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Day 15 of first Whole30 - Some observations


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I started my first Whole30 on June 1st, and I wanted to note some observations so far.

1. It has been much easier than I thought.

2, Although I thought I couldn't drink coffee without Splenda and unsweetened vanilla almond milk, I adjusted within a few days and it no longer bothers me. It may never be my favorite way to drink coffee, but I can handle black.

3. It is possible to make an omelet without cheese. I don't think I had ever done so before.

4. I have much more energy.

5. I am getting a lot more done around the house in the evening. Previously, after a particularly stressful day, I would come home, feed the dogs, pour a glass of wine and just chill. Without that option, I'm channeling my aggravation into mopping floors and cleaning bathrooms.

6. I don't hurt. I have used and abused my knees most of my life. I had my first knee surgery at 16. Now in my 50s, they are often so stiff and sore that it scares me to think what they'll be like in another 20 years. Some days, my right leg is so locked up by the time I drive home that I can hardly get out of the car. Even just sitting for a short time, I limp when I get up. I realized on Day 13 that nothing hurt. I thought it was neat but probably temporary. I have now been pain-free for 3 days, and have been experiencing none of the arthritic symptoms that have ruled my life for several years. No limping!

7. I'm enjoying the creative challenge of eating on plan. I've always been an adventurous cook who rarely uses recipes, but I'm really lazy when it comes to dressings and condiments. Stuff from a jar is just fine with me. But I'm liking trying variations on homemade vinaigrette and such. Tonight I had a hamburger patty, which normally scream for ketchup. I pureed a plum tomato, a scallion, a portabello, and some chili powder in my Magic Bullet and had a delicious substitute.

8. I know I've lost weight, and I can't wait for the 30 days to be up so I can see how much.

9. Lots of things taste sweet to me now that never did before.

10. I am horrified at how many chemicals are in just about everything in the grocery store. I'm more horrified that I didn't notice, or never bothered reading labels to know this.

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May I add one more?

Food is no longer such a focal point. I eat, I get satiated, and I have time to do things I used to put off. Suddenly there are other things outside of food that are reinforcing again. And life is also much easier when you follow the general principle of not eating anything with an ingredients list. Just eat food!

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