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Tired and GI issues!


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Hello Whole30er's!

This is my first posting (I get intimidated by forums sometimes haha). Today is day 7 for me and I've been following the guidelines pretty rigidly. However, today and yesterday I've been exhausted beyond belief, which I know is expected through these changes. Additionally, what's more troubling is that my stomach has been KILLING ME. I've been going to bed with a heating pack on my stomach to relieve the discomfort from distended, bloated stomach. Any advice?

I thought it could be because of my increased veggie intake, but I feel like that would happen earlier in the program. Here's my typical food day:

Meal 1: Egg frittata with at 3+ vegetables (red bell pepper, mushrooms, spinach, leeks), salsa and avocado. Green tea.

Meal 2: Salad with 1-2 palm-sized portions of animal protein, olives, homemade dressing. Maybe a soup or apple if its after a workout or extra hungry

Meal 3: Animal protein, 2-3 cups roasted veggies in 2 tbs coconut or olive oil. If still hungry, I eat about an ounce of nuts.

I admire everything you guys are doing and have done this month, and I really value your opinions. Help please and thank you!

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When you describe your meals as involving animal protein, it hints of your having been a vegetarian or at least someone who has eaten little meat. Maybe your GI distress is trouble digesting protein and/or fat. You might want to try taking a digestive enzyme like Now Foods Super Enzymes to help you adjust to the amount of meat you are eating now. If you are eating more now than you were, your gut flora may need to develop for a while to become efficient.

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