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1st Whole30 Complete!

Tina Cropper

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I started my first Whole30 on Jan 2, 2013. It was difficult for the few days because of Splenda withdrawal, I used Splenda for everything and also love Diet Dr. Pepper but it does not agree with me because it caused weight gain, joint pain and acid reflex. I get them at night while I am sleeping and it also distrubed my sleep. I also been on Atkins Diet and still can't get anywhere with this diet because my weight is like a yo-yo.

Since I started this Whole30, I bought fresh seafood, chicken, meat, vegetables, nuts, fruits, coconut milk, ghee and cage-free eggs. Every morning I make egg with onion, mushroom with coconut oil. I know that coconut oil is good for people with low thyroid which I have. I am still waiting on the result from my last TSH result hopefully it will go up. I never eat fruit every morning so now I eat strawsberries, blueberries with coconut milk. Lunch time can be difficult for me sometime but I managed it and Dinner time I try to make new things and my husband likes it.

Yesterday was my first post-whole30 and I didn't bother the stuff I used to eat. I only had a small amount of sour cream on my taco salad. The lady pulled out taco shell that was fried in oil and I told her no I do not want that can you please use lettuce instead of the shell and she said yes so I had lettuce, ground beef, onion, tomato and sour cream, it was good. Later that everning my daughter brought home the leftover ice cream from her cooking club at school and after dinner they were eating some for dessert. I didn't bother get a bowl of ice cream, didn't crave for it. I assume the sugar dragon has disapper; however, tonight it will be a test because of a birthday party at my mother-in-law's and I know they are having cake which I won't eat because it too sweet for me.

I lost 9 lbs since I started it and will continue this Whole30 experience, it worth living toxic free food without having pain everyday and not be able to do things that your body does not want to do.

That my whole30 experience. Thanks!!

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That is great! I am on Day 4. I, too, love Diet Dr. Pepper but know it causes joint pain. A few months ago, I had transitioned away from drinking and replaced with unsweetened tea. For some reason, last month I picked up the habit again. With it came the swollen, stiff hands every morning.

I am excited to see what other benefits the Whole30 brings to my life.

Congrats to you!!! :)

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