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Gabby's first whole 30


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So, my story seems pretty similar to many I've read in the past few weeks on this forum.

I happened upon this entirely by accident and immediately was intrigued and

purchased a copy of ISWF. Upon reading the book, I quickly decided to try a whole 30 and also recruited my husband and sister for the journey.

My first impression has been that this requires A LOT of planning if you want to set yourself up for success. It's a blessing to realize this upfront and I've made the decision to commit myself to this wholeheartedly and welcome the challenge to eat all of this food in my fridge!

So here goes:

Day 1 eats:

Meal 1- egg scramble with baked chicken, spinach, scallions and red bell pepper topped with tomatillo salsa + 1 banana. I was not very hungry and only ate 1egg. Green tea ( not ready for black coffee yet)

Meal 2- green salad (mixed greens, spinach, kale mix) with cucumber, carrot, radishes, red bell pepper, tomato, black olives. Topped with baked chicken and lemon and olive oil. Also had a couple small pieces of honeydew and cantelope with my salad

Meal 3- crock pot beef stew over cauliflower puree. Yum!


Lesson 1: need to eat more protein in the morning.

Had an afternoon crisis and ate snack of a small apple and handful of almonds.

Trying to decide whether I'm eating too much fruit or not. I have eaten with my meals not in dessert mode. Hmmmm.

Hit the gym for quick 3 miler on the elliptical machine.

Overall feeling ok, a little light headed and slight headache but forging on.

Hoping for good sleep tonight.

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DAY 2:

Here goes.

Meal 1 : 2 egg scramble with spinach, scallions and compliant turkey andouille sausage (quite spectacular if I must admit) topped with tomatillo salsa. I have to say this morning I was ready to eat and this was delicious and filling. Also had a cup of green tea. (still having black coffee fears which I am sure I will conquer soon!)

Meal 2: Leftover beef stew and mixed green salad much similar to yesterdays.

Meal 3: Ground turkey taco salad (ground turkey, green pepper, onion) topped with tomatillo salsa and guacamole that the hubby made.+ La Croix

Notes for the day:

-soon after M2 I got really hungry though I had just eaten. I found this was a fleeting moment and just had to distract myself with work and drink some water to let it pass. I know in the past it's when I usually would have dug into some crackers (my kryptonite!) as a snack.

-No headache or lightheadedness today :)

-Having some bathroom issues with BM. I have been having them, they just haven't been very satisfying if that makes sense. From what I've read on this forum that doesn't seem to be too unusual. Willing to give it a week for my body to settle into this new way of eating before I start really worrying.

-1 hour toning class at the gym.

I think I did well pretty well today. What I'm most proud of I think is that instead of choosing not to prep for tomorrow and watch TV on the couch, I fixed lunches for tomorrow. I'm only going to get out of this what I put into it, :-) Bring it Day 3.

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DAY 3:

This morning it was hard to get going. I've never been much of a morning person (or at all really) but I felt like I was dragging. A short walk with the dog did wonders for me. Once I got going I did not have any energy issues throughout the day but had to drag myself out of bed for sure.

M1: 2 Eggs w/ spinach, green pepper, green onion, compliant turkey andouille topped with salsa and guacamole. Also had a banana. Cup of green tea. Yum!

M2: Mixed green mix, carrots, cucumber topped with tuna salad I made (tuna, olive oil, lemon, lime, celery, red and green pepper) and a bit more guacamole with a side of a couple small pieces of pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew. That tuna salad is definitely a keeper.

M3: Welcoming Coconut Aminos to my life! I had read a lot about the fabled coconut aminos and bought a bottle. Never thought it would be such a complete soy sauce substitute. Combined with some fresh grated ginger and rice vinegar and you have a winning stir fry sauce. So M3 was chicken stir fry with bok choy, snow peas, bean sprouts, red bell pepper, onion, broccoli, carrots. I have to say this was super tasty! Will keep that recipe in the mix as well. Made extra for lunch tomorrow.


-no gym today, was at work late and needed to stop at grocery store for more proteins before heading home to cook dinner!

-hubby hit the wall today. I don't think he's eating enough so I am going to make sure he adds more carbs to his diet since he is a runner. Sweet potatoes perhaps?

-Feeling a lot more "normal" in the bathroom department. Yay!

-The once full fridge is emptying! Already had to restock proteins.

-Love that I've already got everything prepped for some Italian Veggie Soup in the crock pot for M3 tomorrow.

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DAY 4:

Woke up sluggish but think it was due to the dreary weather we had today.

M1: 2 eggs with spinach, chorizo, green and red bell pepper, scallions + green tea

M2: Leftover chicken stir fry from dinner last night + couple of small pieces of cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple

M3: Had some delicious italian veggie soup waiting for me in the crock pot when I got home (aidells chicken & apple sausage, zucchini, squash, onion, green beans, fire roasted tomatoes, veggie broth, basil parsley and other spices) The perfect meal for tonight! Warm and satisfying.

Notes for the day:

- No gym today. Hubby at work late and had to come home for dog duties. Did take the dog for a pre-dinner walk despite the weather

- Overall, feeling pretty good

- Working on sleep now. Must get to sleep earlier. I think that will help my morning sluggishness

- Continue to be surprised as to what an introspective experience this continues to be. It really makes you evaluate your relationship with food. Never thought this would happen to me so soon in the process. Very interested to see what discoveries I make about myself.

Good night!

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DAY 5:

Feel like I got some good sleep last night. Had a nice walk with the dog to start off my day.

M1: 2 eggs with spinach, chorizo, green and red bell pepper, scallions. Also, today marked the first day I had coffee with just a little coconut milk and cinnamon. My review on it is that it was OK...passable. Not very enthused about it, perhaps I just need to get used to it. Does coconut milk froth? That might make it better.

M2: Leftover italian veggie soup from last night.

M3: Grilled lemon pepper alaskan king salmon, sauteed kale with turkey andouille (so delish!!!) and grilled asparagus. I am surely blessed that my husband is a great cook. This meal really hit the spot for me.


-Today I felt my first real hunger pangs. About 2 hours after the soup, suddenly I was famished. I felt like I could EAT ANYTHING!!!!! Well not really but it sure felt like it. Had a 1/2 orange and handful of almonds instead

-5k on elliptical machine at gym

-Slight headache on and off throughout the day

-It's my time of the month so I've been pretty sensitive and emotional, although not as crampy as usual.

Took it easy tonight, looking forward to nice weekend.

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DAY 6:

First weekend of my whole 30 and here goes....

M1: 1st attempt at zucchini pancakes. Pretty successful if I must say. Recipe needs slight tweaking but overall a nice twist in helping get some in eggs in the morning + 1/2 andouille sausage. Coffee with coconut milk and a couple pieces of pineapple and cantaloupe.

M2: big bowl of leftover beef stew.

M3: Mustard BBQ sauce ribs (hubby's project for the day) , roasted asparagus, zucchini, squash and sauteed kale with andouille.


-Something crazy happened to me today. On a Saturday morning I had to make myself go back to bed because I woke up TOO EARLY! Anyone that knows me knows I love sleeping in whenever I can but this morning I was so awake it was nuts!

-Made it to Saturday morning gym class and did 6 mi bike ride after breakfast.

-Had soooooo much energy during the beginning of the day but late afternoon I could tell I was crashing so I made myself some green tea to get a little pick me up.

-had a "non whole 30" friend over for dinner and got rave reviews on all of the great food we cooked.

-first social situation out while bowling with friends. Normally this means consuming pitchers of beer but tonight was content with just water. Friends were curious and pretty understanding about it.

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DAY 7:

This morning was much much different from yesterday and was one of those where I could have stayed in bed all day.

I didn't feel bad or anything, I was just really enjoying my bed. :-)

M1: zucchini pancakes with some turkey kielbasa ( hubby's request, guess the original recipe was acceptable). I have also found a happy medium for coffee. Had been doing espresso and coconut milk but found French press is much easier for me to drink and I actually liked it. Yay! Coffee's back in my life for real! Was a little worried there for a bit.

M2: turkey taco salads

It was a rainy afternoon and seemed perfect for a pot of chamomile tea.

M3: NY strips with sauteed mushrooms and onions with some steamed broccoli


This week went by pretty fast. I've definitely had ups and downs throughout but it's been pretty rewarding to know I've stuck with it so far. Now 3 more to go ....

Ran a lot of errands today and did a lot of prep work for the week ahead. Our kitchen sure is getting a work out.

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DAY 8:

Rainy morning, ugh. And a Monday as well. Can't say I was thrilled to get out of bed this morning.

M1: 1 egg, spinach, red and green bell peppers, green onion scrambled with some turkey kielbasa. Topped with salsa and a dollop guacamole.

M2: Salad with baked chicken. Small bit of blueberries and blackberries (about 1/2 cup).

Handful of almonds

M3: leftover ribs from weekend, sauteed spinach and first attempt at sweet potato fries. Can't say they were great but I see lots of potential there.


-need bigger breakfast (Aka 1 egg not enough!) !!!!So important for me to help sustain energy throughout the day.

-Energy level just OK today

-3.5 miles elliptical at gym

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Love sweet potato fries and chips keep burning a few but, the ones that turn out make it worth it:)

I agree on the sweet potatoes, gotta find a happy medium with size and width. One thing though. To us they almost felt like as they say on the forum SWYPO so don't know if we'll be making them too often. Nice treat for sure.

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DAY 8:

Overslept this morning so that kind of threw me off my routine.

M1: 2 eggs with turkey kielkbasa , spinach, red & green bell pepper. Topped with tomatillo salsa. Coffee with coconut milk

1 small apple

M2: salad with baked chicken + 1/2 orange and a few blackberries and blueberries.

M3: prosciutto stuffed chicken breasts with mushroom Dijon sauce, asparagus and a carrot cauliflower puree that was outstanding. Yum!

It was a crazy evening as we are fostering 4 newborn puppies for the night. My husband is a practice manager at a vet clinic and these puppies were abandoned. So sad. Anyway, we have to feed them every 3 hours. So little their eyes aren't even open. Too cute! Wish us luck.


-felt really tired this morning. May have been because of how I woke up.

-1 hr toning class at gym

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DAY 10:

Couple of things first. Just noticed that I posted yesterday as day 8 for the second time. All day I was thinking it was day 9 but really it was day 10!!!! A third of the way there. Hooray!

I completely overslept this morning and was in a rush from the moment I got up. I know it was mostly due to the crazy night we had with puppies throughout the night.

M1: 2 eggs with veggies and turkey andouille. Topped with salsa. + coffee with coconut milk

M2: leftover Italian veggie soup

1/2 orange and handful of blueberries/blackberries

M3: beef burger topped with caramelized onion and guacamole over bed of spinach with steamed asparagus and broccoli and leftover carrot/cauliflower puree.


-4 mi on elliptical

-so thankful for leftovers today. I was totally unprepared for lunch but had some leftover soup ready to go. Score!!!

-puppies are being fostered elsewhere tonight. Having no kids of my own I can only be amazed that people go through that day in and day out. So tonight I have the utmost respect for all of the parents out there making it happen.

-hoping for and need good sleep tonight.

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DAY 11:

Woke up to sun this morning instead of the rain we've had the past couple of days. Our dog acted as if she'd never been outside on our walk this morning. Geez.

M1: same old 2 egg, veggies, turkey sausage scramble topped with guacamole and salsa + banana

M2: huge salad topped with some chicken thighs + 1/2 orange and handful of blueberries/blackberries

M3: Dinner at my sisters house! She's doing the whole 30 along with me and my husband so no worries on food there. She made a shrimp scampi type dish with onion,red bell pepper, and spinach over zucchini noodles. I had read about zucchini noodles on this forum and lots of paleo recipe sites and they were all right in that they are delicious! Even gives you a little crunch.

Had some after dinner chamomile tea and am now about to call it a night. Ready for bed!


-no gym today, figured my body could use a days rest.

-overall feeling pretty good

Happy Valentine's day!

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It really helps to have others going through it with me. We're like a little support group and can talk about the highs and lows of this process to each other. Plus we're all sort of obsessed with this right now and don't have to drive anyone else nuts with our whole 30 talk. It's a lot like this forum. LOL. :-)

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Thanks Sarah!

I knew that the only way I would be successful at this would be making sure that I didn't get bored with the food we're eating. Thank goodness there's so many options to choose from. I've gotten such great ideas on this forum and other paleo sites and am very thankful for the resources.

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DAYx 12:

What a nice sunny morning I woke up to and on a Friday! The dog really enjoyed our walk this morning as did I.

M1: 2egg scramble with leftover chicken thighs, veggies. Topped with salsa and a dollop of guacamole. + green tea and a small banana

M2: I had my first lunch out!!!!! Went to Chipotle and had a carnitas salad (double meat) topped with pico, salsa and guacamole. Very filling.

M3: experimental eggplant lasagna with hot Italian sausage and veggies with rao's marinara. Wow, this was sooooo good!!! Very happy to have leftovers for tomorrow.


-5k on elliptical at gym

-quiet night in tonight, we got some bad news regarding the health of a relative and it's put us in a weird mood. Previously, this would have triggered a few cocktails but tonight used cooking as therapy.

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DAY 13:

It was chilly for Atlanta this morning and it took a couple cups of coffee w/ coconut milk to get me going.

M1: egg scramble with veggies and chorizo topped with salsa.

Post workout 1/2 orange w/ handful of blueberries & blackberries

M2: leftover eggplant lasagna + kale sauteed with coconut oil, onion, turkey kielbasa

M3: grilled salmon and steamed broccoli

Post dinner green tea


-good workout today. Did 1 hr body toning class and 12 mi bike ride

-got our farmer's market shopping in and have delicious meal plans for tomorrow

-went to the movies tonight...had green tea for some energy

-really exciting Saturday night, lol

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Time got away from me Sunday and i totally forgot to post.

Here goes...

DAY 14:

Sunday I awoke to the deliciously pork smell of a pork belly roasting in the oven. I have been wanting some bacon and we saw some pork belly at the market. I have to say that we overcooked it a bit and it ended up more like chicharron. But at least it was some crispy pork goodness.

M1: zucchini pancakes (back by popular demand) with chorizo and some pork belly

M2: homemade chicken soup that we added zucchini noodles too. Yum! Made enough to have some to freeze for a rainy day.

M3: paleo low country boil (crab legs, shrimp, turkey andouille) with mashed cauliflower and sauteed kale. We even made some paleo cocktail sauce that was delish.

I had some apples and coconut milk that were about to go bad so I mixed them in a saucepan with ghee and cinnamon and shredded coconut. I topped it with some toasted walnuts and it was like a pudding. Very desserty I know but it was really satisfying and warm to eat.


-1 hr boxing workout..it'd been a while since I did some heavy bag work.

-lots of cooking today and prepping for the week

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DAY 15:

M1: 2 egg scramble with veggies and turkey kielbasa topped with salsa + coffee with coconut milk

M2: mixed green salad with baked chicken

Post workout handful of blueberries/blackberries and chunk of pork belly

M3: ground beef taco salads topped with salsa and guacamole


-5k on elliptical

-today I woke up super hungry but after breakfast I was never very hungry at all. It felt good to eat lunch and dinner but I wasn't famished.

-Can't believe I'm officially halfway through! Woohoo! Feel pretty good and I can say I've felt brief glimpses of the "magic" . I can only hope that it happens more and more. I know I definitely feel better than before and am starting to feel physically stronger again.

15 more to go....

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DAY 16:

Rainy morning today boo! Oh well.

M1: 2 egg scramble with veggies and turkey andouille topped with salsa and guacamole

M2: successful excursion to whole foods. Got a salad from the bar and a rosemary garlic chicken breast all topped with lemon juice and salt/pepper

Handful of blueberries & blackberries

M3: zucchini "spaghetti" with ground turkey and veggie meat sauce

Chamomile tea


-1 hr toning class at gym

-not much else really going on today

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Oh yeah forgot to add this...

My excursion to Whole Foods also ended up with me purchasing a kombucha tea.

I stared at it long and hard. Once I opened it, I just couldn't get over the smell! Ugh. Had to plug my nose to even have a few sips. My husband didn't mind it all. Will this get easier to palate? Any suggestions?

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What flavor kombucha? I tried the cranberry not impressed was tart and a bit fizzy. Did not like the stuff in the bottom so did not finish it!

It was the GT cosmic cranberry as I'd read it had the least sugar. I was not a fan of the stuff at the bottom either. Eew...will try again at a later day perhaps.

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