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Life changed... Now the hard part!


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I just finished my first Whole 30 and was a little nervous about weighing myself. My relationship with the scale has often been an unhealthy one, but I did want to measure my success. So I got it out then stashed it back away where I can forget about it for another good while!

I knew I'd lost a few pounds, but was astonished that I'd dropped 9! I'm under 5'3" so it's not an insignificant amount for me. But, really, that doesn't matter. I wouldn't have cared if it was three pounds. I've changed my relationship with food, I'm no longer a slave to my cravings and I love this way of eating.

Having been in a binge/diet cycle for most of my adult life, I am nervous about reintroducing the things that used to tip me over the edge, so I'm going to take baby steps and follow reintroduction carefully. I really don't want to slip back in to bad habits.

Thank you, Whole 9. I'm a friend for life!


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