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My Reintroduction Log

Ernie Ambrose

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I started another thread on Day 1, but it is probably better to keep it in one place.

Day 1 - Had some dairy. Minor issues but nothing terribly concerning.

Day 2 - Some more dairy. More minor issues, congestion.

Day 3 - Actually had very little dairy until very late in the day. No real issues. Slept okay. Still think Dairy is going to be a sometimes food for me.

Day 4 - Had some buffalo chicken tenders at a hockey game. They came with french fries. They tasted great, and I didn't have any issues. A little tired in the afternoon. Had pizza with no cheese for dinner. Felt okay. Thinking back on it, the hockey game food was probably awful with all sorts of crap in it. Which leads me to today:

Day 5 - Woke up feeling awful this morning. Feels like a head cold with a sore throat. I don't know if this is unrelated, or maybe I have a gluten problem (from the breading) or maybe something else I ate. I don't know what the fries and chicken tenders were cooked in, which was pretty stupid of me. I also gained 2 lbs over night (I typically only vary .5-1lb from day to day).

I pretty much stopped eating bread last summer so I don't really care if that gets added to the "rarely" list, but I'd like to know if I'm having a reaction to something or just an honest to goodness cold.

So far the overarching theme is I felt a lot better on the Whole 30 than I have on these 5 days.

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Update: Still feeling like crap, but I'm leaning more towards head cold than anything else.

Today's food:

(skipped breakfast - had some throat coat tea)


  • About a cup of bone broth (it wasn't very good. Hopefully my next batch will be better)
  • New York Strip - cooked with olive oil, truffle salt and pepper to medium rare. Brushed with melted ghee while resting. Egg yolk on top.
  • Baked sweet potato


  • Slice of pizza with no cheese (leftovers)
  • 6oz salmon filet w/ organic dijon mustard glaze
  • Green beans
  • Baked sweet potato

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