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I did it! 30 days finished! And what an incredible experience it was. I learned a lot about myself as a person (or army of robots) and about my relationship to food.

The particulars (but do these really matter anyway?): I lost about 14 pounds, and went down at least 1 pants size (in some cases, 2). I'll try to attach a before/after pic to this post.

The philosophical:

I've talked about this some in my W30 log, but I'll try to summarize here. I've learned to say yes to what makes me uncomfortable. I've learned to embrace new experiences and new ways of thinking. And all of this started, as they say, with food; it started with me saying "no" to anything but real food. It started with me deciding to adhere to a certain way of eating, and through that experience beginning to regard food differently. It isn't this raging demon that has a hold over me, it's a necessity of life, and I have the power to make good choices.

This empowerment and this mindset didn't influence just my food choices. In the past 30 days I've taken hold of my health in every aspect. Aside from food, I've taken hold of my physical health by starting CrossFit and renewing my relationship with running. The verdict on CF: LOVE IT. HOOKED. Next year I want to participate in the 2014 Open. The verdict on running: it still sucks but I'm better at it. I've also taken on my spiritual health by returning to church and making a true effort to treat others with love. I've taken on my mental and emotional health by reaching out to both old and new friends (in real life and on the internet!) to make connections with other humans.

Lastly, I've faced the fear of starting to date again after a horrific breakup last year. I'm learning to say yes to new people and new experiences, despite what that little naysayer in my head says. And it's really not so bad :)

Okay so now I'm done rambling and will try to attach a pic.


Sunshine and rainbows,


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