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I started my first Whole30 today. Feeling pretty good. A little hungry, but mostly lots of cravings.

I feel confident the way everyone on day 1 feels! I've done other programs and had success but have slid backwards the last few months. I believe paleo is the perfect way of eating, at least for me.

Today's meals:

3 eggs and 2 egg whites with bell peppers and onions, cooked in coconut oil.

Turkey salad with spinach, tomato, carrot, bell pepper, avocado, olives, and olive oil with squeezed orange juice.

Beef and broccoli cooked in coconut oil.

Afternoon snack - the other half of my orange I used for the dressing and a small handful of almonds and cashews.

Plenty of water and hot oolong tea with my dinner.

Day 1 - success!

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Day 2 - going strong.

Breakfast - same as yesterday

Lunch - same as yesterday

Snack - apple and mixed nuts

Dinner - Caveman paradise (NY Steak, hand cut cajun sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli and asparagus)

Lots of water and some tea. Simple as that. Dinner was a bit larger tonight which I think is good. Thanks to Kirsteen for the reminder. Easy to eat too little on this plan if you aren't paying attention.

A friend recently bought me this book which is perfect for ideas on this program:


If there is any conflict I of course make sure it is Whole30 compliant. But it's full of simple recipes.

Successful day 2! Day 3 I have my commute and work in the office. Time to go plan and make sure I'm set up for success.

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Day 3 - making a difference

Today was a great day. First - food:

Breakfast - 2 eggs, banana, iced tea

Lunch - turkey salad with olives, tomato, avocado, carrot

Snack - Tangelo, Apple, Mixed nuts

Dinner - Steak with steamed broccoli and asparagus

A little fruit heavy, but it felt like a great food day.

So today I came into work and there is a box in the break room with tons of junk. One of the "on your honor" boxes where you leave $1.00 and take a candy bar or chips, etc. This really irritated me that some company came and dropped this off. So - at lunch, after a great workout at the gym, I stopped by the grocery store and bought $20 worth of fruit and nuts. I set them all in the break room and wrote on the white board "Or - eat something healthy for FREE". It was mostly gone by the end of the day :) I'm going to start trying to do that more often. If it's available, hopefully they will take that instead of the junk!

Great food, a great workout, and a good deed. A great day!

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If you're feeling hungry, check your fat intake. Cooking oils don't count for the most part. Both breakfasts and dinners look a little light in that department. Fat is what keeps you feeling full between meals. If you're doing this right, you should never be hungry between meals.

Great idea about the fruit and nuts in the break room. Question is: Did they choose it because it was healthy, or because it was free? I guess it doesn't matter if your goal was to help them make better choices.

Rock on!

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Finished Day 7 last night and I'm feeling great. I thought it was hilarious that the Day 7 daily email said to beware over-eating Sweet Potato fries even though they are technically Paleo. Ha! Three times in the first week isn't the problem. The anticipation while they are cooking is! I'll have to watch that particular meal, though I plan on it hitting my plate a few more times before the 30 days is up!

Feeling better, clothes looser, it's all going well. All meals compliant and health-building. Looking forward to week 2!

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