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Today is W30 -3. My husband and I had a VERY successful Whole30 experience. Seriously, it was amaze. I posted my Success Story earlier today and I'm really proud of what we've accomplished.

Now, on to the hard part: Life after W30!

We had decided together that we would be staying mostly W30 compliant even after we finished. We so enjoy the energy and how we feel and we don't want to give it up. That being said, wem iss being as social as we used to, and after reading Robb Wolf's The Paleo Solution, I figured we could lean over to Paleo more when we're out being social. Sounds totally legit, right??

Yesterday, we tested the theory. I went out for post-work drink with some other teachers (drinking early- big pro if you drink at all on paleo: won't disturb your sleep) and ordered a NorCal Margarita (which is highly recommended in TPS). It was delicious. I was nervous and yet excited-- I was imbibing again with friends! Like a real person!

I had one and about a third of a drink, which was more than enough and I ate some guacamole (with a fork, like a boss). When I met up with my husband, he was finishing off a bloody mary he'd been nursing for the better part of two hours. We were proud. We grabbed some take-out Indian on the way home (no rice or naan, extra vegetables), only to find that the veggies was mostly peas and potatoes. Sad face.

Today I woke up with a KILLER headache. No hangover or anything (I never got drunk), but oh, lordy, was I hurting. I suffered through it all day until a couple of hours ago when I gave in and took some ibprofen. I thought maybe a workout would help, to no avail. Maybe I was dehydrated? Not so. I was guzzling water last night and from the moment I awoke. I wasn't all that excited to drink, anyhow, so I can just chalk it up to having a poor reaction and go back to the club soda and lime that I love.

We've been W30 compliant all day today and will be bringing our own chili to tomorrow's SuperBowl festivities, plus additional snacks. Evidently in the South it isn't kosher to bring a veggie tray, so we'll also have to provide those on our own. We'll share!

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I may have over done it on sweet potato chips and guac yesterday, but aside from that, we had a great W30 Superbowl! I hope you all did as well! (whoever you all are!)

Tonight we're starting our CrossFit intro class. I'm not entirely sure what to eat as a pre-workout snack. Nuts? Is that ok?

I had a very crummy day at work (I'm a teacher), so I'm looking forward to blowing off some steam, even if it's only an intro workout! We're trying to choose a class time to start CrossFit. It'll probably end up being a 5:15am class, but if it ends too late, then we'll go 5;30pm. I'm kinda freaked out that I won't be able to do anything and I'll just end up looking silly. Anyone care to share an initial CrossFit experience?!

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Beth, are you going to be keeping a log here? Just wondering what your meals are and how you're managing the reintroductions...

I didn't watch the Superbowl but was happy to hear that the nearby Ravens won. :)


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Terez, I'm not really reintroducing much. Maybe a treat here or there, but I think we're staying Paleo. I did try and reintroduce a tequila cocktail. which ended in a massive headache. I AM hoping I can reintro some wine at some point! But for now, I haven't reintroduced much of anything.

CrossFit was TOUGH last night and it was only the beginners workout! I'm even more nervous about doing it now, because it seems like I'm not very good... I finished the workout but close to the bottom for time. And I thought I was in OK shape!! I was pretty embarrassed, which is silly, I know, but it makes me not want to do it! Hopefully tonight was better.

After our workout last night I had no desire to cook or anything, so we reheated some chicken and some vegetables and ate that. It was enough! I also could not lift my arms long enough to wash my hair, so my students got a dirty-hair, sore teacher today.

We need to get breakfast locked down. This morning I was almost late to work (which is late for me! I'm always early!) because we didn't get breakfast cooked in time (and because I was looking for an earring...). Any good ideas for fast breakfast? I would like to try Well-Fed's sausage/spinach muffins, but it'll have to wait until next week. I don't usually eat leftovers for breakfast because I take them for lunch!

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