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Completed 1 30, Want to do Another BUT Need some Advice.


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After a serious chocolate relapse on day 31 I realize that . I like the way doing the whole30 boosted my confidence and 2. I'm not cured. I want to a re-do and this time I want to do it right (no coco milk in coffee, no snacking on nuts and dried fruit at night!) However, I have 2 problems that I'm concerned about.

1. I'm losing weight on the 30. I know, cry me a river, right? The things is, I really want to lean and tone out. I'm losing weight but getting kinda, err flabbier. Check out my Whole30 log. Sorry linking isn't working and my log is boring, without pics :P


I really don't think I can eat anymore! usually food overlaps on my (big) plate!

2. In relation to wanting more tone (I don't want to look muscular. I know that's not the cool thing to say) i figure I should do more than dancing, running and yoga but I'm finding my recovery to be terrible! I'm sore more often and for longer after a workout and in general, my muscles have been burning just from walking up stairs or a hill. The idea of body weight/weight training right now just doesn't seem pleasant!

Finally, I decided to do the 30 in January because I could somewhat avoid compromising social situations. Is the Whole30 still effective if there are days when off-roading is the only option? I have some dinner dates and social events lined up and I don't want to stress about compliance. I'll do my best of course, but I wouldn't be able to make any promises, you know?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Hi Kaleena!

Glad to hear you finished strong! As far as your questions go:

1. Losing fat can often leave your skin looking "flabby" for awhile. Right now, I've got grandma tummy going on because this Whole30 is working it's magic on my belly button area. As fat cells shrink, things get a little looser and a little floppier. However, with continued healthy eating and some good activity, that skin will shrink right back to where it should be.

2. I get that you don't want to look muscular - that's okay. But strength training is important for overall health, especially bone density for women. You can get toned (but not bulky muscles) using moderate weight (enough to be challenging) and not going for super heavy, low rep attempts. The strength training will help with the muscle fatigue (I know, but you have to strengthen those muscles if you want them to actually get stronger). I'd also recommend making sure you're within the recommended amount of protein, even leaning a little heavier than usual, and adding in post workout fuel to assist with muscle rebuilding.

3. Social situations can be difficult during a Whole30, for sure. However, off-roading is NEVER the only option. It's a choice, yes, and sometimes we decide that that is the right choice for us at the moment. That's absolutely fine! You're an adult and you get to choose what you do and don't eat! You may be better off opting for a Ride Your Own Bike month - you can be as compliant as you want or you can choose to off-road, and most of the time you land somewhere in between. Then there's no question of "is this as effective if..." (because it's not. The program is designed specifically for at least 30 consecutive days of compliance), just "what do I choose to eat right now."

I look forward to seeing where you go from here!

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