bloating in my stomach...

Billie Burke

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I'm not really having a ton of digestive problems, but my stomach is bloated nearly all the time, almost to the point my pants are cutting into me. I'm doing a w45 that ends Saturday. I've been 100% compliant. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? Since Jan. 28 I also dropped coffee and nuts from my diet.

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Also, are you still eating nuts? I know they're technically Whole30 (as long as you don't overdo it), but I felt so bloated even on strict Whole30 until I cut out everything involving nuts (except coconut). There are some earlier threads on here related to it...

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Yeah, almonds would get me bloated in a hurry. If not that, what about a possible nightshade allergy? Or citrus? Time to try some food elimination to figure it out. Some people are allergic to eggs and chicken too. Now that your diet is cleaner the subtle intolerances can show.

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