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Emily's Reintroduction Log


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Post-W30 Day 1:

I just finished my Whole30 yesterday, and today I want to try reintroducing dairy. I've always been okay with dairy. At least, I've never experienced any severe symptoms before other than occasional bloating with milk.

With breakfast this morning, instead of my usual americano with coconut milk I made myself a full-fat milk latte. We have an espresso machine, so it's super easy for me to control the portions. After about 3-4 oz of steamed milk with my shot, I felt pretty good all morning.

For lunch, I had some of my husband's leftover leek soup, which he made with heavy cream. When we ate it for dinner Saturday night, he made a dairy-free version for me (I know, he's a keeper!) so I was interested in trying the real thing for lunch. I had about 2 cups. When I went on my afternoon walk I was definitely feeling bloated.

We'll see how tomorrow goes! So far I'm still riding the "I did it!" high from hitting Day 30.

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Dairy re-intro: done.

Overall, I can tolerate it. If I do straight-up milk I get really bloaty, but cheese is a-okay. I've never been much of a yogurt fan so I didn't bother eating it. In some far-distant meal in the future if there's yogurt included, I doubt a serving will wreck me too much.

Next up: Gluten! I had a bagel this AM from Noah's: whole wheat sesame. It's been months since I've had a bagel. I've felt super energetic and focused all morning (probably from the carby goodness) but I'm starting to get the familiar "feed me NOW" hunger pangs and it's only been 2 1/2 hours since bfast (ate chicken and an apple before eating said bagel). Plus, I lifted this morning and when I make it to the gym in the AM I'm always pretty ravenous. Off to have a grass-fed burger and some salad!

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Post-W30 Day 5:

Oh, you're supposed to introduce things in a calculated, scientific manner and not just blitz through every forbidden aisle in the grocery store? #Whole30Fail

So, I started out with good intentions. Then I went a little nuts. I didn't want to wait in between reintros and basically used it as an excuse to eat poor food options with minimal guilt:

Monday: the homemade latte (dairy) and the cream-based soup (dairy). And peppermint schnapps. Don't know why I thought that was a good idea.

Tuesday: a Starbucks latte (dairy) and cheese on my burger (dairy), sauteed my onions in butter at dinner (dairy), and lots of wine.

Wednesday: bagel (wheat) with cream cheese (dairy), butter on my veggies at dinner (dairy)

Thursday: burger WITH a bun (wheat). And a beer.

Friday (today): wheat-free muffin from Peet's. And a beer.

Also, I came soooo close to swiping a Specialty's oatmeal raisin cookie from the break room random treat pile yesterday. The only reason I didn't was because I told myself if it's still there when I came back to refill my water I'd take it, and it was gone by then :)

Clearly my sugar dragon isn't quenched. And my stomach is all puffy again like it was pre-W30. And - a wee bit TMI, but such is the nature of these observations - my bathroom habits have regressed from calm & normal to complete chaos.

However, I've been pretty aware of how dairy and grains affect me for a while. I know dairy makes me bloat. Grains don't give me any physical problems that are terribly noticable, but my sugar cravings go out of control when I have grains, and I can really feel the sugar spike right after I ingest something with grains. I become Superwoman for about 45 minutes then I'm a ravenous, chocolate-chip-cookie-seething-she-wolf-from-the-unholy-undead until my next pure sugar hit. Then I feel sad.

So, back to squeaky clean eats for the weekend and we'll try to pick it up again on Monday with the non-gluten grains. The best part is that I don't feel like beating myself up about this. At all. Lesson learned, I didn't kill anyone, and my sweet, sweet hubby just went grocery shopping and bought plenty of compliant yummies so I can start over right now.

However, one thing that's non-compliant that I'm not giving back just yet: I put bacon on my salad this morning and OMFG was that AWESOME. Sorry, bacon's on my f-off list.

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Hi Jacklyn120,

I did have headaches, but I think they're due to the wine I've been drinking. I did notice I've started breaking out, my digestion's all wonky, and my mood is in the gutter. I'm remembering the million reasons why I wanted to Whole30 in the first place!

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Hi Emily,

I've had the same issue like you, going on the post whole30 roller coaster and ignoring the whole principle of reintroduction. It was unintended, but i'm bloody sorry it happened. I've decided to pick up whole30 for the next 5 days or so, and then perhaps start off with a bit of dairy. Currently having a bit of a mental struggle with it all though!

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