My name is Jen, and I will be starting my first Whole 30 tomorrow. Kind of an odd start date, but that will put my end date the day before my birthday...when I turn 33. I kind of like the milestone.

Hubby and I have been paleo since November, and I am very excited about taking it a step further to see how food impact my body. I've read ISWF and am totally intreagued by the science (read: I'm a geek).

I think where I am most interested is to see impact on my enegy when it comes to training. I'm not a cross fitter, but last year I started to do triathlons. Being the winter season, now is a good time to experiment with training.

Looking forward to the next thirty days!

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