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Right here. Right now. I call a Whole30!!!

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Hi all!

I did my first Whole30 almost one year ago. It really did change my life. During the course of my first Whole30 and then eating mostly Whole30 for many months after, I got rid of my daily migraines and lost 40 pounds. There were other changes too -- like sleep! ah sleep! and energy! whoop whoop!

Since then I've done some almost and partial Whole30s. BUT OOF! have I made some unfortunate choices over the past several very stressful months. I've been mindfully watching these choices to figure out what triggers them, what was I thinking/feeling before I got the urge for crap, how do I feel when I'm 2 inches down into my husband's container of crappy ice cream, and how do I feel after I've set the carton down and tottered away. I generally keep coming back to Whole30 eating, even if it's just for a meal or for a day. I always feel better after that.

I don't like where I've strayed to these days. I don't feel good. I get headaches (not migraines, unless I really go overboard with high fructose corn syrup), my energy is low, and I feel sloggy, gross, and negative. I've played around with thoughts of a "relaxed" Whole30 (that did not work) and I've demanded that I get on a Whole30 right now, young lady! That also did not work. Last night after a large burger with pretzel bun and a huge bowl of ice cream I said, Okay, tomorrow I'm going on a Whole30. This morning I took some swipes at my husbands ice cream. Before I even had my coffee and thought, "Well, MONDAY is a good day for starting things."

Then I heard myself and saw the pattern. So, no. not Monday. Now. I am imagining that I am telling myself kindly, in a BFF way, Hey, let's do a Whole30 starting now. Like Melissa and Dallas said: Start now. I am announcing it here and I am starting now. With ice cream clanking around in mah belly. I call a Whole30.

Thanks so much for your support!


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I wish you all the best this time around! Hopefully the forum will provide some encouragement and accountability. If you haven't bought It Starts with Food yet, do it now! The info explaining how our brains and bodies react to the food choices we make is fascinating. It's helpful to be reminded again why eating real food is so important.

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