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Kenzen Body Balance Shake


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Is this approved? I've finished my Whole30 so I'm not going to be as strict but wanted to know if this was healthy. I need something for on the go mornings. Thank you!!

Here are the ingredients - Pea protein, brown rice syrup solids, organic inulin, stevia, guar gum, natural vanilla flavor, organic chlorella, organic spirulina, or- ganic alfalfa, , organic spinach, organic broccoli, protease 4.5, peptidase, bromelain, protease 6.0, protease 3.0, lactobacillus plantarum, bifidobac- terium bifidum

And here are the nutrition facts -


Thanks :)

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Off the top of my head...

Brown rice syrup solids - fancy name for sugar

Inulin - a type of fiber that acts as a laxative in large enough doses

Stevia - sugar that I think is mostly fructose (the stuff in high fructose corn syrup that is 99% more likely to end up as fat vs. sucrose as per studies that found that 1cal of 100cal sucrose ends up as fat but 99cal of fructose does) but I might be wrong

Guar gum - thickener to make up for the fact that they should've put more stuff in it

Not sure on the protease/peptidase/bromelain/etc. but I've gotta go to bed without time to look up the details.

If you're not W30 and are dead set on a shake type thing, make your own from Greek Yogurt (if you tolerate dairy) or coconut milk, maybe some milk or fresh (non-sugared) juice and break a probiotic capsule into it, add whatever fruits and greens you want, and call it good. That way you don't have weird ingredients.


Your body doesn't process that you're eating food/getting nutrition if you are drinking it. A shake will not make your brain less hungry like eating a steak and sweet potato will. I'd recommend you actually eat a meal instead.

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W30 doesn't really approve of any shakes as the body doesn't process them the way it does food. However since you're post W30, it's really up to you what you have. Personally I don't think any shake is ideal. This one is sweetened with a sweetener called chalcone which is also apparently known as phenyl styryl ketone, or benzalacetophenone,but i'm afraid the chemistry's beyond me plus stevia which, although a herb is highly processed and erythritol which is a polyol or sugar alcohol. Many people have problems with this as they can be extremely laxitive. As I said, you're post W30 so it's totally your call but personally I prefer to stick to real food.

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