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A Couple Questions

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For me it would depend on how much fat I used to cook the veg and whether it soaked it up or not. If you're using at least a thumbful of fat per person and, when you serve it, there's no fat left in the pan, then I'd say it was ok. Otherwise I'd add some. I prefer to err on the generous side with good fats :)

Sweet potatoes are a great food, I love them but, personally, I'd be wary of having 'anything' at every single meal. There's so much variety out there and I think the more variety we have the better. Having one veg with 'every' meal is pushing others off your plate. I'd also look at why I was eating the same thing all the time. I'd be wary of ending up craving it and wonder if having sweet potatoes with every meal was the same as the SAD diet having potatoes with every meal. There really is so much else to rotate them with.

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